Never let u go (Chpt 10)

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Chapter 10
Sam entered in room from balcony completing her love talk with Neil and saw radhika sank in some deep thoughts
Sam throws pillow on Radhika to disturb her thoughts
“ Chashnniiiii…what r you thinking on serious note..? “ Sam said and sat next to Rads
“ About Arjun sir sam…don’t know why he is so moody. I can’t predict his behavior in another minute I felt he is good and friendly and in next moment he became stranger…” Radhika still thinking about Arjun
“Yeah I too notice this today..but what makes your Arjun sir turned in Angry bird..why he was fuming in anger…?” Sam
“ Don’t know yarr…His valet fell on ground and i pick it up but unknowingly it got open by me and I saw pic of lady with a kid…n nxt moment he snatch it from me n shouts and got angry…” Radhika explained
“ ummm… I think he don’t want to show that pic to anyone..n you saw it which makes him angry on you…” Sam concluded
“ I think you right Sam..but y he is hiding it?” Radhika now fully turned in to Jaasus mode
“ oh meri cute jaasus…leave it…I wanna hug you first…THANK YOUUUUU so much for today dear..when you guys planned this? Sam hugs Rads
“ you liked na….actually Neil Shares his plan with me in office and so did we executed it………M sooooo Happppppyyyy for your Sammmmm..Neil is such gold hearted guy and I’m sure he will always stay by your side and keep you happy always…” Radhika hugging back to Sam with same passion..
“You are right chashni.. I am so lucky to have Neil in my life.. n I am damn sure you will too get your charming prince soon..” and Saying so Sam bites her tongue.
Radhika’s smile got vanish by her sentence and reminds her about past thing…
“ M really very sorry Chashni..i didn’t meant to her you yarrrr..dont be mad at yar me” Sam pleadingly
“ It’s okay Sam… it don’t hurt me now….” Paused for moment…” please don’t you dare to say sorrryyy….chalo lets go to sleep it’s too late na babe..” Radhika cover herself by blanket.


Teji , Zubin and Kritika came to Radhika’s Desk.
“ Radhika what this yar?? You always busy in work, leave it. Let’s do party..boss is not in the office“ Teji winked in happiness
“ But teji if Arjun sir found us partying then no one on this earth will save us from his guys know na he is an Angry bird” Radhika make fake angry face.
All started laughing..
“I have checked with Riya she told he has some meetings with other clients so he will not return soon..” Kritika in excitement…
“ Now let’s go to Cafeteria babe…” Zubin and Kritika drag Rads to cafeteria
“ hey Eddy bro…” Zubin give hi five to counter guy in cafeteria …” Bring burgher and coke for all..”

