It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 21

It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 21

I know u guys are wanting to kill me….. as i didnt updated for 2 days I m extremely sorry guys as I was out of station! No more bak bak
Recap:its twinkles birthday and kunj plans to give surprise they decide to act like they all have forgotten twinkle’s birthday.

The episode starts….. ( day before twinkle’s birthday)
Twinkle is sitting alone ….disappointed with everyone
T thinks: why no one remembered my birthday this time! Wait let tomorrow come I will do one thing I will not try to make them remember that its my birthday tomorrow and let my birthday pass once then day after tomorrow I will take revenge…. Wait and watch! But why should I miss my birthday I will celebrate on my own….so the first step is to go for a shopping!
Twinkle gets up and starts to leave for mall just then kunj comes there
K: oye hoye aankh mei tashan liye nak pe gussa chadhaye kaha chali meri sherni!
T:( rudely) going to mall
K: alone?

T: yes alone…..who cares for me!
K: no no I care for u!
Kunj realises what he just said ( changing the topic)
K: vaise why do u girls want to do shopping without any reason
Twinkle gets angry to listen without any reason
T: (happily) u know what kunj we girls are always free so we want to utilise our time so we go for shopping……. ( in a rude way) got it now let me go
Kunj blocks her way
K: u know even I m getting bore so let me accompany u
T: no need
K: arre but I want to come

T thinks : let him come or else I will also get bore alone
T: okay if u r insisting….. Chalo
Twinkle hands over her car keys to him
K: arre but I have my own car we can go in that
T: no but I want to go in my car!
K: ok baba ok! Come
They reach twinkle’s car…..there kunj directly goes and sit in his seat
T thinks: oh babaji what kind of person he is…. He doesn’t have any kind of manner shouldn’t he first open my side door and make me sit first….but no he is Mr.attitude sarna!
K: oh madam u r planning to go to mall ri8 now only na or u wanna go at ni8?
Twinkle ignores his question and she goes and sits in the back sit. Kunj gets shocked
K think: isske baap ka driver hu kya! ( am I her father’s driver)
T: chalo fast!
Kunj doesn’t drive

T: what r u waiting for?
K: twinkle u think I m ur driver?
Just then a girl comes and peeps into twinkle’s window
Girl: hey twinkle what a handsome driver u have got!
The girls goes….twinkle giggles
K: twinkle are u coming in front?
T: no!
K: ok then
Kunj moves out of the car he opens front seat door
T thinks: what the hell is he upto!
Kunj comes in the side where twinkle is sitting he opens the door
T: what!
Kunj ignores it and lifts twinkle in his arms
T: kunj! Put me down

K: completes her line….I m felling so exotic
T: not funny
Twinkle starts moving her leg
T: put me down ri8 now
Kunj doesn’t listen to her….he starts walking and reaches the front seat he puts twinkle on the seat,closes the door and goes to his seat. Kunj sits, closes his door and wears his seat belt and starts his car. The car starts making syran…he stops the car
T: now what?
Kunj still doesn’t answer. He starts moving towards twinkle, she gets hell shocked
T: kunj! Kunj! Stop!
Kunj doesnt . he is seriously very close to twinkle maybe half an inch away. Twinkle closes her eyes in nervousness. Kunj makes her wear seat belt.

K: chill!
Twinkle opens her eyes and gets relieved!
T: thank god!
K: what! Did u say anything?
T: nnn….no! Come let’s go now! U hv already wasted my 10 mins here

To be continued…..

A big SORRY for such a late updates! I hope u guys will not stop reading my ff!

It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 21


It was love that brought them together…..twinj episode 21

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