Journeys of love started from books (intro)

Heyy guyzz I am back with my new ff.Please I want the support of you all.If it is boring you can comment that too.I m making it Malayalam please forgive for that. I think many of you have read it’s promo……… So guyzz let we begin


Ithu vare nee kinavin orathe poovee
Ini arikil virinje nilkamo poovee….

( you were the flower on the brink of my dreams till now.
Please always stay blossom beside me like this )

A hand is increasing volume of the FM Radio in the car.

Heyy guyzz nice song na? RJ Nilja here with Hai Thiruvananthapuram
(Capital city of Kerala).
It’s too raining here.Thank God otherwise we will die in this summer.So guyzz do you have any nostalgia about summer rain then call me and share ur memories with us.
Stay tuned to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, Sangathi hot aanu (it’s hot)

Ohh RJ also has been changed. Now Nilja n 5 years before I think RJ Gokul.Yeah none can defeat Swara in memory power.Like she said it is raining outside. This city had always welcomed me with a summer rain.I parked my car near Tampanoor railway station and tilted to the seat.Sighed once and closed my eyes. Now I can see that day when I landed here with my Rags first time in my memory. The rain was lasted for a few micro seconds and a lukewarm breeze passed us.I saw Rags’s eyes were filled. I asked her what happened. She wiped her tears,told me….”Sreekkutty don’t you felt it”….yes Sreekkutty it is my nick name but I didn’t liked it.I m someone’s Shona once n Someone’s Sreekkutty.
I solely liked to transpired in my single name Swara and don’t wanted any surname to support me.Swara,India’s top model Swara,Mis India Swara….Now this whole world is calling me Swara.I reached there,where I desired

Autographs,selfies…….Fan’s cheering Swara,Swara,Swara but I can see only admire in their eyes n not love.After all who are they to loving me.I m just a thing for entertaining them.Trump card of advertising companies.No feelings no responsibilities and no commitments. Running from studios to studios,wearing trendy and glamorous dresses.Sometimes curly and sometimes straight hairs. Sometimes traditional and sometimes hot.Daily new makeovers but none of the remover brands in the world have invented a remover for wiping the makeup which is blurring the image of Shona or Sreekkutty.
If not willing to be glamorous they will show me their bond papers and will address me like a slut, will say……”when did you begin to follow the etiquettes”……I m just wishing for a surname now.Once it followed me I threw it in the dump and I am wishing it today but couldn’t find it. I just want a support name, my supporter’s name but where is he,is it he alive??
I am searching in every crowd for someone call me Sreekkutty.I am noticing in every venue for someone shouting at me Shona but no way.Whom will call me like that.Actual Swara is something in this world but Sreekkutty and Shona are only love. They were called me like that in the name of love.

Oh sorry I deflected from my Rags.She said…. “Sreekkutty don’t you felt it”…….You know guyzz my elder sister is a little mad,she is a dream creature. Will talk alone,an obedient daughter, a traditional Kerala girl and in Malayalam
‘oru Malayali pennu’ (a Malayali girl).We can only see her midst of books.I asked her “what”……….”Sreekkutty smell, smell of soil”……ohh my god please save my sister from this dream world.She started to scold me……”Sreekkutty please try to understand. None of your deodorant brand give us this pleasant smell.It is emerging from Bhumidevi’s core.Hmm how could you understand,did you ever walked in the lack of chappals.”………ohh God,how irritating, please save me from this. I prayed, now he fulfilled my prayer. She is not near me for advising. She left us,left this world.Please Rags please come back.I will obey you, I will show you an obedient sister.

She send back our driver to home,told me we will go in transport bus.Ohh God she is singing her favorite Malayalam poem written by Malayalam poet Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon.

