Sacred Bonding (Episode 19)

Sacred Bonding (Episode 19)

Hello sisters n brothers. I am sorry sorry sorry for brking my promise of updating on said dates. Really really I regret for it. But I am truly busy with my studies of mock tests. As u all know, civils prep consists of everything under sky- Geo, history(Ancient, Medieval, modern, arts n culture, world) sci n tech, envi, eco, polity, sociology, current affairs n many more. So not finding any free time to write story. Hope u understand. But anyways prep is quite interesting too bcoz will know abt all the aspects that effect our lives either directly or indirectly. Here is the update….

Episode 19:

The episode starts with Vidya calling Jay.

Jay: Vidya

Vidya: Jay, Whr is Kiran? We didn’t find him on spot. But I guess he may b there when incident happened (shooting her parents). Moreover dad said he is not real Kiran. I think he may b involved in this murder attempt.

Jay: Hmm. I too thought the same. Anyways don’t worry deae. I will tc. I won’t allow him to harm them anymore.

Vidya: Thank u. Ok. Bye

Jay: Bye

Adi reached home n called Jay. He kept it in speaker mode n everyone gathered there.

Jay: Is everyone there?

Adi,Shwetha, Karthi, Vikky n Vidya: Yes

Jay: Ok listen. Be very careful. Be in touch with me. Don’t go to ur work today. Shift the place immediately. Don’t inform even ur frnds where u r.

Shwetha: But where shall we go now?

Jay: Go to our past place. Vikky, hope u understand

Vikky: Yes. I will take them there.

Jay: Vidya, get fresh up n have bf fast. R u going to come here or will go with them?

Vidya: I will come to u

Jay: To hospital. Ok. Adi drop her here n then u stay here with her. I am going on some work

Vidya: Where r u going

Jay: Don’t worry. I will b careful.

Vidya: But Jay….

Jay: Vidya, I will b ok. No need to worry abt me. Pls b relaxed. As soon as u reach here I will start. Till then I will wait here

Vidya: ok

Aft 2 hrs Vidya n Adi returned to hospital.

Jay: Adi, take this. Keep it with u. (he handovered a pistol to him) Be careful n stay with Vidya. If anything wrong call me or if necessary use this pistol. You know shooting, right? Don’t leave Vidya alone.

Adi: Yes bhaiya. I know. I will tc. I won’t leave bhabhi alone

Jay: Ok then I am leaving. Bye

Jay is leaving n Vidya stood for a moment n went running to him. He didn’t notice her coming n went to parking area n abt to open car door n saw Vidya running. He immediately came to her n hold her hand tightly n he is a serious.

Jay: Y r u running? Don’t u know u shouldn’t run now? Can’t u call my name if u want to talk to me? Don’t run like dis again

Vidya smiled looking him n hugged him

Vidya: I am sorry for saying that I didn’t trust u. But I said it as u didn’t like dad. But really I didn’t mean it.

Jay: Its ok. I already said I am not angry on u for that Vidya.

Vidya: I am saying sorry not bcoz u r angry on me but bcoz I really felt sorry for hurting u by saying so. I nvr say so again

Jay broke the hug n looked her

Jay: Its second time u r repeating ur words. Anyways I know reason behind ur words. Our marriage didn’t happen as the way it should happen. May b thats the reason u r unable to trust me. I hope a day comes when u trust me completely. Now go inside. I have to leave.

Vidya: No. Pls don’t talk like dat. I really love u. I didn’t bother abt the way our marriage had happened. I promise u. From now no matter wat happens I will trust u completely. I nvr doubt u in anything n will nvr hurt u. Pls forgive me once

Jay saw her eyes which r already ready to shed tears. Jay took her close n wiped her tears n kissed on forehead.

Jay: Y r u crying now swr hrt. I didn’t shout on u. I am not at angry on u

Vidya: Bcoz I know my words hurted u. I didn’t like u to get hurted. Especially if I am the reason for that I can’t forgive myself.

Jay: I am so lucky to hav u in my life. I love u beautiful.

Vidya: Luv u too

Jay:Do u want to come with me?

Vidya: Ok

Jay called Adi n informed that they r going on some imp work n asked him to tc of Vidya parents. Vidya n Jay started from there.

Jay: Vidya, now we r going to Suhana di. She came into conscious.

Vidya: Really?? Thats a grt news

Jay: Yes

Both went to hospital n saw her. Jay hugged Suhana n both became emotional.

Suhana: Jay, hw is our family? Is Kiran alive? He was shot on that day by goons. Tell me hw is he?

Jay: Didi, pls relax. I will tell u everything. pls relax

Suhana: Wats d date today?

