Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 20

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Chapter 20- Malika-e-Hind, Qtub Begum.

A smile curved on Qtub’s beautiful face as she watched the beautiful sun set through the huge balcony of her room,everyday she watched it,she became equally enchanted by the scenario , suddenly the smile vanished from her face , she couldn’t even remember the last time the Sultan enjoyed a sun set with her , it was only during his birthday when she got to spend some time with the sultan ,a single tear escaped from one of her eyes,she missed her husband badly, she was living a life of loneliness since 19 years . Her mind raced back to the time when she was a princess her father, the Sultan of Hindustan,being the most beautiful woman of the country,she had admirers across the country and even beyond , but her heart choose Iltimush over the royals when he was nothing but a mere slave , it was not that he didn’t love her, then,he loved her with all his heart and soul. When Qtub ud Din Aibak,her father choose Iltimush over his sons as his successor,her hand was given to Iltimush for marriage.
Everything was beautiful and desirable until Shazia’s birth, one year after Shazia was born, Iltimush hardly came to her chamber , she knew the reason,Shah Turkan , the Iltimush’s mistress in Lahore. A year later,when Razia was to born ,she did not have him by her side, he was instead attending Shah Turkan who was to give birth to his son Rukn ud Din the same night Razia was to born. Qtub felt humiliated and disgusted, on that night,after Razia’s birth she pledged that she would never ever expect anything from her hus band,she’ll only perform her duties as a wife,neither will she ever wait for him,she also pledged that she would make sure that her daughters,Razia and Shazia will not have a fate like her.
Qtub couldn’t help crying,she rushed back to her room,threw herself on her bed and cried her heart out as memories of her past haunted her back.
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Royal Palace , Bhatinda-

Altunia’s words were echoing in Razia’s ears,should she listen to her heart or her mind? A question that had snatched her sleep , she was so lost in his thoughts that she didn’t even notice the servant girl who rushed into her room called out for her,when the servant called her with a bit louder voice,she came back to the reality , the girl informed her that her father and brother Iqbal has arrived in Bhatinda, she knew what this meant , firstly, Iqbal bhaijaan had finally agreed to marry and second, she was to leave the very next morning , she had now quiet less time to take a decision.
The sun rose and spread new hopes in Altunia’s life, he was eager for Razia’s answer,on the other hand, Razia has finally made up her mind Altunia could not meet her since he was busy serving the guests his mother and Zehna were to return on the same day. While Altuna was instructing the cook about the main menu for the royal guests Razia came to him.

Razia- May I come in Mirza, I hope I did not disturb you.
she said looking at the cook, Altunia dismissed the cook at once ” Of course no Shezaadi,I’m always there at your service,do you need something,may I help you?” he asked with hope-filled eyes.

Razia- No no, I came here to bid you a good bye Mirza,I’m leaving. But before leaving I want to hand over this red scarf to you ,it is a very precious scarf to me,it has blessed scents and was given to me by ammi .
Razia said while pulling out a red silk scarf from her fist. Altunia drew his eyebrows together and asked ” Then why are you giving this to me Shezaadi?” he asked while taking the scarf ” Because abbu once gave it to her , it symbolises their love Mirza,that is lost somewhere now. I is very precious to me and I expect the man who really loves me to return it to me , if you can please come to Dilli to return this to me , I’ll understand that I’ve finally got a man every woman dreams for,a true,loyal and honest lover.” she replied,looking at him and left the room without turning back , Altunia understood her answer, she listened to her heart. It was a ‘Yes’ , his happiness had no limits,he rushed to the balcony of his room,and watched Razia from his balcony as she got into her palanquin , she peeped from her palanquin to have a glimpse of Altunia and smiled at him ,he smiled back at her and waved his hand to bid her a safe journey. He felt as if all the happinesses of the world were at hi feet, he realised that before he met Razia,he was inclomplete,but after she came into his life , he learnt to live. A smile spread on his face “Dil ko zuban,aakhon ko sapney milgay…..ashiqui mein , zindigi ko mainne mil gaye .” he said to himself , everybody did not know that he was also a poet .
Nasir and Fatimah had finally reached Bengal and now,their aim was fixed,either a peace treaty or bloodshed. They decided to go for a peace treaty first but they were not surprised to know that Mohammed Afzal only wanted war . ” If he wants bloodshed,so be it.” Nasir said with a cold and stern voice ” Shezaadey, we should not forget that Sultan wants him alive.” said Fatimah, alerted by his voice to warn him, she knew that this time, Shezaadey Nasir was really angry . ” Tomorrow we’ll go to the battle field to capture that Afzal , prepare yourselves.” he instructed his troops.

Precap – War with Afzal, Nasir looses his patience and swings his sword high to slay Afzal.

Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 20


Razia Sultan…the story retold fanfiction Chapter 20


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