hi guys am anamika . i am writing would it be better for me ff. i wrote 100 percent love but i did not complete it because u all the know the movie and there is no suspense in it so am writing this ff based on ragini . i love ragini to the core so its about ragini . abouts pairs u will get to know later

so lets begin

a canteen is shown .swasanlak sre drinking pepsi

swara see’s her watch and gets worried
swara:guys i have to go now
laksh:swara r u mad
swara:see sanskar
sanskar:s swara daily am seeing after 6 o clock u r going somewhere
swara:sanskar i have to leave now
laksh:where are u going
sanskar:we both are lovers u r not telling me
swara:i know u only for 2 month . ok u want to know right come with me

all the three leave from three
swara take sanlak to pup
laksh:oh swara daily u r coming to this pup but one thing y u r hidding it from us we also join u
swara:shut up come eith me
they are entering the bar . all the people who are there in the pup are saying rags rags rags
in he middle a girl is there wearing a short pant and a tight t shirt .her hair so messy . she is having a bear bottle in her hand she dancing with the boys . she is drink one ship of bear and continues dancing. her face is shown she is our ragini
sanskar:wow she is so hot
laksh:u r right bhai
swara stares at him angrily
swara goes near ragini . swara drags ragini
swara:ragini come with come na plz
sanlak is watching swara
ragini:who is ragini here (in a drunken manner)
swara:u ragini
ragini:hey bl**dy ragini died before am rags (she continues dancing )
swara:ok rags it all ready late come we can go
ragini take the mike
ragini:ladies and gentle man(she drinking one ship from the bottle) u all know me
man1:offcourse rags darling
ragini smiles
ragini:daily this idiot is disturbing me (she point her hands towards swara)
girl1:leave her na aily am watching u
swara:she my siser ragini
sanlak is shocked
ragini:ur sister died and am rags ok
swara drags ragini but all the people pushes her
girl:u continue rags lets dance
rags and other starts to dance

swara is in the floor crying
sanlak comes near her
sanskar:don’t cry swara u go to car i will bring her

swalak are in the car sanskar comes. sanskar is holding ragini in his arms . laksh opens the car door and makes ragini to sit
sanskar move to the front seat but ragini hold his hands
ragini:u promissed me right
swara:wat promise sanskar
sanskar:swara u drive the car i will sit with ragini
ragini:rags ok
(ragini is still having bear in her hands . ragini takes it and drinks one more ship)
sanskar sits near ragini
ragini drinking the bear
ragini:remenber the ppromisse

swara is bit confused
sanskar:i know swalak u r confused i will let u latter .
ragini:hey wat will u let latter
ragini:can i know were u r kinapping me (u know hw drunken girl will talk like that only she will talk)
laksh:kidnap aah
ragini:ok take me were ever u want but u should give bear bottle ok
swara crie’s hearing it

the episode ends

precap:can i continue or not. if an continuing ragini other face

guys i can’t tell the pairs are swasan or ragsan. i can tell u ragini is the main lead but even swara will also get role ok

it can be swasan or ragsan or swalak or raglak




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