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The Eoisode starts with Swadheenta asking inspector does he have search warrant. He says it will come. She asks him to come after he gets warrant, and leave now. She says I did not kidnap Sudha, she is in protective custody. He says fine, we will come with search warrant next time, come Subhash ji. They leave. Sudha comes out and hugs Swadheenta. Mamu and Mami look on. Swadheenta asks are you fine. Sudha cries. Swadheenta makes Mami sit and asks her not to worry. Mami says the way they were talking to your Mamu…. Swadheenta says Mamu, its court hearing tomorrow, I m sure everything will be fine, don’t lose courage.

Adarsh and Vanshika are on the way. Vanshika says mom’s assistant is cute and downmarket, do you know her just as mom’s assistant or otherwise. He says how will I know her. She gets a call from her best friend. He asks who is Bunny. She says our best friend, talk to him. Adarsh talks to Bunny and says Vanshika and I…. She says tell him we are marrying. He says hello… I think call disconnected. He asks Vanshika did she say everyone. She says I declared on social media that we are getting married, come on, its good news.

Asad comes home late and Swadheenta asks him where was he. He says college. She tells him that police came here, Mamu and Mami were alone and worried, you don’t have any responsibility right. Asad says I have headache. She says Mamu needs you. He asks her to manage Mamu, let me go. She asks what happened, don’t be this foolish lover, come out of this love, you are doing this because of Radhika. He cries and asks her to stop it. He asks do you know love, did you cry for someone, just fight case and get justice for world. He goes. She gets sad.

Its morning, Mami and Mamu tell Sudha that Swadheenta is good lawyer and get justice for her. Asad comes and asks for breakfast, he gives aam papad to Sudha and says its our secret formula to get stress free. He offers that to Swadheenta. She says I m going, if you have any problem Mamu, call me. She leaves with Sudha.

They reach the court with police protection. Subhash and Leela look on. Sudha gets tensed seeing them. Suhasini comes there and looks at them. Subhash’s lawyer looks on. Suhasini tells judge about Banwarilal being away from home to serve the country, he is asking for justice now. Subhash’s lawyer says this man is fraud. Suhasini says his brother and wife said the same and kicked him out of house, even police did not believe Banwari, he needs justice. Subhash’s lawyer says law wants evidence, 10 years ago, amy had the proof, when Banwari’s dead body was found, dead body’s DNA matched with Sudha’s DNA, and it was declared that Banwari is dead.

Suhasini says even I have DNA report, of Sudha and Banwarilal, it matches. Kashyap says it means Suhasini is challenging army, that army was wrong in declaration. She laughs and says you are wearing blue shirt. He says everyone knows lawyers wear white shirt, I m also wearing white shirt. She asks him to see well, look at the collar side, there is blue patch, I can say this for sure, check it. He could not see his collar. Suhasini asks a police officer to check that and say, can’t you see it, strange. Officer says yes, its blue. Kashyap asks whats happening, this is court. Suhasini says nothing, you are saying its white, I m saying its blue, I m sure.

He says it will be better if we talk about case. She says I m saying about case, Kashyap’s shirt is white, there is no blue patch, congrats Kashyap. Judge laughs and says Suhasini you won’t change, come to point. Suhasini says if kashyap’s shirt can be proved blue, whats tough to match 10 year old Sudha’s DNA report with the dead body’s DNA, army believed the report given to them, no one tried to know how the report was made, I want to assure that this man is not any fraud, he is Banwarilal.

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Dehleez 7th April 2016 –


Dehleez 7th April 2016 –


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