All sat on a round table
“ Let’s play truth and dare…it will be fun to know hidden truths and doing tricky dares…” Radhika with full excitement..
“ wooooohoooooo……” All shouted in agree tone to Radhika’s idea.
Teji brings an empty bottle and place it on table.
“ chalo….R you guys ready????” Radhika in cheery voice….
“ Yesssss mam…..”All cheered reciting in military voice
Radhika spin the bottles which after completing 4-5 spin stopped on Teji. He choose dare and mimic Arjun’s angry look..
All laugh on his act and praised him.
They were enjoying their chilling out session from by one all the members got out and at last bottle stops on Radhika.
“ Radhikaa what will you choose…truth or dare?” Zubin with excitement
“ Ofcourse Dare..there is nothing to confess so will go for dare…” Radhika said confidently.
Teji, Zubin , Kritika , Adiitya and Rita discussed something in whispered
“ Hey Radhika if you want change to truth then you can but after hearing your task you can’t back drop it..” Aditya said winked to others
“ I’m Ready…I don’t fear to do anything..” Radhika with same confident
“ Okay then listen..” Teji started explaining
“ You have to stand on table and mimic Dharm paji from movie “sholey” that tanki wala suicide epic Scene in which Dharm paji was drunk and asked Mousiji for alliance with Basanti” Teji tell her about dare.
“ ohhh…that’s it na…its so easy…I can easily do this…” Radhika stand up and started to climb a table near her.
“Stop Radz…let me complete Teji…here dare is that you have to do this task in Arjun sir’s cabin on his desk..” Zubin said with sparling naughtiness.
Radhika got shell shock hearing it.
“ You guys hell out of your mind…you guys wants me out of BIRDSONG” Radhika in worried
“ So you are frighten already…accept then you lose the game..” Kritika with mischievous smile.
“ I’m not looser…and not frighten…I will do this task…Let’s go..” Radhika grab the water bottle from café counter and all headed to Arjun’s cabin behind Rads.
She removed her sandals and climbed on the desk in Arjun’s cabin and started drinking water as if it was liquor
“ Kood jaoonga, phaan jaoonga , mar jaoonga ..hat jaooo” Radhika mold herself fully into Viru’s Character.
Others “ Areyy yeh kya kar rahe hooo…”
Radhika as Veeru “ Wahi kar raha hun bhaiya jo majanoo ne laila ke liye kiya tha, raanza ne heer ke liye kiya tha, Romeo ne Juliet ke liye kiya tha….SUICIDEEEE….
Act as she was about to fall
Others colleagues were enjoying Radhika’s acting and chorusing the people dialogue from Movie.
“ Arrey par tum suicide kyu karana chahATE HO…?” TEJI
Radhika drinks a sip from bottle and continued
“ Badhi dukh bharri kahani hai, tumhare aasoo nikal aayenge..Yeh basanti hai naa is se mera lagan honewalaa tha.” Radhika points toward Kritika..” Lekin is ke budhi mousi ne bich me bhanji mar di..Ab mai is duniya main nahi reh sakata..Gaoowalooo tum ko mera aakhari salam…GOOD BYEEE “ And acts as if she was falling
Gaowalo me jaa raha hoon, BHAGAWAN main AAraha hoon…” Radhika now on her full acting mode recites all Veeru’s dailougue.
“ Dekh lena Gaowaloo ,when I death pulice coming. Pulice coming budhiya going jail. In jail budhiya chakki pisssing and pissssing and pising Andddddddd…” Radhika stop abruptly with widen her eyes watching towards cabin’s entrance.
All turned to find where Radhika was looking with shock and all got stunned Seeing Arjun standing in door of his cabin.
“ Arjun Sirrrr…wwweeeee ju…justtt….” Teji stammered in fear.
Radhika was still standing on his Desk.
Suddenly Arjun started laughing heavily; he couldn’t control his laughter anymore.
Now all including Radhika was shell shocked watching Arjun laughing
Radhika in her Mind” Bhagwanji bachalo…Seems that he is laughing imagining our punishment…please god save me…I will donate 5000 bucks in charity of Mandir..”
Radhika gets mesmerized by his dimples and thinks “This Devil is looking so handsome with dimpled filled smile”
Arjun stops laughing and got back to his flat face
“Get back to work” Command came from Arjun
All started to leaving, meanwhile Radhika step down from his desk and started walking towards entrance.
“Stop Radhika..I wanted to discuss something with you.” Arjun moves towards his chair and sat down on it.
Radhika stopped by his command and whispered “ Margayi aaj to!!” and turned towards him.
“Sir I’m extremely sorrryyyy. It was dared given to me so I was reciting Veeru…” Radhika made funny movement of her eyes in fear and stops in-between due to embarrassments. She thinks she would get disappear from here and could hide her somewhere.
A sweet smile came on Arjun face by watching her all funny activity
“ Be sited Radhika..Forget it..I want to discuss about our new project.” Arjun make signal to sit her on chair
Radhika was still shocked about was she heard was correct or not that he said forget it
“ yess Sir..” she came forward and sits in front of him.
“ We have big project in row. I want that project will deal by our company” Arjun
“ Next week there is meeting regarding tender of this project. I want you to hold this responsibility and make it great with your creativity.”
“ And yes on Monday we have to leave for East coast in Hotel Grand Emerald. This is 4 day business trip. So get ready for it” Arjun leaned back on chair.
“ Sure sir I am ready for it. Thanks for giving this big opportunity Sir” Radhika said with confidance
“ Good!! I have already mailed you the project details. You make presentation regarding. Today is Friday so you two days in your hand. Now you can leave and get work started from now itself..” Arjun
Radhika nodded in assurance and got up from chair walked toward her desk.
“ Radhika..” she stopped “ you forgot this over here” Arjun chuckled while giving water bottle to her which she used in act.
Radhika feels embarrassed she grabbed the bottle and hurriedly left cabin.
Arjun recalls her acting, smile spreads on his cheeks again.
Radhika sat on her chair and thought come to her mind
“ This trip is good opportunity to know about Arjun sir and solved that pain which bother him always….but for that I have meet MRS Sonali first..Tommarrow I will go to “Pearl “to meet her..”

