A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 43

Today no bakbak directly start with the 43rd episode.

Scene 1(sarna house)
Twinj are hurriedly leaving for taneja houe when mahi stops them.
Mahi: Arey…Arey !!! Itni ghai mai kaha ja rahe ho tum dono ???
Kunj: Vo dii…actually…
Twinkle: Diii hum dono na movie dekhne jaa rahe hain.
Mahi: Ooohhhhoooo…how romantic… but why are ull running han ???
Kunj: All bcoz of this twinkle… she took so much time to get ready that we got late….ohk bye dii…we are already late.
Twinj leave from there.
Mahi (confused tone): But twinkle was wearing the same dress in the morning ???…let it be…I’m feeling like eating something sour…ill go and hav some pickle…
She leaves.

Scene 2(taneja house)
Twinj reach there and open the door to enter in…they quickly head towards leela’s room…and they get shocked.
RT is lying on the floor and leela is trying to wake him up.
Kunj quickly approaches RT and picks him up in his arms and runs towards the gate.
Leela: Kunj puttar… I hav called the ambulance but it didn’t come yet.
She cries…twinkle cries too but consoles leela.
Kunj: We cant wait for the ambulance we will take him in my car.
They rush towards the car.
Kunj places Rt on the back seat and leela sits behind with him…twinj sit in front and kunj drives the car as fast as he cud and they reach the hospital.
Kunj calls out for a stretcher and ward boys take Rt inside on the stretcher.
Doctor sees Rt’s state and asks the ward boy to directly take him to the OT(operation theatre)
Twinj and leela are shocked.
Leela breaks down and sits on her knees and cries…twinkle cries too but consoles her.
Twinkle: Maa plzzz don’t cry…papa ko kuch nahi hoga…himmat rakho.
Kunj goes behind the doctor.
Kunj: Doctor what is the case…y did u directly shift him to the OT…plzzz tell me.
Doc: Ur father-in-law has got a major heart attack and his condition is critical u plzzz fill in the consent form till then.
Kunj gets shocked to hear this.
Doctor enters the OT.
Leela and twinkle come there.
Twinkle: Kunj what did the doc say ???
Kunj is standing there all shocked.
Twinkle holds both his shoulders and shakes him.
Twinkle: Kunjjjj Bolooooo !!!!!
Kunj: I will fill the consent form and come…u stay with maa.
He leaves.
Twinkle goes behind him.
Kunj is filling the consent form.
Twinkle keeps asking him the same question again and again but he doesn’t aanswer.
Twinkle gets angry and gives him her swear.
Kunj bcomes helpless.
Kunj: Twinkle doc said that papa has got a major heart attack and his condition is critical.
Twinkle gets shock and is taken aback !!!
Twinkle: No…no..this can’t be true…nooooo (she shouts)
Kunj tries consoling her but of no use.
Kunj gets raman’s call and kunj tells him everything anf asks him to come there asap.
He turns and doesn’t find twinkle there.
He goes to leela but twinkle is not there aswell.
Leela: Kunj puttar…where is twinkle ??? She had gond after u…
Kunj: Maa there are some more formalities to be done…so twinkle is busy doing all that…u plzzzz dont worry everything will be fine.
Leela nods and kunj signs her that he will just come.
Kunj starts searching for twinkle.
He was about to go out of the hospital wen he spots twinkle.

Twinkle was in the small temple inside the hospital.
Kunj goes to her and gets shocked.
Twinkle had placed hand over the flame of the Diya(wen the hand is placed slightly above the flame it leads to tremendous heat getting supplied at a particular point and gets a sever burn on the palm).
Kunj immediately moves her hand away and takes her hand and sadly looks at the burn.
Twinkle: Kunj why did u do that…i was doing that for papa…and u…
Kunj: Just shut up twinkle… tujhey kya lagta hai…ye sab kuch kerne se papa thik ho jayenge…tera dimaag to thik hai…bhagwaan ji per bharosa rakh…vo sab thik ker denge…aur aisa kuch kerne ke baarey mai sochna bhi mat…tujhe hurt dekh ker mujh per kya beetegi kabhi socha ???
Twinkle cries and hugs him tight…kunj hugs her back…Agar tum saath ho plays.
Kunj asks a nurse to do twinkle’s bandage….the nurse gives him the first aid box.
Nurse: Sir cud u plzzz do it urself…actually doc had urgently called me in the OT.
Kunj agrees.
Kunj applies the ointment on twinkle’s wound and tears roll down his eyes seeing her hand burnt badly.
Twinkle lifts his head up and wipes his tear with one hand.
Kunj wipes her tear too.
They get a small smile on their face.
Twinkle: Kunj u r my strength….plzzz don’t cry otherwise mujhey aur maa ko kaun sambhalega.
Kunj: Don’t worry twinkle…I’m always there with u and I will not let anything happen to u or any1 from our family.
Twinkle hugs him tight.
Kunj hugs her back and both feel much better and secure in each others arms.
The screen freezes on twinj hugging each other.

PRECAP- Twinj, leela, raman and pinni eagerly wait outside the OT for the doctor to come out.

Heyyyy guys I hope ull liked the Epi…plzzz do share ur views via ur comments and vote for the mix name of cherry and manasvi….its shud be CHERVI or CHESVI…I’m confuse…. luv u all….stay blessed.

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 43


A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 43


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