An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 13)

An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj

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Recap Twinkle and Jeevika’s bhaang effect ..

Episode starts with
Twinkle comes out of washroom and is wearing a black short one piece.. Till knees. She tries to remember what happened but fails and then decides to ask Kunj about it again..

T:Kunj tell na what did I do??
K:Nothing much Twinkle tune meri izzat loot li…
T:(shocked) What ??? What did I do with you??
K:(let’s have some fun) what a girl and boy do after their wedding…. You know na what I mean to say…..
T:What ?? You mean s*x??
T:you idiot can’t you stop me from doing that??
K:are I tried to stopped you a million times but you were so out of control that you did not listen ..
T:(sits on bed ,and hits her head) oh god what did I do?? Now how will I face him…
Kunj starts laughing out loud..
T:Why are you laughing?? Here I am in a big delima and you…
K: no nothing
T:Wait wait wait Mr Kunj sarna are you playing prank with me??
K:happy realisation Ms Vadhera… Vaise bhi you are govt’s tube light always gets on late..
T:you (and takes a pillow and starts to run behind kunj)
They both fall down on bed..
K:Vaise Siyappa Queen if you want we can do it now also…
T:(naughtily) What??
K:don’t act to innocent
T:no I seriously don’t know..
K:Twinkle I know you are desperate and can’t control you emotions…
T:oh Mr Sarna you cannot control..
K:Whatever it may be..
He holdes Twinkle from her waist and pulls closer…
Twinkle starts to breathe heavily…

Kunj starts moving closer and closer. They both can feel each other’s breath.. Kunj kisses Twinkle on her lips.. She feels butterflies in her stomach.. She is so happy that she cannot express it…
They both have a long lip lock.. Twinkle is lost in him.. She unbuttons his shirt and waves her hand on his bare chest .. Kunj kisses her on her forehead and starts to come down.. He then kisses on her neck and then starts to unzip her dress.. Twinkle bits her lips .. Kunj starts to kiss her bare back and moves his finger on her back.. Twinkle cares his hairs.. She removes his top and kisses him on his bare body.. She is mesmerized to see his hot body .. Kunj feels heaven.. He again kisses Twinkle on her neck and slightly bits her neck.. Twinkle pushes him on bed and falls on him.. Twinj share and eyelock.. Both of them cannot resist kissing each other.. Twinkle also bits his neck .. Kunj sides Twinkle’s hair and again kisses Her back then he kisses her belly and bits her again…
Kunj was still lost in her..
T: shouts Kunj..
Kunj comes Into senses and says what…roch
K: What ?? Where???
T:on your neck…
Kunj shouts and jumps here and there… He jumps on the bed and starts hitting himself..
Twinkle starts to laugh loud..
Kunj understands that Twinkle was playing prank with him..
K:What Twinkle Pure romance ki dhajya uda Di..( You have spoilt the mood of romance..)
Twinkle is still laughing..
Kunj gets angry and starts to leave..
T:( oh god he was so serious) now how will I make up his mood)?? And she starts to leave behind Kunj..

Twinkle’s efforts to Make up with Kunj…

Hope you guys liked the episode. Keep commenting… And again sorry for not posting for a long time…

An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 13)


An Unconditional love Virika and Twinj (Episode 13)


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