Saturday Morning
Its weekend so Radhika got ready and informed Sam who still sleeping in her bed That she was going to NGO to meet Sonali.
She entered from NGO entrance and walked towards the administrative block of NGO.
Passing the ground she found a lady watering plants who was in her mid-50. Lady saw Radhika and waved her to come towards her. She had worn black red silk designer saree and some modern western copper colour jewelry.
“ Good Morning Sonali Mam” Radhika greeted with smile.
“ Good morning beta. See how this plants grow faster with little bit of care and affection” Sonali said caressing plants
“So do kids too mam. They to want affection and love from their elders” Radhika thinking about Arjun
By Rads answered Sonali felt something and she got up
“ What happened Radhika? What brings you here on Saturday? Your classes are on tommarrow na..”
“I want to talk to you about something personal Mam. Can we go to your cabin mam?” Radhika
“Yeah sure beta. You go ahead I will come in minute washing my dirty hands” Sonali shows her soil covered hands to Radz.
Radhika entered into the cabin it was not her first time she came here but this time her motive was different so she started observing to find any sign of Arjun and soon she found one.
A photo frame was placed on desk but it was facing opposite side of her. Radhika pick that frame turned to watch it.
She was dumbstruck because it was the same pic which was in Arjun’s valet.
Sonali entered into the cabin and saw Radhika with frame.
“He is my son. Isn’t he cute?” Sonali while wiping her hands with napkin.
“ Whatttt??? Is he your son? “ Radhika was in 420 volt electric shock.
“ Yess His name is Arjun..but what happened to you?” Sonali in bewilderment

“ Arjun sir is your son that’s why your photo in his valet” Radhika muttered
“What? You know him? He carry my pic in his valet still..tell me about him Radhika please” Sonali had mixed feeling on her care,love tears all are at the same moment.
“Yes your pic is in his valet. But I didn’t get it mam. Why you don’t leave with him means i….” Radhika stammered in confusion “means he gets angry when I saw that pic…what kind mother son relation is this mam?
Now listening this Sonali’s face turned Sad , all excitement she showed a minute ago was vanish somewhere.
“Because he hates me Beta” Sonali said weakly
“Why?? Mam I know it’s your personal matter but I can see pain in his eyes always so I want to know reason behind his pain…” Radhika
“I know beta he is pain and that to because of me..i want too wants share all things with you beta” Sonali said and sat on chair
“Almost 27 years have passed still it all was fresh in my heart. We were gang of three Raj , Shekhar and I. We were best buddies in college. I and Raj were deeply in love with each other. Shekhar was too in love with me. But i never felt beyond friendship about him. In last year of our graduation Raj proposed me and i accepted it. Our family was not accepted our love so we got married despite of their opposition. After that we never saw Shekhar he left us. Raj started his own business, in initial days we faced many financial problems but we were support system of each other. After one year we had Arjun as symbol of our love. With birth of Arjun our company had gain immense profit and success; our company became one of the top companies in India.All was going good but fate has different cards in his pocket for us.
I was busy growing Arjun and Raj was used to busy in his business.
One day in mall I met Shekhar in our long discussion he told that in accident he lost his wife.So we gave him so much support after that he used to come regularly to our home. But because of this Raj started doubting me. I wanted to discuss with him but his worked didn’t allowed us.
Day by day fights increases. Love replaced by doubts, quarrel and misunderstanding. In this all Arjun childhood got pissed off. After so much misunderstanding we decided to get separated and so did we.
But Raj didn’t allow me to take Arjun. Time and again Arjun too started thinking that in that entire mess fault was mine. He started hating me.
After that I used to work for NGO in India and which gave to build my own NGO here. Now PEARL is only reason of my life.
I want to see my Arjun , wanted to tell him how I am yearning for my son..” Sonali started crying in pain.
Radhika hugged Sonali and started consoling her.
“Don’t cry mam please. It’s all happened because of misunderstanding. What was happened may be it was destiny but we can edit our destiny by our efforts. “ Radhika
“I promise you mam, I will bring Arjun sir for you and erased all misunderstanding “ Radhika in firm tone decided something in her mind.

Arjun’s Villa

Arjun was exercising in his gym. He dialed to Neil.
“ Good morning bro…..ahhhh….” Neil in his sleepy voice.
“ I want you in gym in 5 get it…only 5 minutes” Arjun hung up the call.
Neil rushed to the washroom and ran towards gym
“Good bro.. you became punctual in Sam’s love “ Arjun chuckled while running on treadmill.
“ After disturbing my sleep you enjoying it…what was that bro I heard about yesterday’ drama in office.. You didn’t have angry on chashni…quite surprising…” Neil teasing Arjun.
Arjun stopped the treadmill and got down from it.
“I have decided to give one chance to my feeling that’s why I am brining Radhika on this business trip so that I can show her my feelings “ Arjun blushing with the thought being with Radhika.
“ That fantastic bro. I am happy that you accept your feeling..” Neil hugged Arjun.


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Never let u go (Chpt 10)


Never let u go (Chpt 10)


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