Scene 1
Sid stops the car. roli says where should we go. They find three ways from there. Sid says what to do now? prem says we all should go in different direction. Suddenly vikrant calls prem and says why are you wasting your time. prem says stop this game. I will get Anjali and simar. Sid says let me call inspector. Vikrant says you thought you would reach me by those jewwlry. You are where you could come. there is nothing ahead. I saw simar throwing jewelry and stoped her. go back if you simar to be okay that would be better for you. You will never be able to find him. Sid says he is making a mistake. We have to find a clue. He says give me your phone. Sid tells the number to inspector. Roli syas this isn’t possible we have to think something else. Vikrant is so clever. Roli says prem did he give any clue about where he could be? prem syas I heard temple bells from background. And of school bell as well. Roli says there is a way where a school and temple are side by side.
They all start rummaging in different directions. Roli finds a temple but she can’t find a school. There is no school. Sid finds school but there is no temple.
Sasural simar ka 18th November 2014 Written Update
Mata ji is praying for simar and Anjali. Cops are checking every car on the checkposts. Prem finds a temple and looks for a school. Roli comes to him and so does sid. Prem says there is no school. Sid says same the with the rest of two. prem goes inside the temple. Roli and sid follow him. prem says not anymore God. first fate separated us, then me and now this. my biggest mistake was not to trust simar and this is my punishment. But I wont complain because I should be punished but why is simar suffering? I am responsible for all this. punish me not simar. and I cant let vikrant let that ravan hurt my simar. he is on his knees and says please show me the way to simar. Winds start to blow and bells rings. Sid tries to console him. They start looking everywhere. They go out and listen to the school bell ring. They follow the voice. prem sees some school kids coming. They go to the school. its quite remote. Prem says they are somewhere near. Let mje check in the school. roli and sid ask diferent people if they have seen simar. Roli asks a man. H says yes I saw her. roli says where? He says last night in this colony. The guy and woman looked from rich family. I didn’t know why they were in this colony. prem says where they went? He says they went to sharma’s house. He tells them about the house. They all rech there. the door is locked. Prem says we have to break in somehow. they look inside but can’t find anyone. roli finds an earing. She shows it to them. Sid syas they have left we are quite late. The owner comes in. sid asks how mjuch they pay you? He ays they paid me 50k for one night. Roli syas you helped a criminal. he says I was lured by the money. prem gets a call from inspector. Prem tells sid they have traced the call.
They go to the bus stand and rummage through the buses for simar. Sid says lets check every bus we will find something. Roli sees two woman with veil. Inspector says he wont be able to take simar out of here. The women with veil go to the bus. Prem goes inside the bus. He asks the women to take their veil off.
Precap-prem says take your veil off. He is shocked to see who is inside.
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Sasural Simar Ka

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