Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 5) Part 2

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Abhi was looking at pragya who was getting inside the car,A:who is he? Oh again i lost a chance but its ok as rithi said na its just a chance now my first imp work is to know about her ok now we shld follow them to know about her then abhi get inside his car& followed them in pragyas car siddanth&pragya r talking abt something&laughed abhi was irked by seeing them like that[guys abhi don’t even know pragyas name so how could he know abt her family],then they reached their home abhi was shocked on seeing her house,A:arey beta is it a house or a palace,but haan she is my queen na so she should live in a palace then he waited there 4her 4nearly 1.30hrs then she came out in another car with prem[actually the4 used to pick up their choti in their cars]abhi noticed her&was shocked to see her with a new person,A:now who is he? using diff cars is k but dif per to drive but, he don’t look like a driver!how strange thinking like that he again followed her prem drops her in tution&leave pls com

Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 5) Part 2


Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 5) Part 2


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