You are only mine! part 8

You are only mine! part 8

Ok guyz from today no first person narration ok… From ‘I’ to ‘she’ .. Actually I have made this mistakes many time. Always had to erase she with ‘I’ before I post. It eats time so writing as habituated.. :)
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Vidhi is doing yoga in an open field in early morning. The sky was dull, sun seemed to be late. It was around 5:00 am. The calm surrounding was peaceful and the cool breeze feels freshed.
She stands and takes a position for the asana. Her left leg on the mat and right in air parallel to ground. Her hands are also stretched in air.
Suddenly she loses balance but her right leg go hold firmly by a large bony hands.
She is still in the same posture and moves her head to look who is there. Her eyes widened.
“Rishabh?” she enquired.
He was in track pants and a thin jacket over him. He was sweating but looked damn hot with the silky hair locks shooting sideways and some falling over his forehead.
He raised his eyebrow sensing her observation. She trembles but again is saved from falling with more tightened grip on her foot.
He keeps her foot on the mat making her stand properly.
The silence remains. Both did not talk for a while. Then Rishabh was just turning to go but Vidhi bit out
He turned with a flat stare on her “welcome” and went away jogging.
She kept looking his back till the figure disappeared in the morning mist.

(both are fitness freak ? ? )

Students are roaming here and there in the corridoors.
“Vidhi! Where were you? He is mad at you.. go fast” a boy said in a hurry.
Vidhi walked to the third batch floor.
There was not even a single student there. She wondered where all went. Everyone are there down then why not here?
It was the first day of assisting Rishabh. She took steps towards his class.
Just like the whole floor the class was all silent and calm.
“Rishabh?” she looked around her eyes searching for him.
Her eyes caught a figure in a seated position in the last row.
She just took a step forward to go to him but he reached her in fraction of seconds. She got amazed and shocked little terrified thinking of what the boy said.
She was readyto face his anger.
He grabbed her arms very stongly and on impusle she closed her eyes tight and winced.
It pained.
“Open your eyes!” he shouted.
Vidhi did the same slowly. Her lashes almost wet.
“I..I…” she tried to speak.
“DON’T” he cut her midway.
“DON’T. Say. A.single. Word” he said and just kept staring her furiously all anger filling his eyes.
She lowered her eyes but he shook her making his grip more tightened making her face him. It hurted a lot paining the grabbed place and passing the whole body slowly.
A drop made its way over her cheeks.
His expression changed a little. And his grab loosened and then left his hold totally.
The area on her poreclaim skin was reddened leaving imprints of his all five fingers.
She looked at it and again a drop accompanied the former.
He looks at her then follows her eyes that stopped at his imprints on her arms.
His frown and puckered face got normal at a sudden.
“shit” he hold her below the same area but fully conscious not to hurt her.
Her teardrops streamed feeling his touched.
“lets start the project” she said gasping.
“Have you losted? Come! Need to apply balm” he said.
“What is the use Rishabh? After a day or two you will again do the same. Its better to be like this.” she cried more.
He felt guilt and at once hold her lovingly and caresses her face rubbing his thumb below her eyes on the cheeks wiping her tears.
Seeing her in tear his heart skipped and felt hurt.
“I didnt wanted to hurt you but….” he stopped suddenly. His words remained on his tongue.
She looked up facing him waiting for him to continue.
“Come! Need to apply ointment before it swells and hurts more.” he says.
She didnt said anything but walked alongwith him as he hold her waist.

He applied balm on the reddened area and she winced.
“I am so sorry” he says continuing the process.
She didnt said anything and just stared at him.
He raised his face amd she got conscious.
“Are you okay?” he said his eye feeling the pain.
“Yeah!” she replied.

“Lets do the project now” she said again that enraged him.
“everything happens per my wish. Dont tell me what to do.” he bit out looking just at her eyes. She looked aback at him sharing an eyelock.
He leans closer with his hand on her soft face. And was about to kiss when the nurse interrupts.
“Sir, Ma’am is calling you” the nurse informed.
He shook his head “hm.coming!” he answered.
Vidhi guessed might be his mom who is the jead of the institute.
He kissed her forehead and whispered
“Take Care. Please”
She cried feeling his care after he left. She cried harder and harder every second with her palms on her face hiding. She sobbed more thinking something.
Then when she felt relaxed after sometime around fifteen minutes she wipes her tears but her face had already turned full red making it easyfor amyone to guess she was crying.
Just as she came out of the Rishabh collided with her.
He looked shocked.
“You are still here?” he enquired curiously.
“Yeah….. Rest” she stammered collecting words to lie.
He raises her face by curling his forefinger and lifting her chin.
“Why were you crying?” he asked more curiously.
Her eyes rounded at his observation.
“…yeah! It was paining a little” she replied
His eyes smalled as she completed.
“Is it hurting much?” heasked tensed.
“Nooohhh..i mean its fine now”
He sighed little.
He hugs her embracing her in his arms, feeling her.
“I am so sorry” he whispered.
Her heart skipped accomoanying a tear again and she hugged him back tightly.
He felt it and got relieved amd embraced the hug more.
They released after a while and walked towards his class.
“Do you want to rest?” he asked.
“Ok we will first prepare the questions today and today eveningad tomorrow we will go for the survey.”
she nodded in agreement.
They continued for a while and searched some related topics and questions in his lappy.
By mistake she opened the image folder and her curiosity made her click a photo. The picture had Rishabh smiling with his arms over a very beautiful lady. Both were smiling and seemed it was a happy moment when the pic was captured. Her smile was gorgeous with a dimple on her right cheek.
As Vidhi made acute observation of the pic her eyes got wet. She felt as if stabbed hundred times at once.
Rishabh who was looking at her. He was facing her and back of lappy.
“What happened? Is it hurting?”
“Enough for now. I cant see you like this. Go to hostel. Go and rest.” he says in a breath.
“Hmm” she says feeling hard to say even a word. She logged off lappy as she just closed it and gabbed her bag and run away without saying even a bye. If she remained there she would have broke in front of him.——–♡♡♡♡——–

Heya my story is going very boring I guess. Have you guyz lost intetest? please let me know. Too upset :( :( :(

Acha if you want me to stop writing then I will dont worry. I wont bore you guyz. Afterall you supported me jab tak possible tha.

Acha if you want me to continue I have a chota sa confusion. In a dilemma. Do lemme know how you guyz want this story to be?
Like little hurtful and very emotional (when I thought of it my eyes literally were going to shed tears)
Or romantic types with the villians interruption only??

Thank you guyz in advance and please comment your views cause I really wanna know whatyou guyz are thinking!!!!!

Keep smiling till then :] :] :} :} :) :)

You are only mine! part 8


You are only mine! part 8

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