KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 41) (old frnds together)

KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 41) (old frnds together)

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : Swara’s strange behaviour… aniruddh saves swara.. sanakar knows about swati’s death


Swara was pacing too n fro in her room when sanskar enters the room n saw worried swara..
San:(hugs her frm back) what happned princess..??
Swra:(tensed) sanskar.. whats happening with me.. n those tests… y he ask for those tests..
San: relax princess nothing is happening to u…(in mind)”i wish what abhay has said will be true”
san: abhay plz tell me what happend to swara?
Abh: relax yr nothng..
San: then these tests n all?
Abh:(smiles) relax yr… itz just a doubt i want to clear… n if itz true then u guyz will be on cloud nine…
San:(still worried) matlab???
Abh: i hv a doubt that she is pregnent ….
San:(shocked) what !! Woww !! I mean omg.. reports kb tk ayngi (exited)
Abh:oh god relax yr… kl tk aa jyngi n i will call u :-)

Sanskar was restless he was waiting for abhay’s call… his phone rang n his face lighted he took the phone n saw.”unknown calling” n again back to normal

San: helo hwz this?
Prsn: if u want to see ur sister alive then come to kolkata…with ur wife
San: (angry)what the hell… who r u..
But he cuts the call…

Sanskar rush to downstairs
San: ma where is uttra ??
Ap: beta she has been to kolkata..
San:(shocked n worried) what !!! But why ??
Suj: beta college tour hai… 3 din m aa Jyegi… y r u panicking..
San:(pretends) ummm vo nthng ma.. itz just i hvnt seen her na thats y…

He called someone
San:(tells about the call)
Prsn:(shocked) what i didnt kno anything about this
San: what we shld do now…
Prsn: come to kolkata m also coming … dont worry uttra will be safe….
San: ok n ya inform police about this ..
Prsn: dont worry.. m just leaving n will manage everything… u guyz come soon…
Call ends..
He told swara everything n both left for kolkata.. saying that they hv a conference there



That prsn whom sanskar called has called police n tells them everything…

SwaSan too landed there…
He went to hotel as he wants swara to take rest…


Sanskar again recieves the call n his face lighted seeing”abhay calling”
San:(exited) ya abhay tell me…
Abh: where were u guyz i was tryng ur n swara’s number since morning
San: we hv come to kolkata… but telll me naaaaa(childishly)
Abh:(happy) congratz sanskar reports are positive… u guyz are soon gonna be parents…
San:i luv u abhay(over exited)

Swara widens her eyes listening sanskar’s i luv u abhay

Abh:(laughs) ha ha ha sanskar ye sb swara ko bolo… n ya take care of her…
San:(happiness over loaded) ya ya i willl n luv u once again… ummmaahh

Swra was staring him with unbelievable look… sanskar strts jumping in happiness n swara was shocked… he ran n pick her in arms n twrill her around

Swea: r u crazy sanskar put me down…
San:(realises n puts her down) m sry…. n thnku thnku thnkuuu…. swaraaa i luv u…
Swra:(confused) are what happened..
San: u hv given me the best happiness of world…
Swra: m nt getting u..
Sanskar kissed her forehead n then kneel down in front of her n kissed her belly “come fast beta papa is waiting for u”
Swra was shocked.. happy n feels shy at same tym..
San: ya princess u r pregnent…
Swra:(hugs him) i luv u..
San: love u too wait let me call ma…
Swea: nooo esi news phn pe nhi dete … we will tell thm tnrw face to face bt now our priority is uttra…

He again recieves call

Prsn: come on bridge ..tmrw @12
San: what u want
Prsn: u n ur wife.. come fast or else u wont be able to see ur uttra alive..

He left n call someone


Swara n sanskar saw aniruddh n anahita…
Seeing them swara fumes in anger”what is this aniruddh… what r u tryng to do.. whatever u had done to sanskar wasnt that enough… that now u r harming uttra”
San:(angry too) m warning u both if something happens to uttra i wont hesitate in killing u…
Anahita: oh guyz stop being dramatic… ur uttra is alive.. u r behaving as if she has died …
SwaSan:(shouts) Anahitaa
Aniruddh: dont shout u both
Sanskar:where is uttra..
Aniruddh: so wanna see her wait !! Roy … verma bring her..

Roy n verma brings uttra they hv tied her mouth with a cloth n hands with a rope…

Aniruddh: here is ur sister…
San: leave her..
Ana: no easily … u hv to pay smthing if u want her…
Swra: what
Ana: a lyf…
SwaSan were shocked
San: r u out of ur mind…
Ana: no m nt..

They keeps on arguing…n sanskar was engaged in beating roy n verma…swara was untieng uttra’s hand.. then suddenly anahita takes a knife out n was about to stab her but someone stops her…

Everyone was shocked…
Swara: aniruddh !!

