Swasan: Fix You (Episode 38)

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 38)

Hey friends. First of all thanks a ton for taking my stand in the last episode. I seriously did not see that gesture coming. U all surprised me this time! Girls on top always.. x x

**Second last episode**

~~The End~~

~~Sanskar’s pov ~~

It was around 11:30 pm. I hadn’t stepped out of the room since Swara had left. I didn’t know where she went. But I had decided to give her some time alone. Maybe she needed to think over everything.

With eyes swollen, I probably must’ve looked like a drunkard. As time passed, and Swara didn’t come, I started to worry. Quickly fixing myself up, I headed out to look for her.

I walked im the main arena outside the hotel and was relieved to see her out there. But she wasn’t alone.

I was confused as well as concerned to see Laksh standing with her. Immediately, I got a feeling, that he knew. I approached them.

I noticed Swara was still holding back from crying. Her face was already tear-stained. She looked extremely exhausted. My condition was no different from hers. Meanwhile, Laksh shot me a stern look.

“You okay?” I asked. She nodded, but didn’t bother to look at me. The silence was getting awkward, as Laksh just stood glaring at both of us.

“Umm, I think you should come up. Take some rest.” I said.

“No, I’m okay. Thanks.” She said bluntly.

“Swara, you’ll get sick. Please come upstairs.” I said calmly.

“I’m not coming up with you. Neither am I sleeping with you. You should try to convince Kavita though.” She said.

I rolled my eyes as how she dragged Kavita into this. There was no need for her to compromise on her health because of whatever happened.

“Look, we’ll talk about this, okay? But tomorrow. Please take some rest till then.” I requested.

“Can’t you understand what I just said? Or you are pretending not to understand? I’m not falling for those sweet words of yours again.” She stated in a louder and clearer voice.

Laksh was looking at both of us silently, when he finally stepped in.

“Guys, um, I think, you both need to calm down. Swara, if you want, you can sleep with me tonight.” He said.

I literally gagged on that. Sleep with him? Swara looked at him, eyes popping out of her eye sockets.

“I-I mean not with me! I can sleep with Rohan or Kabir….” He said. I was relieved.

“Are you sure? I don’t wanna…”

“No, no! Its okay, really. Just sleep peacefully.” He said. Swara nodded and went upstairs as I mumbled a good night. It went ignored.

I sighed. The moment she left, Laksh pounced on me with thousands of questions.

“Dude, are you nuts? What were you thinking? How can you just cheat on Swara like that?! That too with Kavita?” He asked.

“I don’t know what happened….” I said.

“Dammit Sanskar! I had warned you to stay away from that girl. Look where she has got you now.” He said.

“I did a huge mistake, Laksh. I just went there to know the truth. I had no idea about Kavita’s intentions. In fact, I tried to stop her!”

“But she didn’t stop, did she?” He asked sarcastically.

“Look, I know whatever happened was wrong. But I’m seeing Swara going away from me! I don’t want that, Lucky. What do I do now?” I asked.

He let out a deep sigh. I was tensed. I had no idea what decision Swara was going to make now.

“Sanskar, yaar, I wish I could help you. But agree it or not, if Kavita is at fault, so are you. You’ll just have to wait to hear what Swara has to say. And honestly, if she decides to leave you, then you’ve no choice but to accept her decision. Because in the end, the truth will always be the same.” He said.

I sighed. I felt so helpless.

“Chal ab, go and take some rest.” He said. I nodded and went back to the room.

I was all alone inside. After what it seemed like a very very long time, I found myself alone in that room. It was so silent without Swara’s presence.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I just sat there, hoping, praying, that I would find at least some way to win Swara back.


The sun was up in the sky. My eyes fluttered open due to the rays of it falling on my face. I didn’t even realize how and when I had fallen asleep.

I looked around and it dawned upon me that I was still alone in that room. Swara hadn’t returned yet. I straightway walked into the bathroom and came out all clean.

I was about to go and find Swara, when my eyes landed on a little note lying on the bed, under the pillow. I opened it with curiosity. No name was written on it. But who would’ve leave a letter for someone else in my room?

