Sarojini 8th April 2016 –

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Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
The masked stranger is about to stab her, when sarojini wakes up instinctively, and stops him somehow, and runs out, with him after her. he is about to strike a fatal blow, but rishab comes in the middle, and then stops him from stabbing. he pushes and triws to run away, but rishab stops him and then uncovers his face. he is shocked to find that its anwar, while the aunt watches tensedly, as the entire family gathers up. sarojini clutches at nirjahara, and when dadaji asks who is this guy, she says that he came to kill her. On being investigated, he blurts out that he is imran, and wants to kill sarojini, as she isnt taking back her case. Anwar comes and asks sarojini, in front of the entire family, to take back her case. she asks what good would that do to him. he says its because, its he killed soumu, even though accidentally, and he wanted to clear this all, since she wasnt taking the case back at any cost. she notices the bracelet that he had worn, and how it resembles neetu’s description. she is misled and says that truely soumu has been killed by him, as neetu told her about this bracelet. they are all aghast. rishab is shocked to find his bracelet missing, while his aunt winks that he did it. sarojini is heartbroken. she starts slapping him aggressively, out of frustration, that he killed her husband and ruined her life, and asks him to prepare for his punishment as he wont be spared now, and comments as to what a heinous act he did by killing him. the aunt smirks evilly at rishab, who is tensed. sarojini continues to reprimand and loathes him from the core. rishab keeps feeling guilty, as she recapitulates how his negligence caused her the husband’s life. rishab thinks every word is actually for him. granny too lashes at him, and slaps him, cursing him bitterly. an emotional turbulence engulfs all the members of the family. they are all distraught. nirjhara is angry that on top of that, he came to kill her too. she asks what wrong have they done. bhaskar is out of control, while rishab calms him down. then he composes sarojini, asking him not to hit him. the aunt gets tensed. he says that this isnt her work, but the law’s. she says that he deserves it. he asks her not to take the law in their hands, as he shall hand him over to the police. he dials the number, and then gets him arrested.

Rishab stands tensed, when she finds sarojini in front of soumu’s pic, saying that his criminal got punished today, and she says that she feels light, with the burden having been over from the heart. He thinks that he isnt going to feel light, as the aunt must be happy after having gotten the effect that she wanted, but not him. he feels guilty.

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Sarojini 8th April 2016 –


Sarojini 8th April 2016 –


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