Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-8)

I am really sorry for not posting guys actually I had a very bad accident and I was in hospital all these days. Just came bak home 2day and I’ve got complete bed rest but I couldn’t stop myself from writing. But I think u guys r not liking my ff so I’ll probably drop it if u guys ask me to.

So here we go
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Recap: Accident was a joke to wish Swara a happy birthday.
Then Aalia, Rahul, Jai, Raghav, Kartar, Veer and Neel come and wish her happy birthday and group hug her.
Swara then turns to Sanskar and says: so here is the gang jiska naam hai
everybody shout “The Nives.”
Just then another lady probably 6 years elder than Swara comes and hugs her and gives her a birthday gift.
Swara: “Thank u so much Bhabhi.” Yes you guessed it right she is Mrs. Richa Yash Mehra.
Jai: “Swara tere bday wale din main duniya ka sb se mushkil kaam kr rha hoon. (turning towards Aalia.) Aaliya I love you. Will u marry me ?????”
Aalia lokks at everybody and: “Yes.”
And the next second Jai picks her up and spins.
Jai: “I love u.”
Aalia: “I love u 2.” Ad kisses his cheeks.
Sanskar: “Ab tum bhi maanjao.”
Swara: “Kya tumhe pta tha ki yeh sab ek drama hai??” and gives him a questioning look.
Sanskar: “Maine toh kuch or plan kr rkha tha bt I didn’t know anything about them.”
Swara: “Pakka na.” and makes a cute puppy face.
he smiles and nods into a big yes. She then hugs him tight: “I love u Sanskar. U r my life plz don’t ever leave me or else alone I’ll die. You know how hard it was for me to be rude to u and stay away from u. I craved for u all that time but………………” and he fells his shirt wet by her tears. He hugs her tighter.

20 years l8r
A lady is shown looking at a picture with tears in her eyes. Just then a boy comes in and hugs and says: “Swara Maa.”
Swara: “Hmmm.”
Boy: “Mera Aaliya se break-up ho gaya.”
Swara: “Yeh kya bakwaas kr rhe ho Jai tum.
Jai: “But ma wo mujhe tease kr rhi thi kisi ldke k saath chipak kr.”
Swara: “Sach mein shakal or naam tumhari bhale hi tumhari baap Jai pr gyi ho mgr hrkte bilkul Aaliya jaise. Tum itna overpossesive kyon ho jaate ho.”
Yes guys that is Jai but the son of Aalia and Jai.
Jai: “Maa.” And makes a cute puppy face.
Swara: “accha usse phn krke srry boldo.”
Jai: “Jaise who toh maan jayegi na.”
Swara is about t say something but is interrupted.
Girl: “Mamma is Ragini ki bacchi ko rokko. Plzzzzzzzz.”
Another girl: “Mamma isne meri books fenki aap beech mein mt aana main ise jaan se maar dungi aaj.”
Swara: “Swarsha, Ragini isse pehle ki main wahan aaun I want u both here infront f me.” In mind “Mubarak ho Swara aaj tumhari b’day hai and here everybody is on the verge to make to sad.
Just then a man enters in and closes her eyes with his hand.
Swara: “Sanskar plz stop ur romance my mood is off.”
Snaskar: “Kya hua? Did anybody say u smthing.”
Swara with attitude: “No.”
Sanskar: “Then why r u upset on your birthday.”
Swara: “Chalo atleast someone remembers that I was born today.”
Sanskar: “U r tlking as if nobdy wished you except me till now.”
Swara: “Mr. Hubby u a genius. U know they are rather fighting with each other.”
Sanskar: “Now what did they do my dear Mrs. Wifey.”
By that time 2 girl come down. They look exactly like Swara and Ragini.
Swara: “Lo ask three of them urself.”
Sanskar turning to the girls and Jai with an angry look. By seeing his anger they all stand in a line.
Sanskar: “Swarsha, Ragini, and Jai ab what did u three do.”
Jai: “I had fight with Aaliya.”
Swaragini: “We had a fight.”
Sanskar: “May I know the reason.”
Jai: “She is very over possessive.”
Swara: “Ahan.”
Jai: “Sorry I am very over possessive.”
Everbdy is quite.
Swara: “U guys better continue varna.”
Ragini: “She threw my books and messed up my bookshelf.”
Swarsha: “She hide the birthday gift I got for mama.”
Sanskar: “Ragini.”
Ragini: “Papa.”
Swarsha: “U know papa I spent all my pocket money on it. It very special to me because it was mamma for her b’dy but Ragini hid it.” She had tears in her eyes.
Swara: “Awww. M very srry my bacha.” And hugs Swarsha.
Swarsha still sobbing: “M really srry mamma I cannot give u ur birthday gift.”
Swara: “It’s ok my baccha.”
Sanskar also hugs them and says: “Haan get it else Ganga and Yamuna will start flowing here itself.”
Ragini: “Wah beta puri baat toh btao. U also his the book I got for her nd u evn messed up my bookshelf which I had just arranged.”
Both Swara and Sanskar break d hug nd look at Swarsha
Swarsha is about 2 say smthng but another girl interrupts her.
Girl: “Bua, uff.”
Swara: “Are what happened Ruhu.”
Sanskar: “Yaa Ruhi baccha what’s wrong. U look tired.”
Ruhi: “Ohh god, I’ll never go to any trip without u 2. Atleast when u and fufu r with me I can rest abit and have fun. I tell u tis trip was the most boring one in my whole life. Uff.”
Swara: “Dekha Sanskar even she doesn’t remember. M so unlucky (with a pout face but her expression suddenly changes.) but lucky as well to have a hubby like u jo meri itni fikr krta hai.”
Sanskar: “Haan haan makhan marna band krdo Madam.”
Swara: “ Hawww. How mean ek tum hi the jissse main itna pyaar kiya who abhi in sb jaise. Jao m not talking to u anymore.” And leaves to her room stamping her feet.
Sanskar: “Yaar, yeh kya kr diya.”
Meanwhile Swara in her room sits crying looking at the birthday picture of 20 years ago.
Swara: “Yaar. Why did u all leave me alone to phase this world. I know ki u trust Sanskar and I am happy with hin but I really miss u guys.”
She hugs the picture and cries.

Precap: What happened 20 years back

Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-8)


Swaragini Main or tum (Epi-8)


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