TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 16)

Hope you lved the previous episode..
without wasting lots of time lets procedd to episode..

twinkle get up and says at last the day iss just off to come few more hours…
twinkle comes to clg and meets all..
yuvi and mahi ask twinkle about tommos planning..
she says full day with adii bhai..
he said he ll make the day more special..
mahi adds and he also gave strict instruction that she ll not carry any cellphone with her..
kunj hers this and feels bad..
he greets all..
twinkle thinks..
kunj i know you love me..and i too love you a lot..i just hope you remember my bday..
she smiles at him..
kunj msgs yuvi to come privately to himand talk..
k-hai guys i need to go to library….i ll catch you n class..bye..
t-he din even speak me about my could he.. she makes a sad cute face..
m-dii lets go..
y-you guys go i ll b their in 5 min..

secne shifts..
yuvi was waiting their for kunj..
just then he comes their..
kunj goes near him..
y-u are taking my advantage..
k-kunj beats him..
yuvi Laughs loud..
k-yarr yaha meri vaatt lagi hai and tuze mazak laga hai(here i m dyinng coz of tension and you are in mood of joking)
y-seriously) what has happened..
kunj narrates him muted form..
y-great plan..i ll make twinkle reach their..
kunj hugs him..
its night..
yuvi calls adi..and says sorry to disturb you bahi..
i hope you are free..
adii- s..yuvi proceed..
y- if you dont mind..can v take twinkle with us..
actually and mahi ahve planned a surprise for her..i mean all class memebrs have planned it..
adii- but at night..
y-i promise i ll leave her back..
adii- ok..but i dont want any other boy except you..
y- yuvi thinks and says yup.. promise only friends no outsiders..

twinkle comes to her room and finds a note with a box ..

plz were this dress and come down..
she gets happy and sees that its just 10 ..
but thinks and goes to change..
she weres a red shining one piece..with matching accessories..
she comes down..and finds a car fully decorated with flowers
she had a feeling of princes..
the driver was yuvi..
so mam shall we proceed..
twinkle smiles and says sure..
he takes her to beach side..
drops her and goes just then mahi comes there as an waiter offers her a drink and gives her a note..twinkle smiles and accepts it..
she open thee note and finds
“i know you are eager to know whats gonna happen next..
but you kown what twinkle sabar ka phal mitha hota hai..
as serails and movies dont rock with out twists..your bday wont rock without twist..just follow the clue..”
clue was
“follow my heart and a ballon pic was drawn”

she goes in is mesmerized by the secnic beauty
she finds a coconet tree where ahe finds a red ballon of heart shaped..she goes there and finds a necklace..
she likes it moves forward similarly she finds many more gifts..
just then suddenly she disappears..
kunj is waiting their since couple of times..
so that twinkle reaches their..
(but twinkle was playing the praank..) kunj comes out and screamms twinkles name again and again..
but she doesnt come he gets worried..
he again calls her out..
but she doesnt..
he runs like mad here and their..
but she dont come their..
he gets worried..
just then twinkle comes their..

kunj runs and hugs her..tight
k-how dare you play prank with me..?
aur prank hi khelna tha toh itna duur kyun gayi..
t-mein durr jaoo ya na jaoo tumhe kya..?(if i go far or no what does it make difference to you?)
k-tujse durr hona mere liye mazak nahi hai..tu jab problem mein hoti hai vo mere liye mazak nahi hai..tujse juudi koi b bath mere liye mazak nahi..
(going far from you is not a joke for me,if you are in problem its not a joke for me..any matter related to you is not joke for me..)
t- kyun..?(why?)
k-Because you are very special to me…

IDIOT ullu tha main(i dont know what is the english form of this sentence)
sabko pata chal gaya yar..but muzje nahi pata chala..
sabko ketha phirta chal raha tha ki tumeri best friend hai..sabse acchi wali..
sab jangaye ki tu sirf meri best friend nahi ussse baad kar hai..par mein tuje best friend best friend kheta phir tha …
tere liye mein mandir gaya..pooja ki..
ghar kha khana khane laga hun mein…
wohhh..whats that vegetable..
karaleki sabzi khane laga..
yukkk..koi karela khata hai bhala..
aur mein soch raha tha that yeh dosti hai..
bewakooff tha yarrr..

(english translation—- i was idiot to think you as amy bestest friend..all got to know but i dint get about it…
all got to know that yu are more than a friend to me..
only i could not realise it..
only for u..i went to temple..prayed to got with full hert..
i started eating home made food…
and what they call that vegetable..han karela..
i started eating that also.. any one eat it?)

aur jab muze realise kuva u were in hospital..(and when i realized it you were in hospital)
i mean i know i did a mistake by kissing you unknowinlg..but what was the need for u to admit in hospital..han..
do you even realize what happened after you went to hospital..?
no how could you were sleeping so peacefully..there in ward..
but i ..
i was filled with emotions..
all my feelings came out like an spring water..
like flying butterflies..
yuvi and mahi had to do so much to make me realize it..
but what will that make you difference..
do you know..when just you were gona and were playing prank..
i taught i could have lost you agaiin…

and do you know..what you did..
i loved my sleep so much but now till 3 i dont sleep..
are u know na what i m telling..
you are understanding ri8?
are what am i asking you..i m only not understanding what am i talking to you..
and when i want to say you i m saying you like this..
means i want to tell you what u r trying to understand means

i cant promise u that i can give u all happiness..
but i ll promise you that i ll not let you be sad..

i cant garantee you that i ll get you stars and moon..
but garantee you that you will stay happy w ithme…

i cant garantee that you will nt face any problem
but i ll garantee you that every problem ll face me b4 u..

now u shd promise that u ll always stay with me..
will u..?

twinkles reply..
hope u guys enjoyed it..

special thanks for RM…
for helping me..
Plz comment han…
Need them as my motivation for next update

TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 16)


TWINJ MAVI Love circle (Episode 16)


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