SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 26

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 26

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Sanskar’s POV:

I waited all night for Karan’s call in case if he needs some instructions or something went wrong but thanks to god I only received one call by sunrise time to inform me that the operation was done successfully with no casualties.

After taking its details, I felt light hearted like I always do after every successful operation, knowing that more lives are saved from being ruined.

I slowly open the door so Shona won’t wake up. She usually wakes up at this time and goes to bathroom; I think it’s her habit or something. It’s so strange who would wake up early morning to use the washroom. I have seen her waking up at this time before marriage as well, she confuses me so much. But now I don’t want her to know that I am already awake or else she will spend the time pacing around in the room, waiting for me to sleep so she could use the washroom.

She has strange habits. She doesn’t speak to anyone in front of me, she won’t use the washroom in front of me at this time (5:00 o’clock), comb her hair, take off her dupatta, and always eats less than usual in my presence. I don’t know why she is making everything so difficult for herself.

Throwing my shirt on the bed’s corner, I carefully lay down beside her. Not very long after, I feel her stirring.

She is up….!

I waited for her to pull her dupatta which I purposely put beneath my head but instead, I felt her warm breath on my bare shoulder.

‘Still no good.’ I heard a mumble.


She is close…. so close to me. She never comes close to me on her own, so I refrain myself of opening my eyes. The warmth of her body remains for a few seconds before it leaves.

No…….! Not now.

I quickly open my eyes, missing her presence near me. Before she could get off of the bed, I pulled her back to the bed, hovering over her. I quickly caged her entire body beneath mine. Don’t want her to go so soon.

She was so startled that she froze. Her hair covered half her face so I pushed strands of her long hair from her face and trace my hand down on her face. Her eyes are fixed on mine with a little fear and confused look in them.

She is beautiful…..

“What were you mumbling about?”


“Just now….. What is ‘still no good’?”

“Your wound on…… shoulder.” She hesitantly answered me.

I don’t know what surprised me more, that she cared about me or she answered obediently.

“Are you worried about me?” I asked in disbelief.

Seems my question took her off guard, she breathed out ‘no’ and starts struggling to push me.

She can’t even lie…..

I smile at her naivety and pinned both of her hands down with my one hand above her head. I don’t like her struggles but she looks so adorable when she is angry. I slowly lean to her and she quickly turned her face away.

And I thought I could give her some personal space….

“Look at me, Shona.”

“Shona!” I call out her name, putting little pressure on her wrists. She turned her face to me with anger in her eyes. I love her big brown eyes and hate it when she ruins them by crying which she is doing now. Crying!

“Why, Shona….? Why can’t you understand that I love you?” I whispered.

Swara’s POV:

“Why can’t you see that it hurts when you cry?” He asks, but it feels like those questions are meant to remain unanswered.

“Why can’t you accept me and forget everything else?” His hand leaves my wrists and slid down to my shoulder.

“I wanted to claim you from the day I laid my eyes on you. I would love to do it, right here, right now but….why are you making me hold myself back? When I know you’re mine, in every way….. Why can’t you just surrender yourself to me?” His fingers stroke back and forth from my face to collar bone with so many emotions in his eyes. His touch is making me breathless and I don’t know how to steady them.

“I promised myself not to force you…. but I really want to break that promise. Just for once.” The distance between our faces lessened. “Am I allowed to break my own rules, Shona…? Will you forgive me if I do?” His eyes, his voice, his words, his touch seeks for my permission. I should be saying ‘No’ but I find my tongue forgot how to pronounce it.
Taking advantage of my silence, he buried his head in my neck, placing a feathery kiss on my earlobe. His stubble tickles the side of my face, making me squirm. I felt one of his hands travels to my lower waist, slightly caressing my body, as his lips start to make their way to my shoulder.

No, no, no….!

“WASHROOM’’ I almost scream and he backed away instantly like he’d snapped out of a daze.


‘‘i-i-need to use the washroom q-quickly’’ he frowned at my answer

“seriously….now go.” He says, looking at the clock. But before I could move, he jumped out of the bed and left the room.

Without wasting a second, I also dashed into the bathroom and stood there for several minutes, holding the washbasin, trying to catch my breath. His voice kept echoing in my mind.
I am afraid, not from the criminal Sanskar Maheshwari, but from the person whom I was with just now. I am afraid of his affection, his love, his madness, his lust. I am afraid of the person who happens to be my husband.
Sanskar’s POV:

What the hell……

Frustrated on don’t know what, I throw the first thing that I caught in my hand.

I slumped down on the sofa and closed my eyes. I need to calm down. I need to be calm before facing her again. I don’t have the confidence in me that I could refrain myself.

“Shona…” I murmured and lean back in a comfortable position. Not much time passed when I heard her voice.

“Your phone was ringing and I was in the bathroom so it took me time to bring.” I opened my eyes and saw her standing near the sofa, stretching her hand out holding my phone.

Great! She has to come now….

“Thanks.” I took my phone from her.

I open the call history and call back Sarmad.

“hello sanskar.”

“hello. You called?”

“Yes. Snskar, can you cancel today’s dinner? I just got some information and it is not good.”

“What sort of information?”

“It can’t be discussed on the phone. I’ll send it to you by one of our men. But I insist that you cancel the dinner.”

“I cannot. I was already out of the scene for too long. Cancelling it without a proper reason will only raise questions.”

“As you seem fit, Sanskar. Just don’t lose sight of bhabi during the dinner.”

“Hmm! Ok bye.”

“bye, Sanskar.”

I put my phone on the side and got up.

‘Just don’t lose sight of bhabi during the dinner.’

So she is on their target…..

But why her???

precap: dinner party….

opps someones after swara. maybe trying to kill her or…….was Rahul one of them……..sorry guys if the chapter was boring….hope you enjoyed…

SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 26


SWASAN – you are MINE! chapter 26

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