#quboolhai (I do forever ) intro

Hello everyone I’m new here but I love indian serial a lot that why i want to write a stroy with a different twist but similarities in character I hope you will support and enjoy this story different from the other .it will have 43 episodes. I will do the 3 seasons of qubool hai .

Asad: he is very responsible caring respectful loving and diligen but very emotionally challenged due to the abandon of his father
Zoya: she is a spanky lively. Talk too much love to say poem was living in USA very careless but adorable Ayan: he is the brother of asad but seperate from him 17years ago. He is kind hearted intelligent but love the say poem love his brother but does not remember what he look like
Humera : very childish in love with Ayan although the haven’t meet for 17years
Tanveer: Asad childhood friend in love with him and show it loved by dil as a future daughter in law
Nahma: Asad y ayan sister in love with iram nikat: Asad and Ayan sister in love with farah: impossible to live with and ambitious , hard
Nutza : Asad and Ayan sister hard to believe in love
Razia: impossible hardless . Killed Zoya’s mother and told Sid that zoya is dead and trap Rashid to believe he is responsible for that
Bad mi: Rashid’s mother and set on freeing her son from razia’s hold
Rashid: Asad Ayan nitkat nuhza nahma father loves dil more than everything
Sid: zoya and humera father. Loves his daughter more than all
Any other character will come as I’m write than a lot for your support

#quboolhai (I do forever ) intro


#quboolhai (I do forever ) intro


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