You are only mine! part 9

You are only mine! part 9

Rishabh feels something wrong and picks up the lappy and checks what she was doing. The image opened and something ran in his mind. Some hurtful thoughts seized his body.He collects the files and papers and goes to the her room. It was 5:00 pm.
The security notices him.
“if any girl complains regarding my entry, feel free to throw me out.” he ordered coldly to the guards.
The two guards look at each other and makes a way for him to go.

He knocks at her door but got no respond. He calls her controlling his temper but again got no respond.
“Vidhi?” he called.
After waiting a minute his anger reached height and he pushed the door all furious and lastly it unlocked.
His eyes directly went to the bed assuming her there and was ready to bark but she wasnt there.
He walked to the bathroom and heard water streaming.
“Babe? Are you there?” he asked worried.
The sound of water flowing stopped abruptly and she came out.

“What are you doing here? How did you came?” she asks her head low.
“God! I got so worried.” he said almost voice broken and hugs her tightly.
She struggles for a moment then stops cause she also wanted this.
“What are you doing here?” she mumbled on her shoulder with her face raised upward.
He breaks the hug and recovers. His face all cold and silent making a wall for her to read and understand him.
“Come! Lets go out.” he bit out holding her wrist.
“But why? Where?” she asked releasing her wrist and he also stopped at it and turned back.
“Ok. Get ready” he said.

“Listen Rishabh! I dont want to come… With YOU! Pleasssee….dont force me” she didnt stammered rather sounded bold.
His jaw locked and body stiffened. The brows adjoined and eyes narrowed shocked by her words that hit her heart strongly.
For a moment he was frozen till she bit out again. Her bitter word for him.

“I cant..I cant handle this anymore. I am not a bot that eats walks sleeps according to you. Your sudden anger on petty issues? Your possessiveness regarding me without any reason and your ego.. then sudden care, sudden affection.. I cant tolerate this. And you know what? A simple sorry cant set it all right. I have got a heart. Am not like you, stone- hearted. I feel the emotions.” she speaks her heart out and tears roll down alongwith each word she said.
“I..” she was going to continue but he lifts her face by her forefinger raising her chin.
Her long lash got wet. She closed her eyes to block its path and to not let his eyes penetrate in hers.
He leans towards her and caressed her face with his hand and press a kiss on her lips almost breaking. His heart was skipping fast paining and hurt. It had never felt like that.
Her body froze as a drop fell on her cheeks. It was not hers but his. She still didnt opened her eyes.
Her hands lifted up but just then he released her and walked away without facing her even once. As she opened her eyes she saw his back walking away. The door flung open with a cranky voice of it due to the hard push before sometime.She shattered and broke down on the floor sobbing endlessly. Her hands pressed the floor. She took short breaths and her tears fell on it.
She had gathered a lot of courage to say all this.

She heard the knock and got it that it was Rishabh. She wiped her tears and took out dress from the cupboard and ran towards bathroom.
She sat under the cold shower tears following for long. She heard Rishabh calling.
‘why dont he left me alone? He is making it harder for me!! I cant bear feelings for him. I cant. I will never. I will kill this feeling before it conwuers me.’ thinking she cried more. It got dissolved in the water itself.
Suddenly, she hears door breaking sound and then changes and washes her face properly. As the bathroom door knocked she wiped and opened it.

Flashback ends.She faints and falls on the floor.
Farha comes after few minutes and gets shocked seeing her like that.
She rushed to her and keeps her head on her lap.
“Vidhi! Vidhi!” she calls out then tajes a bottle and sprinkle water on her face.
Her eyes opened a little and her hand directly pressed her aching forehead.
“Are you fine. What had happened ?” Farha asks all tensed and worried.
She stoods up. “Yeah am fine.”
“Stubborn girl you are not. I will take you to the doctor. Come!”
“No yaar am fine.”

“You are NOT! Dont argue . Now come or dont talk to me for lifetime” Farha says pissed with the stubbornness.
Vidhi agreed at her condition and walks to hospital taking her support. She seemed very weak.
Anand was flirting with some girls near the hostel and spots both of them. He makes a closer look and identify it as Vidhi. He follows them.

“Due to being in cold water for a long time and that too in this season she fainted. She had also skipped afternoon meals. Its okay. Take leave from college and have complete bed rest for a day and take this tablet for a week after meals. You will get well soon then. And dont skip meals. You need a proper care” the doctor informs.
Farha throws a very angry glare at Vidhi.
“Thank you doc.” she says.

Anand was listening tothem and immediately calls Rishabh and informs him everything.
Rishabh who was drinking gets aggressive and roars like wild animal.he breaks the glass and kicks the tabke in anger. All furious he takes his car key and drives to the hospital.
Farha was dosing outside.
He enters her wsrd and sees her sleeping. Her face had turned pale white and ashened. His body burned. Eyes all red.
He lifts her in his arms and walks out takingthe sleeping beauty.


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You are only mine! part 9


You are only mine! part 9

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