Siya Ke Ram 9th April 2016 –

Siya Ke Ram 9th April 2016 –

Siya Ke Ram 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram, Laxman and Sita walking in the jungle. The boulders fall down and they all see that. They get alert and move. Laxman asks Ram and Sita are they fine. Sita walks ahead and her leg gets stuck under rock. Ram tries to free her feet. Laxman warns them about more boulders falling down. Laxman and Ram try to free her feet. Ram moves her in nick of the time and saves her. Ram lifts her and they smile. He walks taking her in arms, and Sita looks at him. Ram walks barefoot, and they reach some part of the jungle. Laxman asks Ram to look there. Ram goes and looks down the cliff. Sita is in pain. Laxman says I will get some herbs.

Ram rushes to Sita and holds her feet. She asks what is he doing. He asks why did you not wear slippers, jungle way has thorns. She says even you are not wearing slippers, then how can I wear. He says wound won’t heal if left open. She says no. He says are you hesitant to make me hold your feet as I m your husband, I did not expect this from you. She says nothing like that, I like to do my work myself, I would have stopped my sisters too, I will do the aid. He says I respect your thoughts, but by situation now, let me do the aid. He ties a cloth and does aid. They smile.

Mandvi comes to her Kaksh and gets shocked seeing Bharat in simple ordinary sanyaasi clothes. She asks whats this. He says forgive me Mandvi, I have to go. She asks why and when. He says this bhavan is hurting me like thorn, the comforts here have become curse for me, wherever I see, I just see the injustice done with Ram, I was the reason, I recall Dasharath’s death, Sita, Laxman, Urmila, Mata Kaushalya and Sumitra, and entire Praja I m reason for their sorrow. He cries. She says whatever happened, it was not his mistake, what will happen now is in his control, then why is she doing this. He says this is my repentance.

He says is this not wrong to neglect duty, you are ruining Ram’s ethics, is it right to hurt your family, you are leaving family when they need you, when just you can give them peace, would not keep Ram’s promise. He says how shall I live after realizing what happened here, how shall I agree to these changes, this state is not right for a king, this is not right for Rajya too. She says I thought you are a good thinker, and you think for others before myself, but your decision will affect entire family and coming generations, even after knowing this, why do you ….. give me one reason to believe this wrong decision as right.

He says I don’t have anything to prove my decision right, its not possible for me to fulfill all duties, the person who is not right in his eyes, how can he be right infront of other’s sight, no…. this decision is necessary for my mental balance and peace, I need your support, I could not become a good son and husband, I want to try to become a good human. She says I can’t say that I will walk with you like Sita went with Ram, see my fate, Sita has given me duty to take care of my sisters, and Matas, especially Kaikeyi. He reacts angrily and asks her not to take Kaikeyi’s name infront of him. She says I will wait for your return and they cry.

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Siya Ke Ram 9th April 2016 –


Siya Ke Ram 9th April 2016 –

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