KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 40) (strange swara)

Hello guyz first of all happy new year… so here we go…

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : SwaSan meets aniruddh… aniruddh gets confused…



Itz been 3 mnths n aniruddh has completely fallen for swara… he also wanted to move on but anahita stops him everytym… she always brain washes him… aniruddh use to watch swara daily.. he use to follow everywhere..At afternoon … he saw swara at a medical shop..

Swa:(on call) ha badi ma dont worry i hv taken bhabhi’s medecines n i will send them by driver …ok byee…

She was crossing road as she has parked car on the other side bt suddenly everything blacks out .. she started feeling dizzy… she cant see anything not even car coming towards her… aniruddh rush to save her… he pull swara on tym n she fainted… he pick her n took her to car n called someone.” Hello …. swara is with me… come fast at xyz place”

Swara gains her senses n found herself in car with aniruddh at driving seat… she panics n angry at same tym”what the hell aniruddh… where are u taking me…. stop the car… if sanskar comes to kno about this he will kill u… r u deaf … stop the car i said… if u dont stop the car then i will jump off the car… r u listening”

She tried to open the door bt it was locked…

Aniruddh:(clamly) there is water behind my seat… hv that u will feel good

Swra:(fumes) i said stop the car aniruddh…

He stops the car.. n opens the lock… Swara gets out of car n saw sanskar standing there.. she ran n hugged him tightly…
Swra: sanskar… aniruddh .. vo
San:relax swara…. (to aniruddh) thnx for saving her
Ani: ya take care
Swara was confused… anniruddh left
Swra:(confused) what was that ? How could u react clamly..
San: come sit in car i wlll tell u then..
Swea:(angry) what the hell yr… he was taking me somewhere what if he missbehave with me!
San:(angry) shut up swara stop overreacting…aniruddh called me n told me that u fainted. Btw hwz u feeling.now.. come lets go to doctor …
Swra:no thanx i will not say anything frm nw .. n since when u n he becomes frnds..
San:(irritated) stop behaving lyk kid swara… he just helped u thts it..

Swara started going towards his car but again looses balance n sanskar holds her..
San:i think we shld go to doctor…
Swea:(rudely) m fyn..

Nxt day @ office
Swra:(angry) whats this chhavi cant u complete ur work..
Chhavi:(cryng) mam vo yesterday m..
Swra: what u yesterday… haan … m warning u i will not tolerate this again got it ..
Sanskar enters her cabin listening her scorlding..
San: swara wait…n chhavi u go dont mind her words ok ..
Chhavi left..
San: (angry) what r u tryng to prove swara… chhavi was on leave yesterday . Her father is hospitalised n u hv shouted on her lyk anything…
Swra:(angry too)u r so concerned abt her na.. then go with her y t u wasting tym with u
San: u r impossible swara..
He left in anger


Swra: badi ma give that bowl to me na..m hungry
Ap; which one beta
Swea: vo that beans wala
Ap:(shocked) swara r u ok…?
Swra:(puppy face) ha bdi ma q ??
Ap: no beta vo u never lyk beans na thats y i hv asked u…
Swra: ya vo i dint lyk this bt today i want to eat this…
Ap:(smiles) ha ha itz ok take this
Rag:(teases in masti)no way swara i will hv beans today … i will not share this with u
Swra tries to take bowl n serve beans for her bt ragini was in full masti she is not giving that to swara n this makes swara furious…
Swra:(throw her plate in anger on floor) then hv all … i dont want to eat this…
M going to my room…

Ap sujata n ragini were shocked as swara never disrespect food n today she has thrown the food…

Rag: ise kya hua..
Ap: dont kno bt she never does this..
Suj: ya jijji she never behaves rudely.. bt look today..
Rag:(feels bad) itz cz of me i shld nt tease her… ma m going to her room with food
Ap: ha beta u go..