Jay: April 4th

Suhana: Oh no we don’t hav much time. I should stop it from happening. No it shouldn’t happen. Jay give me ur mobile

Jay gave his mobile n she called someone. But call is not received that side.

Suhana: U do one thing. Please go n meet MP Anand Singh soon. Only he can help us now

Vidya: Wat

Suhana looked her

Suhana: Vidya, r u Kiran’s sis, Why did u come here?

Jay: Didi, She is my wife.

Suhana: Wat?

Jay: Actually….

Suhana: We can talk abt it later.Vidya, whr is ur father? I want to talk with him soon. We need his help now

Jay: But u told he is the one who is trying to kill our family

Suhana: Yes I thought so. But actually he is the one who saved our parents n he tried to save me n Kiran too. But coz of misunderstanding him as he trapped me into scam which I didn’t do, we escaped from his ppl n disagreed to trust him. He sent his goons to shift us to safer place. Actually someone else tried to kill us not bcoz of organs business revealation. Their motive is bigger than that. Actually…

Suhana stopped seeing police

Inspector: You are under arrest Mrs. Suhana.

Jay: Wat

Inspector: Yes she escaped from police till now but now ur wife Vidya informed us abt her. Now we r arresting Suhana

Jay shocked to know that Vidya gave info to them. Doctor came there.

Doctor: Inspector, u can arrest her. She need treatment. She is not yet recovered completely.

Doctor gave reports to them n they went off. Jay looked Vidya seriously

Vidya: Jay I didn’t know anything. I didn’t give information to them.

Jay wiped her tears.

Jay: Why r u crying Vidya? I trust u. I know u can nvr betray me. I am not a fool to believe the non sense told someone else on my wife. Don’t worry. I really trust u.

Vidya couldn’t control her tears n hugged him tightly forgetting where they are.

Vidya: Thank u so much. I got scared for a moment thinking that u will believe their words.

Jay caressed her hairs n assured her not to worry. Suhana smiled seeing their bonding n remembered her moments with Kiran where he used to support her in every thing. Her eyes got moist. Jay n Vidya came back to their senses n broke the hug.

Jay: Didi, we have shift from here immediately.

Jay talk with doctor n doctor discharged her.

Jay:Thank u so much doctor

Doctor: No Jay. I know abt ur family. Bcoz of ur parents, I am in this position today. I am sure that their children can nvr do wrong.

Jay took Vidya n Suhana to a place which is away from city. Vidya helped Suhana to take food n medicines n went to her room. She saw Jay thinking seriously n didn’t notice her presence too

Vidya: Jay r u ok

Jay: Haan. Did u give food n medicines to di?

Vidya: Yes I did. Wat abt ur dinner?

Jay: Will have later. U have it. Don’t wait for me. Its not good for ur health

Vidya: Its ok. I too didn’t feel hungry. Will have later. Wat r u thinking seriously

Jay: Abt ur father.

Vidya: What

Jay: Yes I think I am wrong in suffering him. Bcoz he didn’t do anything. I ruined his business n done lots more. I feel I am totally wrong.

Vidya: Don’t worry much. Bcoz u ruined those business which were illegal n crime oriented. U did everything which is under the purview of law. U r not wrong. If u think he should b punished only if he done wrong to ur family, dats not right. However he deserve it for deeds he done m for playing with lives of many ppl. So stop blaming urself.

Jay: So now u believe that ur father done wrong n played with lives of ppl

Vidya: Yes. I too believe he should b punished for crimes he done, though he didn’t harm ur family.

Jay: Vidya, Whr is ur mobile?

Vidya: In hand bag

Jay: Can u give it to me once?

Vidya: R u doubting me?

Jay: If I doubt u then I won’t b this cool. U know that

Vidya checked hand bag n found her mobile missing

Vidya: Jay, I lost my mobile. I didn’t find it in bag

Jay came to her n checked her bag.

Jay: Its ok. don’t worry. Tell me where did u keep it last time?

Vidya thought for a moment n then remembered

Vidya: At our home.

Jay: Didn’t u take it from there

Vidya: I don’t remember taking it.

Jay: May b u r right

Vidya: What

Jay: I think someone in my frnds are helpimg the real culprit.

Vidya: Oh no. If it so remaining frnds are in danger as 3 r staying at same place.

Jay: No I won’t let anything happen to them.

Vidya: But how?

Jay: I had a plan.

Jay called Shwetha, Vikky n Karthi n said something to them.

Jay: Now we will know who it is n other 2 will b safe too.

Precap: Kiran truth came out. Jay found the one who is helping the culprit in his frnds.

Sorry guys due to lack of time, I didn’t write revelation of Kiran’s truth n gave same precap again. Will write in next update for sure. Forgive me if there are any typo errors.

Sacred Bonding (Episode 19)


Sacred Bonding (Episode 19)

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