Kaala Teeka 8th April 2016 –

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Scene 1
Leela asks Manjiri where is yug? He is lost since last night.Jha was also asking. You know it. Manjiri says I dont know he was with friends. Leela says dont fool me. You can’t lie. Manjiri says he is with a friend thats all I know.
Mad says i saw them together. Vishwa says where can they go? Mad finds kali’s locket. Gauri says that means they were here. MAd says I told you.
yug and kali take lift. Man girl and boy alone in jungle? They give them lift. The woman asks when and how did it start? kali says we are just friends. The man says it starts with friendship. Yug says some relations are killed in name of friendship.Kali says some people only get anger not love. Yug says some people don’t wanna help themselves. Kali says they have their reasons. Woman says every relation doesn’t have an end.
Gauri says I trusted Gauri. And yug too. He broke my trust. Mad says its not his mistake.Kali has done this. Gauri says I am really hurt.

Yug and Kali reach mithla. Woman says you both look so good together. Sort your issues out.Kali says thanks. He says I had to drop you. It was my responsibility.
Leela says where is yug?He comes in and says I am here. Leela says where were you all night? He says I am sorry friends stopped me. I am going to rest.
Manjiri says kali??He says she is fine.

Kali is doing pooja. She says after yug took that ring, I feel lifeless. When everyone comes back what will I tell them? a car stops outside.

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Kaala Teeka 8th April 2016 –


Kaala Teeka 8th April 2016 –


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