Swaragini – Ragini the ultimate sufferer

Swaragini a analysis
Hii guys this is Bobby. Actually this is my opinion on swaragini serial . I am a very big fan of tejaswi and also ragini character.

From starting the all time sufferer is ragini in the whole serial.all are bashing her but actually all should pity on ragini.bcoz she got betrayed so many times. Starting her father betrayed having loved some one and married her mother and also have a child but she didn’t said anything. After that her dadi betrayed her by saying that her mother died bcoz of sumi only but after all things got cleared she accepted sumi as her mother and swara as her sister she also sacrificed her love for them.after laksh did engagement with her but said he doesn’t love her she got heart broken and he betrayed her by loving Swara.at one time she got two betrayals her sister and her love but then sanskar came and made her cruel again he also betrayed her saying swara s love is true. If her s is really true love then how can she forget him in just 2 months OK all Swara fans said that she sacrificed to her sister but then she fall in love with sanskar how can she forget her true love. Again laksh married her she didn’t forced him to marry but he did. She expected that he loves her she only waited for him and will also wait for him allover her life. I think this is the true love. If swara fall in love with sanskar as he helped her then ragini also can love sanskar as he helped her in evil plans. After that swara became alive ragini felt happy. She also felt so bad for trying to kill her sister but the same sister betrayed by snatching her love but it’s OK. If she only want to unite her parents she can do that staying in Badi only no but she didn’t do that she married sanskar and entered mm. Ragini thought that she would separate her love that’s why she did became again Villan.if swara don’t really want her sister to suffer she would have not done this much and made ragini fall in all eyes. And after all is nice then laksh betrayed her after that also she can’t hate him bcoz her s is true love. If we were also in her place we would also have done this only to save her relation but not killing of course. I am not trying to bash swara but I am trying to say my pov by watching the whole serial till now.

Laksh also loved swara truly. He didn’t believed that swara can do this that drugs and all and bu the video anyone can think like laksh only but after what he did with ragini is not crct. I am not saying as a ragini fan but he can do something else buy no he played with her dignity this is wrong.

And now all are saying swasan swasan but that also happened bcoz of ragini only. All swasan fans should rather thank her than bashing her. Ragini had tried to kill swara but now she saved her by keeping her life in danger but swara doesn’t think about ragini. She only romances with sanskar. When ragini hanged her self that time also swara sanskar it’s not like consoling but only romance. Now when she kept her life in danger and saved her then also if ragini says go then also she would have taken care of her rather than romancing with sanskar. I agree that sanskar also got hurt but it is very little in front of ragini s after saving swara also all swara fans are saying that she didn’t did anything great then ragini fans could also say that what she tried to kill then it is also nothing but we didn’t said that bcoz we accept that she is wrong. Swara fans remember one thing all heroines in the serial do positive roles but potraying positive and negative and so many curves on her graph is not an ordinary thing. Being negative also she got so much popularity that is tejaswi. By her negative character she is most like a cute Villan. U know what if tejaswi is not such a big actress then when she was about to leave the show then the directors know that if she leaves no one sees this serial and made her positive. By her acting the directors were forced to change her role if she is playing negative role she had this much popularity then if she becomes a complete positive then how much popularity she could gain. Proud to be tejaswi fan. In this whole serial Swara is not like maahan or suffering or something she is just a detective. Saying frankly she enjoyed with sanskar that time also but ragini has suffered a lot that doesn’t means that swara is very nice that’s why all are supporting I think she can easily forget her first love and can proceed with anyone. I am just saying about swara not helly shah. What is the guarantee she won’t leave sanskar even ND go to someone else. When she was crying I get so much laugh omg I hate her cry but when ragini cries I feel like crying bcoz she even acts also does all by heart. Even varun and namish also appreciated her for her acting. U know what ragsan is also now a days getting popular bcoz tejaswi s offscreen bonding with her Co stars is amazing. All compliment her for her graceful dance her smile how cute can someone look. I say that tejaswi is serial express ka deepika padukone. She looks similar to deeps. She will also become successful like deepika. And in the fanfiction world I and my frnds personally read ragsan and raglak ff s as we are big fan of tejaswi.

From writing this I only want to say about ragini s pain that’s all. As I am a big fan of ragini I wrote this after seeing all are bashing ragini till now. Swara fans u know what I know I am a bit rude but till now ragini Dan’s didn’t bashed swara but u won’t even left a chance to bash her. That doesn’t mean that ragini fans thinks Sera is right but that is our greatness that we don’t bash on anyone. But I was forced I just wanted say that if ragini fans starts bashing swara then it will be like this. It is just a sample. So I thought to say how much ragini has suffered. I know I didn’t wrote it nicely but u understood my point of frustration na that’s enough.

Thank you

Swaragini – Ragini the ultimate sufferer


Swaragini – Ragini the ultimate sufferer


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