Hai frnds i am gifta . iam a fun of raglak. I write new ff basic on current track. The current track is good but it so fast. So I write this ff. Pls commend me and accecpt my eng . it was took bad.

Tuje as ragini
Namish as lak
Varun as sanskar
Helly as swara
All other characters of swragini

Now let I start the ff


Lak in rag room sumi saw him

Sumi:lak pls go . if shaker see than ..
Rag:ha pls lak gooo
Lak: pls ragini give and to me. Pls?????
Rag:pls first pls leave this place…

Shekar come to her room

Shekar: lak tum..
And slappped him.
Sheker:lak get out from my house..
Lak:papa pls pls give me one chance.
Sheker: why I give chance to u.repeat to make my daughters life’s as more hard. I never ever do this to her..
Lak:pls I want to talk rag plsssss.
Sumi: pls give time to talk to him
He went near to ragini and say that
Lak:the circumstance was bad ew days. We were together but far. But one thing is same my loveforu. I wnt to unite my lv to ur lvso that we can strong. And says I love u…………

Lak: pls give me one chance. Ragini saw him with teary eyes.

Shekar: she never lv utoRag was just doin
g penance and never lv u.
Lak: I want and fr rag papa..
Dadi :bolan ladoo u never love him…
That time swara and other came..
Swara: papa I here to ask pag alliance for my dever.
Shekar looks angrily

Dp:pls give one chance to my son.
Dadi:shekar dnot feel weak they do mistake
repeatly and then apologize.
Swara:we dont have right to take decision
about ragini ragini will ans
Dadi:if our dau saying this or maheswari
family banu.
Swara went near to ragini and hold her
hand and says
Rags sister swara
Dadi:rag before saying anything don’t
forgot this man who want tomarry u now he leftu infrot of every one and slapped ur papa.. Rag reminds the past and looks lak face
Lak yes dadi I have done many mistakes but I just need one chance to clear my sin. .
And I love her sooooo much more than me . even I can’t DRM my life with out her…. And he looks rag they have an eyelock….

Prcap:rag and to lak

I know frnds this intro is not different from real serial story but nxt will be different……

Pls commend me




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