A Different Love Story- Twinj and Mavi- Intro

Hi guys! I’m Anna. I was a silent reader, but I felt so inspired by reading all the fanfics written by so many amazing authors that I felt that even I should do one. I’m an amateur writer, so please do not be disappointed if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. This is just an intro, so that you can know who is who when I start my fanfic.
Disclaimer: One of the character is made up by me, so don’t confuse yourselves.

• Twinkle Taneja: Elder sister of Mahi Taneja; Wife of Kunj Sarna.
• Kunj Sarna: Elder brother of Yuvraj Sarna; Husband of Twinkle Taneja.
• Mahi Taneja: Younger sister of Twinkle Taneja; Wife of Yuvraj Sarna.
• Yuvraj Sarna: Younger brother of Kunj Sarna; Husband of Mahi Taneja.
• Arpita Taneja: Elder sister of Mahi and Twinkle. Is the head of a spy agency.
• RT: Father of Mahi and Twinkle.
• Leela Taneja: Mother of Mahi and Twinkle.
• Usha Manohar Sarna: Wife of Manohar Sarna; Mother of Kunj and Yuvraj
• Manohar Sarna: Husband of Usha Sarna; Father of Kunj and Yuvraj.
• Bebe: Manohar’s mother; Grandmother of Kunj and Yuvraj.
• Anita Sarna: Mother of Cherry Sarna; Sister of Manohar Sarna.
• Cherry Sarna: Son of Anita Sarna; Cousin of Kunj and Yuvraj.
• Raman Taneja: Brother of Leela Taneja.
• Pinni Taneja: Wife of Raman Taneja.
• Bubbly: Daughter of Raman and Pinni; Cousin of Mahi and Twinkle.
• Chinki: Friend of Twinkle

A Different Love Story- Twinj and Mavi- Intro


A Different Love Story- Twinj and Mavi- Intro


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