It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 23

It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 23

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The episode starts…..
Twinkle drops kunj (as it was twinkle’s car) and twinkle then goes to her house with about 10 big shopping bags.
Its already evening
Twinkle entered taneja mansion where mahi and leela are looking at her with mouth open
L: what is this twinkle! This much shopping u did! But why?
Twinkle gets angry

T think: I thought they must have recalled that its my birthday tomorrow but no….they are asking me why!
There leela and mahi giggles silently
T: maa actually I wanted to shop that’s why
L: but this much! Is there something special tomorrow ummmm I think no!
T: ( in an angry way) don’t worry mom I have only spent 10,000 rs so don’t worry!
She goes towards her room angrily
M: maa did I heard her saying she had spent 10,000 rs ONLY!
l: ( laughing) yes puttar its seriously only for her because till now her minimum spent was 25,000 rs and today she broke her own record wow!
M: accha mom I hope uv have talked to u about late night birthday celebration
L: ya puttar he talked but what’s the need to celebrate her birthday twice I mean u guys wanna celebrate it at 12 o’clock and we have kept a party already for her at tomorrow evening
M: ya maa ur ri8 but actually tomorrow evening there would be everyone na…..our relatives, ur business partners,neighbours and all so we have to behave like a mature college students na! And we wanna do our friends wali masti!
L: OK baba OK! I permit u guys! But mahi just don’t allow twinkle to go from the front door or else ur father will come to know about the late ni8 party and u know na he is against all this
M: OK mom I will look after it now let me go to our beauty queen she must be sad na!
L: ha go
Mahi gives a peck on Leela’s cheeks and leaves

Sarna mansion
Uv has come to meet kunj
Uv: hello usha aunty……namaste!
Usha: namaste puttar!
Uv: aunty where is kunj?
Usha: he is in his room u go there only!
Uv: OK aunty
He runs to kunj’s room where kunj is looking at twinkle’s picture in his mobile and recalling all moments spent with her today
K thinks: she is damn beautiful! I love her more than my life! How was just mad when she accidentally kissed me on my lips……wow yaar! I was lost into her while closing her zip!

Just then uv comes
U: hi kunj!
Kunj doesn’t respond
U: hiiiiiii! Kunj( this time more loudly)
But still no response. Kunj is sitting on a chair
U thinks: what the hell why isn’t he responding……. Idea!
Uv secretly goes and moves the chair backwards on which kunj is sitting without noticing the pic in his mobile. But still kunj didn’t fell down he was in the same position like sitting on a chair but without any support of chair.
U: what! Is he mad!
Uv taps on kunj…..kunj comes into his senses and falls down
K: aaaaa! Wasn’t I sitting on a chair…..uv! When did u come?
U: 15 min back!
K: what?
U: ya u heard it ri8 by the way where were u lost?
Kunj suddenly closes his mobile and stands up
K: no where!
U: OK forget it! Accha I want to tell u something……
Uv tells him about the late ni8 party celebration
K: ya its a cool idea so we are going to meet in twinkle’s back garden at 12 o clock.
U: ya but silently! Mahi called me and told us to beaware of rt uncle
K: ya OK! I will be there!
U: bye! See u at 12
K: ya bye!

Kunj again sits on the chair and starts looking at twinkle’s pic again
Its already 11 o clock and mahi has forcefully made twinkle sleep so that she can get ready for twinkle’s party. Mahi gets ready by 11:55 she was looking awesome her hairs where curled and she was wearing a light yellow coloured one piece. Just then mahi gets uv’s message
Uv’s message: ready? Then come out in the balcony
Mahi runs in the balcony and she saw kunj and uv standing there but as it was dark uv couldn’t see mahi’s dress clearly
U:( whispering) ready!
M: yes
U: then come down
M: from where?
U: can’t u see the CD!
M: what! From here!
K: we don’t have any option
M: OK! But two hold it properly
Mahi Climbs down. Uv is lost to see her
U thinks: wow! She is looking s*xy
Kunj shakes him
K: where r u lost! Now what about twinkle
U: ya kunj u go and wake her up
K: what! Why me
U: a….a…actually I had a very bad experience once I came to met twinkle late ni8 and climbed the same ladder but I fell down thrice on the same day!
Kunj and mahi laugh ….kunj is a bit jealous
U thinks: how to tell u kunj! I want to spent time with mahi that’s why I m not going to wake up twinkle
K: ok then I will go
Kunj climbs the ladder and reaches twinkle’s balcony

To be continued…..

Sorry guys a little more wait for her birthday

It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 23


It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 23

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