Swasan she changed my life (part 1)

I think you not like my concept thats why i dont get good response tell me if i continue it or not

Swara cries bitterly and that time sumi comes in room and see the whole room messy and swara on bed and is messy and crying sumi get feared and go to swara seeing her mim swara hugs her and cry
sumi: what is this swara
swara tell her whole incident sumi breaks hearing this and both cry hugging each other
sumi: why god u did this with my daughter today her life is going to change into full of happiness but u gave her saddness from taday her life is going to changed but why this happen with my daughter why and cry

as sumi not come shekar go in room and get to knoe everything and he get furious on that boy and cry seeing her daughter and he call lakash and tell him everything
lucky: swara dont cry its not your fault i will marry u
sumi and shekar get relif hearing this
shekar: are u sure beta
lucky: yes uncle

story take 1 month leap and a girl is shown walking she is wearing red suit and she came to a house which is not do much big and she knocks the door a lady open the door and her face reveled she is ap and she get happy seeing the girl
ap: beta u come
girl: ji badi ma
and hugs her and they break the hug
ap: come in
and they both ho inside
who is thid girl and did swara marry lucky or not for ans you have to read my ff


Swasan she changed my life (part 1)


Swasan she changed my life (part 1)


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