Santoshi Maa 6th April 2016 –

Santoshi Maa 6th April 2016 –

Santoshi Maa 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur thinking of Madhu’s words. Ujwal comes and asks why are you worried. She says I think what happened in Dhairya’s marriage, its Madhu’s plan. He asks what are you saying. She says m serious. He says you always support Madhu, you are speaking against her, are you okay. She says yes, but keeping relations is formality, think how did Santoshi’s family come at Dhairya’s engagement, we both did not do this, even Pratap won’t do this, how did Madhu accept Santoshi, she regards Dhairya her son, how will she let his life get ruined, she did not settle this matter, she wants such girl who dances on her fingers, she wanted to keep Dhairya and his wife to be in control, we have to be careful. They hear aarti. Dhairya dances on aarti and everyone come there.

Dhairya asks Santoshi to tell her Santoshi Maa to light diya fast. Vidya asks Madhu to explain Dhairya. Madhu says Dhairya will feel bad if I say anything. Vidya takes the phone and stops aarti. She asks Dhairya not to joke this way and explains him. He says I won’t bear Santoshi’s false devotion, the diya did not light till now. Pratap comes and asks whats happening here. Dhairya asks Santoshi to show Pratap by lighting diya, else accept that Santoshi Maa has no power, you do this acting. Pratap and Madhu go out and talk. Madhu says Santoshi should show the miracle. Pratap says suppose that diya lights up then.. Madhu laughs and says its impossible. He says Santoshi kept fasts and Maa got fine, its not Kranti Maa’s miracle. She says fine, whats the proof that Santoshi Maa did this, will she come and say this. He says no, if diya gets lit, then Dhairya can become devotee too. Madhu says no, Dhairya is doing this to teach her lesson, Santoshi will not say anything again, her belief will break today.

Devi Paulmi says yes, this lady is saying right, Santoshi’s belief will break. She tells Vajramushti that they should do the next work now. He says yes, its tough work to fail Devi Santoshi. She says I know, but power can face power. He says even you are powerful and could not fail Devi Santoshi, I did not wish to insult you, but you know truth. She says I know, but I have some limits being Devraj Indra’s wife, but you can do this, you don’t have to answer anyone. He says don’t worry, I thought to capture Devi Santoshi, if I succeed to take her to Paatal lok, all her powers will go, its benefit too, we will do some yagya to give her powers to you. She gets glad and says it means her bhakt will become mine. He asks her to rest and he will go for his work. She asks him to succeed, but how will she get news of his work. He says you will get news from think shank. He goes. She says Devi Santoshi’s power and Santoshi’s devotion will get failed. She gets glad.

Brahmadev says we can’t wait more Devi, if anything happens, what will we answer to Mahadev. Devi Parvati says yes, we should not delay, but we can’t call Mahadev and Ganesh, we have to find some solution. Devi Laxmi says why don’t we make Devi Santoshi see that magical powers. Devi Saraswati says no, then that magical power will get alert, we have to think something else.

Kaka says let us do puja. Dhairya says no, this diya will light by Santoshi Maa’s miracle. Santoshi asks him to understand, this fast is for Vidya, let me do puja. He asks her to think how to light diya, else it will be insult of Santoshi Maa. Kaka asks if diya lights, will you accept Santoshi as your wife and give her rights. Dhairya says yes, I will give her rights, but my condition should e fulfilled. Santoshi cries and asks Santoshi Maa to forgive her husband. She sings the aarti. Everyone smile.

Vajramushti comes to Devi Santoshi as rishivar. Gaumata asks him how can he help him. He says I arranged a imp yagya and want a flower, I came to get it. She says Devi Santoshi is in dhyaan, it will be not right to disturb her, she will be happy if you take the flower for yagya. He says it won’t be right to take without her permission, if you do this work, it will be good. She says I can’t go without Mata’s permission. He says fine, tell Devi Santoshi that rishivar went empty handed. She stops him and goes to get flower. He smiles. He makes a cage there and thinks once Devi Santoshi comes in this cage, she will be in my control, I have to be careful. He gets in Gaumata’s disguise and acts to be in pain. Santoshi Maa opens eyes and asks what happened. He tells her about stomach ache. She says I will make you fine by mantras. He says its curse by rishivar, I stopped him from getting flower, do something, I can’t bear this pain, a flower can make this pain fine. Santoshi Maa says I will come with you, but how did you know the cure of your pain, about that flower. He gets tensed.

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Santoshi Maa 6th April 2016 –


Santoshi Maa 6th April 2016 –

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