Tamanna 8th April 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Dhara thinking Roy’s words. Shubhangi asks Dhara to say a story. Dhara says I told you yesterday night. Shubhangi says I slept yesterday. Dhara tells the story. Shubhangi sleeps. Dhara gets thinking of the same story and gets inspired. Its morning, Dhara sees Shubhangi standing on stool and looking outside. She says you will fall, are you not scared. Shubhangi says no. Dhara hugs her.

Dhara calls Roy. He asks from which train is she coming. She asks from which train is my cricket kit coming. He laughs and says you were coming back. She says I did not get out yet. He laughs and ends call. Dhara hugs Shubhangi and plays with her.

Ridhila asks her husband does he want tea. Dhara comes and gives the plate. Ridhika says you can add spices to add flavor to Chole. Dhara sees someone’s pics there. She says I think you also love cricket. He says no, I love my dad a lot. He goes. Ridhila says I added pakoda in kadi, tell me if you like it. Dhara thanks her. Ridhila asks her to make gujrati food for her. Dhara says sure. She asks whose bat is this. Ridhila says its old memories, better to not ask. Dhara says sorry to ask anything wrong. Ridhila says no, I made kheer for Shubhangi. Dhara asks when will curfew end, I hope it ends soon.

The curfew ends and shops reopen. The kids play cricket in the public school. Dhara comes there and smiles. She throws a ball. The clerk asks for holiday, as his son’s birthday is there. The man Pitambar refuses for giving leave. Dhara comes there and says I have come to work as cricket coach. He asks her to sit. Shubhangi asks is this school. Dhara says yes. Pitambar says Dhara, Roy told me everything about you, he praised you, you deposit your certificates. Dhara says I was thinking to get Shubhangi’s admission here. Shubhangi says I won’t study here. Dhara says sorry. Pitambar says its fine, she has come from Mumbai. He talks to Shubhangi and asks in which class was she there. Dhara says senior kg. he says we will put her in 1st class. Dhara asks Shubhangi not to lie that she knows counting till 20, as she knows till 15. He says fine, and asks Shubhangi to say. Shubhangi gets stuck at 16. He says you will learn soon. He asks clerk Bhola to take Shubhangi to class and show school to Dhara.

Bhola shows the school and introduces Dhara to teacher. Dhara says I have come to teach cricket, this is my daughter Shubhangi, your new student. Teacher asks Dhara to sit with Shubhangi as she is sacred to sit. Dhara makes Shubhangi sit. Teacher asks a question to all kids and asks anyone who knows answer to say. Dhara asks Shubhangi to say. Shubhangi says answer. Teacher asks her to come and sit on front bench. Dhara sends her. Teacher does not let her sit with muslim students. Dhara observes a muslim girl sitting alone.

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Tamanna 8th April 2016 –


Tamanna 8th April 2016 –


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