“Ethu Yanthra Valkrutha Lokathil Valarnnaalum..
Ethu dhoosara Sankalpangalil Pularnnalum…
Manasilundakate Gramathin Velichavum,Manavum,Mamathayum ithiri Konnapoovum… ”

(even when you live in the modern world, let there be konna flowers (in English Golden shower flowers) and innocence of village life in you)……

We are walking.Ohh it is too hot.I searched for sunscreen lotion in my handbag. Sun rays are injurious to a Model’s skin.It will increase melanin count in our skin.God u r giving me shocks out of shocks after my arrival,I don’t know what is going to happen in our lives.Yes it was right ,my life was begun to change after my arrival here. Lotion is not in my bag.It was in the another baggage. She send our whole luggage with driver.I covered a duppatta over my head and wore a sun glass.

We entered into a Ganapathi temple.I heard about this temple before, from my Achan(Dad).There is a few temples for Lord Ganapathi in Kerala, it is one of it Pazhavangadi Ganapathi Temple.She dashed a coconut there but unfortunately it wasn’t broken. She begun to cry and said…… “I did this adoration for my new life.I thought that Vigneshwara will vanish all the hurdles in it but”….. her voice wasn’t spurting from her vocal cords. We hugged each other. Suddenly we heard someone’s prayer…….”Bhagvane Ganesha please don’t do injustice to her.Ohh you don’t know her right??”……It was Saras(Gautam Rode),Who loves my Rags so much and she is also loving him. He grabbed her hands and walked close to Temple where the idol is kept….. “Bhagavane she is my Ammu I told you before na??she is going to be my soulmate.Please don’t do any injustice to my Ammu.I will bail for her.”……. He said this and dashed an another coconut. By God’s grace it was broken into small pieces.Thank God otherwise maybe I had to hear her gabbing.He wiped her tears and said……..”Ammu please don’t cry ,u r his new client na?? So he doesn’t knows you.”……..Look how silly she is. She stopped crying within a second. Saras told that he will drop us home but my devil sister na?? She solely wanted to go in a bus.ohhh my God!!! I didn’t called God never before like this. The bus was too crowded.I didn’t saw a crowded bus like this never before. OMG itching.ohh God I am sweating too.Rags’s words made me more

angry……..”Sreekkutty look look I am sweating,sweating like my school days”……..I looked at Saras.He was mesmerized in her beauty. In a haste to marry my Rags,if everyone allow him.
Oh my sister!!! Is she a human being or not. Who can be happy midst of itching and sweating but her remaining words made my eyes wet……” You don’t know Sreekkutty coz u and Sid (Siddharth of warrior high aka Ashwini Kaul.He is the twin brother of Swara) were too small.I used to go to school like a crowded bus like this n when I will reach home.I will sweat and tired like this.Amma will towel my hair, she will feed me,teach me hmm”…….She nodded her head. I saw she is crying n I am also cried.After all she is very lucky,she got these all fortunes from Amma and us,she left us,she left this world when we were too small.From that day Rags is our mother. I didn’t called her ever as Chechi (elder sister) .Ever quarrelled with her but she was something to me. I m realizing it.She is something to me maybe her place in my heart is more than my Amma.She just wanted to live in her surroundings. Just wanted to write something. Totally calm and quiet.My natural beauty didn’t liked to do makeup.Hatred to go for a journey,will tell us…..”No no I will not go anywhere. If I will die you people will definitely do my funeral there.I want to be here ever”……..yes she desired to live here,die here, and at last she wanted to be thaw in this soil forever.
Sometimes I asked her….. “Rags,When will you change???,why r u too affectionate to our traditions??”………She replied me ever……”Sreekkutty you, me everyone likes ice cream but we don’t know na,what is the magic in it.Like that I don’t know why I affectionate to my homeland”………My Rags was something different,she is not in a million. She was unique in this world.My extra ordinary elder sister.

