Young love epi-35-36

The episode starts with Ishaani delivers babies.. Ranveer sees it and smiles… Ranveer comes inside and takes boy and plays with him.. Girl cries. Ranveer keeps boy down and plays with girl. Boy cries ranveer takes both in his arms and plays with them. Ishaani sees it and smiles…

Ishaani asks ranveer to bring baby here… He brings it.. She kisses on their heads and plays with them.. Ranveer takes a ring and gives to Ishaani and tells her to wear this.. Ishaani smiles and takes it and tells him I thought this for children’s? He tells this is will be not be enough!

Next day Ishaani and ranveer comes to house and sees decorations and sees servants and guests.. Ishaani asks ranveer what is this? Ranveer my small gift to my babies..

Party start Ishaani smiles seeing people coming and wishing.. Mohini comes there with her mother(sasural simar ka)witch… She comes inside and wishes her and leaves from there… Indravathi comes there(ssk 2nd witch)comes there and wishes her and leaves from there..Paatali devi comes there and wishes Ishaani and leaves from there… Shravan and suman comes there(Ek duje ke vaste) and wishes ishaani and leaves from there…

Song plays everybody dances there and they sing song also… Akshara comes there and wishes Ishaani and leaves from there… Apu comes there(vishkanya)comes there and wishes Ishaani and sees her changing into blue and runs from there.. Finally one girl enters with luggage it is Raghav and kalpi(From matsh(ishveer forever)ff transfered))… They both smirks at Ishaani happiness…

Precap:Ishaani keeps her daughter name as khushi and son name as Arjun…..

Guys sorry now I will explain villains role today… Mohini-villain of this show.. She wants Ishaani child to be sacrificed for her powers.. Black magic.. Indravathi-she have some past with Ishaani 2yrs ago she came back to destroy her happiness..! Paatali devi-she came her to take Ishaani daughter becoz she will be killing paatali devi in future so she wants to kill baby bow itself.. Shravan and suman- they both are terrorists…. Akshara-Main villain of the show..apu- She is the one who took Ishaani to the place and zombie drama came… Raghav and kalpi-sorry they are changed from other ff to this.. They have some fight with ishveer and u will know fully soon..

Guys this 8villain are new to the show. Pls don’t scold me! Support me and upcoming will be supernatural,horror,comedy,fun and more and more romance of ishveer will be there!!

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-35-36


Young love epi-35-36


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