Manmarziyan – 2 States (Character sketch)

Hiee all my dear friends . Im ur sv back with the new ff . This is the second ff im writing. I need ur support for this one as u are showing towards the first one. I will write that one too.

This is a story of a typical chennai girl falls for a handsome mumbai guy. It is a full fledged romantic comedy ff . I hope u all will like it.

Chatacter sketch.

Arjun mehra – A cool handsome guy and the only heir of mehra groups. Senior of the collage. A most loved guy of the collage even at times the professors would flirt with him . A breath taking handsome guy. Has a high opinion about himself best buddy of neil and sam. And listens whatever they say.

Neil malhotra – Buddy of arjun . A pakka cool guy and but straight forward. A kind of a PA even bodyguard for arjun to make sure that he is not surrounded by any girls for unwanted reasons as arjun hates woman when flirts. He is the deciding authority of arjun’s future wife and lover of samaria khanna.

Samaira khanna – daughter of khanna group . A dear friend of arjun and Neil’s girlfriend. Khannas and mehras are rivals in business but family friends . These 2 sam and arjun are best buddies and they never ever have any rival between them . Neil is the one who binds these 2 . Arjun and sam have a kind of bond even neil at times cant understand.

Radhika sundar – daughter of dilip sundar . A day dreamer chatter box. Desperayely wanted fall in love and wanted marry a prince who comes in a horse a fairy tale type to propose her. Father – dilip works in railways mother – mala a house wife and a typical mother takes care of her daughter and other stuffs. Radhika is the only child for them so obvious taken anything for granted. She imagines her future boyfriend to whom she wanted to spend her rest of her life.

Dadaji – passed away but he is a ghostly charecter and love guru for radhika, advices her in love matters. The main reason for radhika today was him who said all stories which would never had happened . A fairy tale with which he had filled her brain with all those desires. Radhika completed her schooling and she wants to pursue her higher studies in a renouned collage and she chose the one where our hero is studying. She starts from chennai . She doesnt know hindi much but dadaji knows so with his help she starts for her mission to find her prince

Will she be successful in finding and making him fall for her ???

Do u guys like it . Just say ur views.

Manmarziyan – 2 States (Character sketch)


Manmarziyan – 2 States (Character sketch)


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