” What can’t be bend at 5 will not be bend at fifty” – incidents and practises that snuggled and cultivated deep in one’s heart at the early age will remain with one forever. As the line goes, Ram was brought up by hearing stories of his ancestors like Harischandra, who has sacrificed everything in life just to follow the path of Dharam. All these incidents and morals are engraved deep inside his heart. One who had been grown up like this will never give second thought or revise the decision taken over following Dharam.??????

It is the responsibility of every single being in this world to lay down right path for the generations that are coming after them. Physical body can leave the world, but ones footprint, thoughts and words will always ring in this world. These sounds will have to be created carefully as they power to drive people in right path and correct them if they go wrong.??

” A well beginning is half end ” – If the first step is set with utmost righteousness, then the whole world will walk in the right path. And this is the core reason behind ram’s decision. He sacrificed all his comfort, luxuries, loveable PRAJA, adorable family and most importantly his lifetime biggest treasure- his pita. All sacrifices are just to make people follow right path.??

Bharath knows rhetorical nature of Ram and he can never win over him in talk. To give next try, comes the one who is equally oratorical. Kaikeyi now got all promises back, this gave little hope to all the hearts. There is a line saying that, ” if a mother tiger leaps 8 feet, her cub will leap 16 feet” . When a mother can be so effective speaker, her child will be twice as hers. Ram tied words of Kaikeyi ma in just one single line ” you freed me from your promises, but will you be able to free me of Dhasarath” . Such beautiful and clear explanation.?????
Now, it’s decision time. Janak was all shocked and happy to see such bonding between brothers. He knows condition of Bharath’s mind. So if said directly about his decision, then Bharath would be all broken. Such was Janak’s intelligence, ability to read minds and respect each other’s feelings. Ram knows that Janak will always stand in the path of Dharam and was so confident as he is Sita’s father.

Sita fought for her women’s Dharam till last moment and such determination can be acquired only from such determined person who keep Dharam in front of all. YESS !!! He at once supported Bharath. Heart always goes to the side of love, thus his heart favour Bharath decision. But, above all emotions it is very important to lay path of Dharam, to follow Ved and log Dharam. This is the point where Ram wins over the decision which heart favours. ??

This decision crash the last hope of the family. Now, their Ram has to go van for 14 years. Janak explanation was clear that whole world knows that there is always need of righteousness behind strong decisions. He cleared off all questions that world put forth for Ram. Now, Ram is freed to favour entire world and purify it with his ray of knowledge and compassion????
Now, it’s time to clear Bharath guilt. Ram knows that words can’t heal his pain. Only, his love can heal the pain. So, ram takes love that Bharath has over him as means to remove his guilt. Ram can’t see his strong words hurting Bharath, so stood turning back.?

Sudarsan chakra is the only mobile weapon and it has all power to defeat enemies, attaining knowledge, relieving karma, giving prosperity, fulfilment of ambition and keep health. How much powerful it is, it will come back to Lord Vishnu and becomes one in him. As, an incarnation of Sudarsan chakra, Bharath can never overtake his Ram Bhaiya’s steps, who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Like Sudarsan chakra,he accepted to protect entire Ayodhya but just as sevak and representative. Such devotion and connection between Lord and Bhakt..


Jai Shree Ram…??????





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