~~ Sanky,

I’m sorry for the way I shouted at you last night. I shouldn’t have done that; for it wouldn’t have changed what you’ve done and what I’ve seen.

Yes, I’m upset. I’m angry. But I’m also hurt. I can’t forget what I saw. I’m sorry, but my decision cannot change. I’m leaving you. I’m going back to India.

Please don’t try to call me or text me as I don’t want to face you anymore. It’s a goodbye from me. But always remember there was a time when I had truly loved you. It’s pretty unfortunate, that you ruined it. But I’ll move on.


For the last time, Swara. . .~~

The letter dropped from my hands. I felt like my heart had stopped beating for a moment. This letter had clearly stated that she is leaving me.

The whole NIGHTMARE I had about Swara leaving me flashed in front of my eyes. It was completely different from reality. But the only similar thing was that, Swara was leaving me…this time, for real.

I took a while for the news to sink in, as I wondered when she had kept this note below the pillow.

I would’ve easily woken up of she had been in when I was asleep. So that meant, that she came in when I was in the bathroom…which wasn’t too long ago.

It also meant that she hadn’t left…yet.

This was my last and only chance to stop her as I rushed out, down the elevator to stop her.


As I reached the main entrance, I spotted everyone – Kabir, Rohan, Abeer and surprisingly our mentor as well. Curiously, I walked to take a closer look at them. My heart was beating like a drum, fast and loud.

As I pushed myself nearer, I saw Swara standing at the gate. Laksh was there as well. She hugged Laksh who looked really down that day.

I noticed her two suitcases on the ground beside her. That’s when it dawned upon me, that yes, she was leaving.

I literally pushed past everyone standing in between, earning apologetic looks from them. Swara looked confused.

“Swara…Swara, what are you doing? Haan? What is all this?” I said.

“You read the note…” She said.

“Yes and that’s not the answer to my question. What are you doing? Where are you going?” I asked. I was scared.

“You read what it said. I’m going back.”

What was she, mad? I could’ve sat down and sorted out the whole thing. But she was leaving!

“What? Are you stupid? Aur kaha jaaoge aap? Haan?” I asked.

“Apne ghar. Because that’s my family, not you. I was wrong to have hurt my dad. But not anymore. I’m going back to them.” She said sternly.

“Okay, okay. I’ll take you back. We both can go back once this Fest ends. It was my promise, remember? But you need to have some patience na, bubba. We can sit down and sort out this whole thing patiently! Yeh kya bachpana hai ki bas bags pack kar liye ab nikal jao!” I almost yelled at her.

But she was calm and composed all the time.

“Bachpana? You’re right. I was immature and childish that I trusted you by your four sweet words. But not anymore. I’m leaving and that’s it.” She said and turned around.

“Let’s go.” She said to Laksh. He nodded and put her bags in the backseat.

Before hopping in, she looked at me once. Her eyes were full of pain, but no tear was seen in them. They were cold and dry.

“Don’t try to contact me. It’s good for you as well as for me. Goodbye.” She said.

And that was the last time she ever spoke to me. The last time she ever looked at me.

She hopped in beside Laksh. I stood there numb as she didn’t even bother to look at me once.

I didn’t realize when Laksh had started the engine and had drove off.

That was it. I was left back, staring into the distance at the car disappearing in the foggy weather.

I fell on my knees. I couldn’t even cry even though I wanted to. I tried to scream out my lungs, but I couldn’t. I was too weak for that. I had lost my sight, my voice….my love.

My hands and feet were once cold. My body, frozen in the place. My mind, only trying to register what had just happened. And my heart. . .

Well she had taken it along with her; far, far, far away from me…

~~The truth was crystal clear in front of me. That this was, THE END…~~

Next update : Six months later. . .

The second last episode of Fix You. I’ll miss writing this so much. Don’t miss the last episode just because whatever you saw in this episode. Swara leaving?

As I always say. . .

Everything you see, ain’t what it seems ♥♥

Don’t forget to comment and feel free to criticise me. Because I know that the last few updates have been nothing but bullshit.

#mega-surprise : One episode and you’ll get to know tomorrow!

Be ready !!!

The next one is more of an epilogue :)

Swasan: Fix You (Episode 38)


Swasan: Fix You (Episode 38)

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