Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 14 part 2)

Hiee all the 2nd part of epi 14. Thank u all and ols do comment ur views. Im unable to upload the part full so i had no choice except updating in parts . Sry .

Enjoy the ride…….
Both anjali and krishna were literally scartching their head because of the sudden change of arjun’s behaviour . Nandhibi was happy to here that anjali was found when she stepped a foot front near anjali . Arjun stepped inbetween and said ” dont even think about that”. Arjun ; start now . Krishna take her and go out . Krishna was just seeing what is happening.

Arjun ; krishna (shouted). Both jerked at the shout of arjun. Nandhini tried level best to speak but in vein. Krishna picked her up and arjun took the medicine and other stuffs of her and at once left the place. Nandhini tried her level best to speak but arjun was not in the mood of hearing . Arjun rushed to rahul and said ” please change ur personal nurse. She is not good and safe. But before rahul could receprocate back a different nurse named cathrie entered the room and said ” avanthika is not well so im gonna take care of u mrs.rahul. Arohi nodded and cathrie continued her job. Arjun was searching for anjali and krishna . He found them.speaking with nandhini. Anjali ; im sry my brother never behaves harsh like this so forgive him on my behalf. Nandhini was just staring at anjali without speaking. Arjun saw that and fumed. He came to her held anjali’s hand twisted her and gave a tight slap on her face. A big slap . Anjali lost her balance. Krishna held her and gave an angry glare towards arjun. Nandhini’s heart pained to see this. She moved from there. Anjali held her cheeks and felt a slight dizziness because of sudden slap. Arjun was in high anger . He said ” leave now”. Krishna wanted to give back but anjali nodded no and they reached home. Pin drop silence through the drive. Anjali was hugging krishna and he hugged her but her eyes were showering. Arjun’s anger was now ok but then he realised what he did. He was thinking ” why did i slapped her when she did no mistake. Why i showed my anger on her and why she did not speak anything or shout me back and why she controlled when krishna wanna blast me”. They entered the house and did not speak anything radhika and neil was not able to understand . Anjali and krishna went to their room without speaking anything . Room….. Krishna made anjali to sit on bed . He sat near her and she kept her head on his chest and she was sobbing. He was waiting till she blasts out. Hall…….. Radhika ; arjun what happened ? Arjun was not able to comeout of what he did to anjali. Neil shook arjun and he came back to sense. Arjun ; where is anjali ?? Neil ; in her room . Now what happened ?? Arjun ; i slapped her. Neil and radhika were shocked . Neil was not able to control his anger. Neil ; are u nuts. She is hurt and u hurt her more . U know how she loves u . Cant u control ur anger ?? Y r u searching her to slap more then what ?? Give her time till she becomes normal. Saying so he left the place before he would loose his cool. Evening……. Anjali found herself sleeping on krishna’s chest and he is also sleeping hugging her. She stood from that place and went out of the room without disturbing him. She slowly went to kitchen and found radhika and asked her for coffee as anjali had headache. Radhika nodded and said nothing till she says all by herself. Arjun just entered the kitchen and saw anjali. He hugged her from back with tears in his eyes and said ” im sry anjali . Did that hurt ??” and twisted her and found her cheeks was red because of his slap. His heart bleeded when he saw his sister’s cheeks. Anjali gave a plain smile . Anjali ; y did u do that ?? Arjun ; im scared if she hurts u . Anjali ; who ?? Arjun ; u have faced much . I dont u to get hurt . Radhika now lost her cool. Arjun can u say me what happened ?? Arjun ; i saw her i was scared what if she is with anpther plan of taking her revenge. I lost once and im buliding it now . This family is a nest i dont want any vulture to enter radhika was able to understand little bit but she was not sure just then neil and krishna too entered with sam. They heard what arjun spoke. Neil ; im sry buddy but u did was wrong. Krishna ; what is ur problem with that nurse. She is not scary . Arjun lost his cool. Arjun ; not scary u dont know abt her . She may turn u to go against anjali and others. Does anything to fullfill her stupid revenge. Sam ; arjun whom are u talking about ?? Arjun ; sam wake up. I saw nandhini . All were shocked . Anjali explained everytjing to krishna. Krishna ; im sry sir misunderstood u. All made a deal that what so ever happens never leave the other but they did not know that nandhini is paying for what she did.

Thank u all unable to do the spacing donno why pls forgive me for this and say ur views.

Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 14 part 2)


Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 14 part 2)


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