swragini a malayali story (part 1)

swragini a malayali story (part 1)

hi guys
my name is ammu
i am new here
i am a malayali so i want to write a swaragini story in malayali style
will you join me on my journey

my story starts from showing beautiful house
a girl jumps up from her bed , went to washroom , hmmm actually she is not at all looking like a girl
she is just like a boy wearing jeans and shirt . but she looks so cute
she went down to the dining room that time her mother called her swaraaaa…
yes it was our swara and sumi was yelling at her for being late for her breakfast. just then her papa came for her rescue what is this sumi kutti alle (small na)

sumi: kutti she is 18 now she want to wake up early
swara: sorry amma next time i will woke u early i am hungry give me breakfast

after the breakfast she went to her room jest then someone scared her from behind she was shocked then she turned and yelled

swara: laksh…..
laksh ; I told you na you are only just like a boy but you are not a boy look you scare like a boy
swara: laksh bro … yoou wanted to scare me right now look how i will gift you so much of gifts from amma and appa
laksh; podi
swara: ammaa….. amma… this lakshh.

laaksh suddenly shuts her mouth and both slips and fall on the floor . suddenly they both started laughing just then sumi and shegar came there they also joined in their fun

the episode ends here

(guys in my story laksh and swara are brother and sister )

precap: a tour to wonderlla


swragini a malayali story (part 1)


swragini a malayali story (part 1)

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