Yes aniruddh has saved swara…. then police comes n arrests anahita roy n verma… swara n uttra were hell shocked where as aniruddh n sanskar were giving a winning smile…

Anahita:(angry) how could u bhai.. how could u.. u hv cheated me…
Aniruddh: choti u hv used me in ur revenge… bt i do what is correct swara makes me realise… that i was wrong.. i owe my lyf to her now… bt i just want to kno y u wanna kill her..??
Anahita: i will never forgive u bhai… n i will kill swara.. only cz of her my aditya is not with me..
Swra:(shocked) bhai ?? How u kno him?
Ana: i luved him alot n cz of u he fired me frm job n that day too he died cz of u… u r the reason for aditya’s death…
Swra:u …. u r that anahita… u kno what u were obsessed with bhai thats y he fired u…
Sqn: u kno her ??
Swra: she has worked in bhai’s firm yrs back… n she needs psychetric assistance… she was obsessed with bhai.. when i come to kno abt this i told him everything n he fired her…
Anahita: m nt obsessed… bt u r a murder.. cz of u aditya died…
Aniruddh: shut up anahita.. enough.. tumne mazak bana dia hai zindagi or maut ka..

Police left with trio..

Aniruddh n sanskar hugd each other..

Ani: thanx swara… thanx alot… cz of u m on correct path now… ur lecture show me correct path… n ya congratz i kno u r expecting…
Swra:(extremly confused) ya thanx bt …
Uttra:(ecited) wow bhabhi i will be bua again… wow !!!
Swra:sanskar but
San:(smiles) let me explain

2months back

Aniruddh ask swara to meet..
Swra:(rudely) what u want now?
Ani: (angry) how could u be lyk this swara.
Swra: lyk what
Ani: lyk so clam u kno what me n swati does to sanskar n still u luv our daughter… why ? N that sanskar how could he react clamly?
Swra:(fumes) u wanna kno..then ok listen.. u n swati were wrong bt in all that ur daughter is innocent… me n sanskar are sensible we kno that.. kisi ki galti ki saza kisi or ko nahi di jati… what u think i dont kno that u hv came back to kill me…
**aniruddh was hell shocked to kno that she knows his motive**
U claims that u loved swati bt u kno what u dont deserve to be loved… u just used swati.. she was a medium for u to elsatblish ur business… if u really luv her then swati wouldnt die… yes she died cz of u.. nt cz of sanskar…. aniruddh luv is a pious feeling… true luv can overcome every hurdel.. i luv sabskar truly thats y i made him realise in luv again.. if u luv her u will help her.. but no u cant.. n one more thing if anyone luvs swati truly that was sanskar only… pyar pane ka naam nahi hai.. kho ke kuch pane ka naam hai … he looses his swati and Gains his swati’s happiness… thats the difference btwn my sanakar n u..

Aniruddh was numb..she was going bt she turns n say ” n ya one more thing.. if u want u can kill me … bt i will be with sanskar even after my death…”

Aniruddh comes to home bt swra’s words were still in his mind n he realises that he was wrong… he meets sanskar n admits his mistake…

San: why u hv come here
Ani: for apologising… (tells everything)
Sanskar slaps him”how dare u think to kill my swara… i would set fire to world if u even touch my swara”
Ani: m accepting my mistakes n wants to rectify them…
San: how could i believe u …it could be ur trap
Ani: i swear on my daughter…
San: if u r swearing on manvi then i think i shld trust u..
Ani: thnku thnku so much.. bt ya swara is still in danger… anahita would harm her…
San: how to stop her
Ani: she will not stop we hv to make her arrest..
San: how we dont hv any proof against her..
Ani: we can only wait n till then either of us shld be with her…
San: aniruddh m trusting u again dont break my trust..
Ani: i will nt repeat my sin again…

swra: m sry aniruddh that day i.. i hv reacted so much
Ani:(smiles)itz ok swara i can understand u r pregnent thats y all this…
Swra:it means sanskar has called u..
San: ya princess i called him n
sanskar called aniruddh after getting call frm anahita…
San: aniruddh she asked us to meet her at bridge..
Ani: dont worry … i will nt let anything Happen to her…
San: (worroed) yr plz be more careful.. vo actully she is expecting…
Ani: ohh hoo congratzz dude.. n ya achha kia jo bata dia.. i will be more carefull..

Mean whike anahita stabs the lady inspector who were taking her… they smhow called to other inspector who was taking verma n roy… but it was late…

sanskar recieved a call that was frm inspector
San: ya inspector…
Insp: mr maheshwari anahita bhaag gai hai… u shld be careful..
San: ya dont worry…i will be

He cuts the call n swara saw anahita pointing a gun towards sanskar…
Anahita shots him.. bt swara pushed him n got hurt by bullet n with the sudden jerk she fall off the bridge( same bridge where ragini pushes swara on her n laksh’s wedding day)

Swra: aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!
San: swaraaaaaa !!!!

Sanskar too dive into river without even thinking for a sec….

To be continued….

Precap: no precap ? ?

Hehehehe guyz plz dont kill me … achha tell me what u want.. may be i change the nxt epi

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KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 41) (old frnds together)


KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 41) (old frnds together)

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