Ragini serves food in plate n was about to enter her room bt bumped into sanskar

Rag: sry sanskar vo i hvnt seen u…
San: ragini wait what happend u look upset n this food,?
Rag:(strted cry) sanskar vo explains everything she never behave lyk this with ne
San: thats wht m thinking ragini… she behaves strangely… she exagerate things… i dont kno y she is behaving lyk this bt dont worry.. give this food to me …
Ragini gives plate to him n left…

He go in room n saw swara cryng.. he place the plate on table n goes To her
San:(concerned) what happened swara.. y r u cryng ??
Swra:(hugs him n cries hardly) dont kno sanskar… whats happening with me… i behave rudely with evryone.. m getting mad…
San:(cares her hair) shona u r not getting mad… it will be cz of stress… work load bhut hai tum par
Swra:(still sobbing) help me sanskar…
San:(cups his face) i am with you swara…. dont worry… umm lets take a break.. kl kavita ke ghar chalte hai… u me kavita pia abhay n ragLak what say ?
Swea: hmm…
San: come hv dinner first..

They both goes down stairs…

Swra:(hugs rag) m sry ragu.. i dont kno whats happening to me….
Rag: itz ok shona…
Swra:(to ap n sujta) bdi ma .. mom m sry … i shldnt disrespect food…
Ap: itz ok beta hv dinner first


Nxt day sanskar drops swara at kavita’s place as RagLak has already decided to go on a movie date … where as abhay n pia will join them soon… n sanskar has to go to office cz of some urgent work…

Swra:(sad) aree yr no one is here only u n me…
Kav: itz ok yr till then they will come lets hv tea…
SWra: hmm n btw hwz manvi.
Kav:she is good u kno manvi really loves you
Swea:(happy) ya she is sooo cutee….
Kav: nxt tym when she will come here i will call u too..she would luv to meet u…
Swra: (exited) wow that would be great ..
Suddenly exitement turns into anger ” when will u tell sanskar about swati”
Kav:swara y u bring this topic in btwn?
Swea:(rude) answer me…
Kav: i will tell him soon…
Swra: when ?? U hv to tell him today only or else i will tell him everything
Kav:(shocked) r u crazy !! What happened to u suddenly…
Swra: nothng happns to me… u hv to tell him that swati is dead ..
Kav:swra but…

San:(enters the house) what!! Swati is dead !?
Swra: vo… vo (nervous)
San:(shouta) tell me ‘now’
Swara nodded yes
San: how n when ?
Kav: (gathered courage) she has committed sucide (tells everything)
San:(angry) n since when u kno this swara
Swea: after our engagement…
San:(shocked) n u hv hided this thing frm me… how could u swara… mai use kosta raha… i dont even kno that she is no more…
Swra: i was worried for u that’s y(holds his hand)
San:(jerks her hand) i need some tym…

He was going out n swara calls him but her voice faded n she fall unconsious..

Swra: san-ska–rr

Kav:(shouts) swaraaa
San:(turns n saw swra lyng on floor n ran towards her) swraa!!!

He took her in his lap n patt her face n sprinkle water…
” get up swara !! Get up!”


Pia:(worried) swraa what happned to her…

Sanskar took her in room n abhay examines her…. sanskar was sitting besides her holding her hand he was very scared
“Abhay she…she is fyn na”
Abh: sanskar we hv to wait ..jb tk hosh nhi aa jata ise..
San:(worried) anything serious.?
Abh: no .. but ya we hv to do some tests of her…. so take her to hospital in evening..
San: ok i will take her…


Eveyone was sitting in living room n sanskar was attending a call in balcony..
Swara gains her senses n found herself alone in room n gets worried n strts cryng
” sanskar must be very angry frm me… thats y he left me… i… i .. hv to go to him”.

She some how gets up n starts going out… bt she was again facing black out .. she was at top of stair case when she looses her control. N was about to fall bt sanskar saves her

San: swra r u ok…. u could hv called me .. na.. kuch ho jata to.
Swra:(hugs him n cries) m sry… plz forgive me…
San: stop cryng princess m nt angry… leave this n come with me…

He takes swara downstairs..

Abh: whz u swra?
Pia:(teases) u kno what swara sanskar hasnt left ur hand even for a sec..
Swra: so what..
Kav: ohh hoo swra since when u hv become so bold in such matters(winks)
SwaSan blushess n everyone laughs..
everyone enjoys alot n in evening sanskar take swara to hospital….

To be continued…..

Precap: reports…happiness followed by sorrow… aniruddh’s track’s end…

KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 40) (strange swara)


KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 40) (strange swara)


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