A call had send me far away from my Rags.I opened my eyes. It showing Kichu (Nivin Pauly) calling. I answered and he said…….”Swara, coming month 22 is the deadline.We have to find the whole written pages of our novel within this time period otherwise we will loss this publisher too.”……..I said yes and cutted the call.I m in a mission, mission for finding the written pages of a book. The pages written by Rags,Sanskar, Maanik and Saras…..I exited from the car.Now I am feeling it,smell of soil.What a pleasant smell it is. Yeah none can give us this unique smell except our earth.The rain was ended.I looked at the groud. This summer rain was not enough to wet the whole soil here.I walked through the foot path,don’t know how much kilometers.

Something is changed,fly over in backery junction, bus terminal in Tampaanor something something…. and something is remaining like that Indian coffee house,Museum, Padnanabha Swami Temple.We all battled each other for the news paper at those days when our government found out treasure in Padmanabha Swami Temple.The news papers were exposed new treasures at every new morning….But one thing will never change ever,our politicians. They are preparing for the new battle after 5 years.Flex boards, speakers, rallies…… Exactly like five years before.
I saw the previous Ganapathi Temple.Many are dashing coconuts but my Rags was not there and I couldn’t find Saras for consoling her……. I entered into a bus but it was not too crowded. I m not itching and sweating. The guttered and narrow road changed to national highway. At that day we knotted in a block. Crowded bus,itching, sweating and now block. I stared at Rags angrily but she was too happy……”Sreekkutty look look traffic block,thank God you gave me the opportunity to watch my homeland more keenly”……I asked Saras that how could you fell in love with my crazy sister?? ……”Coz she is unique”…..he said Yes she was unique…..

I reached my house. Yes house, once it was a home. Once life lived here,we lived here.
And this mango tree,take a look how rough it outside,but it is giving us the tasty mangoes. Unripened mangoes with the combination of salt and chilly powder just think how yummy it was?.Now it have so many mangoes, from top to bottom but none are here for throwing a stone.The swing is hanging on the mango tree but none are quarreling for swinging.The pleasant smell of Jasmines are attacking my nose.The ground was decorated with Jasmines.Many of it was ruined by mangoes.I took some in my hands and smelled it,how awesome it was.It had so much difference from the buying Jasmines.It is natural and that is pesticide sprayed. I looked above the mango tree is garnishing with jasmines.I got read it somewhere that Jasmine cord is the beloved of mango tree…… I entered to the house. Dust is ruling the house.I sneezed very well.I walked through the corridors.I saw a face is smiling at me, the face that I ever wished to be with me.Each room is remembering me my sweet memories. Firewoods,Earthen pots, grinding stone, muller…….our kitchen is too old but is beautiful. God when this hearths will fumes,when this kitchen will refill with ladies’s gossips. I know it is wrong to tell and hear gossips but just think guyzz it will give as a good relief like we watched an awesome movie??

I cleaned one of our room and made some tea for me. It was evening 7pm.I just took a look at that sofa which was in front of the Television. I seemed to saw Mami,Ammamma(grandmother/mother’s mom), and Kunjamma (Mother’s younger sister) are quarrelling with Nandu(Kunjamma’s son) for the remote.The ladies are wanted to watch daily serials.Mami is telling dejectedly…… “Nandu makkale thada( Nandu my son please give it to me) Ayyo that devil Antyamma will kill my Seema today?”……

Kunjamma is taunting him.Rags is coming with a lighted Nilavilakku (Nilavilakku is a lighted bell metal traditional lamp used commonly in Kerala, South India.) from the verandah.All images were vanished in just a second.I begun to search Sanskar’s written pages.Maanik’s n Ragini’s some written pages are already with me. I searched for it in the whole house but I didn’t find it.I m mentally challenging. It is exact reason that I am living for. I want to publish our lives, their dreams,their pains,their passions.At last I found out it from his cupboard. I am slowly patting on it,I don’t know but my eyes are filling. I slowly opened it’s first page……..

To be continued…….

So guyzz how was it. I know there was no story in it.It was just an introduction,the exact story is coming from the nxt episode. Please please comment my frnzz did you liked it or not…….

Journeys of love started from books (intro)


Journeys of love started from books (intro)


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