Time taken (introduction)

Hi all am asmitha and have decided to write a fan fiction. Pls support me.i ambintroducing the characters now and will write my first episode tommorrow.

Swara Gadodia-A bubbly girl who is a bit childish she is the apple of her family and elder sister Ragini Gadodia. The two twins later fall in love with the twin brothers laksh and sanskaar.
Ragini Gadodia- A jock who can’t see others getting critisised has a younger sister swara Gadodia who mama the world to her. The two later fall in love worth laksh and sanskaar.
Laksh Maheshwari- A boy version of ragini who falls in love with ragini. He has a brother who means the world to him.
Sanskaar Maheshwari : a boy version of swara who falls for her. He is the apple of his family and brother.
so I hope you like the intro so the pairs as you know are swasan and raglak. I will try to upload everyday
Collage starts on Monday I am a mba student so I have to concentrate but will try my best pls don’t give hate comments. Hayes don’t comment. Thanks hope to see you guys soon.

Time taken (introduction)


Time taken (introduction)


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