Faith~ A Collection Of Short Stories Story #1- Raped

Faith~ A Collection Of Short Stories Story #1- Raped

Hello Friends, I have written three one shots earlier. And “FAITH” is a collection of one shot stories to show how some people in spite of their shortcomings or being in a complicated situation, come out of that just because they had faith on themselves. I will try to cover a vast range of common faiths too. Whenever idea strikes me, I will jot them down and present you. Well, if any idea strikes you and want me to suggest that, you are welcome. Let’s start my first story in this collection.


I know I am in pain. But I don’t feel it. I thank God that even in this comatose state, my brain works. I remember each and every bit of the ordeal that happened with me. The most unexpected mishap- Rape.

How happy I was with my middle class contended family! We just wanted each other’s happiness. But God did not let us live forever like this.

I was returning from my tuition and it was 8:00 p.m. On the road a black van stopped by me and gagged me and took me in forcefully. I cried. Tried to shout. But only some feeble mumbles came out. Listening that, one of those wretches told, “Hey Beautiful! Shout! Be more loud! Even your mumbling raises our lust.” Then he gave me the most nasty look I could ever get. With tears, I pleaded. I cried. I tried to tell them to leave me for God’s sake! But they weren’t in a state to listen to my words. My eyes had all the expressions to free myself. But their eyes had only one expression- LUST.

They were drunken which made them more excited. They ripped open my clothes and lustily touched my skin. I tried a lot to fight back. But they were six and I was one. Could not resist for long. They hold my body tightly and buried themselves in my womanhood, in turns. They pierced my womanhood and moaned with pleasure. In the moving car, it wasn’t possible to break their wrap and run away. I felt so helpless. The pain I felt at that time was a never ending one. It seemed like for ages I am getting screwed up. They were using phrases like “Look at the b***h”, “F**k the s***t”, and so on. I had never heard such vulgar words in my life.

When they had their way with me, they simply threw me out of their car and drove off. I hit the road and rolled over to the side of the road. They had thrown my bag too. Probably, they wanted their desires to be fulfilled only. By then, my full body was covered with blood and cum. My vagina was profusely bleeding. My legs, hands, face, everywhere bore their “love bite”. Ironical. Isn’t it?

For an hour, I simply laid on the roadside, naked. I was waiting for the burn to decrease a bit. Then, I took myself to take the bag, with great difficulty. I took out my phone. My senses are still working! I saw the screen. It showed 1:30 a.m. And in this darkness I lie here with a darkness. I managed to open my safety app and press the SOS button. Now I dialed 100.

“Hello, who’s there?”
“I-I-I a-a-m i-n s-s-o m-much-h-h p-p-a-ai-n-n.”

Now I felt my senses giving up. I felt hazy and then darkness. This darkness prevails even now. But this still makes my brain work. I now can clearly visualize each and every part of the ordeal. I try to move my muscles and shout out loud. But I can’t. My blood boils. But I can’t do anything. Neither do I hear anything. Amidst all these, my father’s words ring inside my eyes,” Never lose your faith on yourself. Then you lose every battle of your life. Confidently fight against all odds. You will win.” Yes dad. I have to win. I can’t let my nightmares overpower me. Internally, I strengthen up.

One day, I felt my darkness move a bit. I mean my muscles are moving. I try to say,” Mom.” Now my lips split. Am I getting out of my coma? Now I can hear somebody saying, “Now your daughter is coming out of the coma.” A overwhelmed lady’s voice can be heard,” Is it true? O! I can’t believe my ears. Open your eyes. Can you listen to me?” Yes I can Mom. I try to open my eyes. Initially, everything seemed to be so bright as white. Gradually, my normal vision returns and I try to see everyone present there. Police is also there. My mom hugs me. My dad happily says, “Is she out of danger now, doctor?” The former voice replied again, “Yes. I told you, if she can come out of the coma, she will be out of danger. Just her feebleness will remain.”

Now the policeman comes forward. He softly says,” Tell me dear. Please, as far as you can call up.”
My mom interrupted,” No sir. Not now. She has come out of her physical dangers just today. Mentally she is yet to recover..”
I interrupt her,” No mom. I can. I will. I have to. I will cooperate.” My mom stopped. Though my voice was feeble, the words came out of my heart. I narrated everything slowly but as far as I can. I told them to catch the culprit once. I remember their faces. Curve by curve. Their naked faces are always in front of my eyes and as clear as potable water.

After a few days, I was released. My mom took home a counselor-cum-martial arts trainer. She is a brave and kind lady. She tried to get the nightmares out of me. She told me exactly what my dad told me. To keep faith in myself and I will win every battle in life. I learnt martial arts too. I cannot thank these three people as that word would not be the proper gratitude. Too less for it. They try to cheer me up always. My counselor tried to rebuilt my faith in myself. I myself motivated myself. I still get the nightmares. But now I don’t shriek in the middle of the night with horror. Fear, I pity you!

But everything is not as rosy. One day, my mother and I went to the market. There a neighbor called Mom and told,” How will you marry off your daughter now? Actually, this is her folly. Why should she be out at that time? This is the result of giving your daughter so much freedom. Now suffer.”
My mom couldn’t bear it any longer. She snapped at her, ” That you don’t have to bother about. And please keep your dirty thoughts to yourself. Just think once, even you are a woman.” My eyes welled up to see her support. One of the shopkeepers even called me impure. Some taunted me. Some even offered me for an one night stand. I was stunned beyond my senses. I put a hard slap across his face. And told him to get lost. We had to persuade the shopkeepers to buy the commodities.

Having returned home, I sat in my room, musing over the incidents in the market. Just because I am raped, my sanctity is at stake? I am to be blamed? But why? What is this purity in case of women? Didn’t those goons lose their purity too while taking away mine? I shouldn’t live. I am putting my family at stake. How can I? Having made a noose out of my dupatta, I look upwards to the fan. On the white ceiling my life flashes suddenly. I can see each and every childhood memory. My dad’s words, my mom’s care and every sweet emotions. My inner self asks me,” Can you go away leaving all these? You will forget they are your parents!” I fight with my inner self and finally my conscience only wins. I gradually take my eyes down, open the noose and go to sleep with a grin on my face. Tomorrow a new sun wil rise in my life.

I wake up when the sun rays fall on my face. I remember yesterday the police called my dad and told him to report with me at the police station for the TI parade. My dad is still afraid. I assure him that I will be fine. I have faith on myself. We reach there.

On entering the police station a lady officer took me to the place where all those people were standing.

I went in front of the men and locked my widened eyes with their crooked and smirking ones. I closed my eyes. I can call up them by those eyes only. I saw each and every lusty eyes. The incident takes place in my mind in a flash. My body stiffened for a moment. Then I remember each and every brute. I start pointing at them. The one who gagged me. The two who ripped off my clothes. The one who called me “s**t”. The one who called me “b***h” and all of them who made life a living hell. I bravely pointed all six. They were dragged away. The policewoman patted me for my bravery.

On coming out, I burst out in tears. All those tears which were buried inside my depression and my nightmares. I hugged my parents and cried my heart out. And now I feel my faith regained. I am a pure soul. I now know I am as pure and true as the Ganga. Filth will come to me but will always get washed away, making me pure.


So people, how was it? My first story in this collection. The second story will come as soon as any idea strikes me and I get time. Feel free to comment and criticize soundly. Healthy criticism accepted.

Thank you,


Faith~ A Collection Of Short Stories Story #1- Raped


Faith~ A Collection Of Short Stories Story #1- Raped

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