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Scene 1
Ravi applies shaving foam on his face, he asks Devika if he should do shave? she says yes, he asks if she is sure? she nods, Ravi is reluctant and thinks what i am doing? if Devika wants this then i should do it, he asks Devika to stand beside him for support, Devika says what is the problem, this is shaving, do it, Devika comes there and wipes cream off this face, she comes closer to him and says if you do shave then when i will come closer to you, your beard will not prick me and if doesnt prick me then i wont bicker and you will miss my bickering and i will miss your beard, she touches her nose with his nose, she runs away from him, she smiles at him and leaves room, Ravi smiles and says thank you kach kach.
Manju and Parminder are buying mangoes in market, Manju says i am buying it for Navi, Parminder says you are buying mangoes for her and she will return jewelry to her, you are clever, Manju asks her to not say much.
Navi says to Saket that i told Ravi that i love him and he got angry but i pacified him, i dont worry about Ravi but i dont know about Devika, i dont know how to throw her out of house, how to break their marriage, i told Ravi that he can fulfill Devika’s mom’s dream with my company, he can do construction on her property taking help from my company, once Devika sign those papers then i will become great in Ravi’s eyes, Saket says do everything with care, if anyone knows that we are behind kidnapping then we will be gone, Navi says dont talk about it, anyone can listen, they turn to find Manju standing there with mangoes, Manju drops mangoes, they are stunned to see her.
Ravi sees files, he recalls how Navi confessed her love, he gets disturbed, Devika thinks to talk to Ravi, Devika says to Ravi that you didnt tell me Monty started working in your office, Sakshi told me that Navi offered Monty a job on higher post but this is his first job then how come she gave her big post? Ravi recalls how Navi said that she can do anything for him, she will give jobs to his brothers too, Ravi says i forgot to tell you, Navi is like Manju’s daughter, maybe as a friend she helped Monty, Devika says yes Navi likes you alot, i mean you are so nice, she hugs him from back and says but i have got you, and no one can come inbetween us, Ravi says no one can separate us, you have taken contract of seven births of togetherness from Ambe Maa, Devika asks if he trust Navi? he says yes, she says then its fine.
Saket thinks what if Manju had listened their talks? Navi thinks this Saket is stupid, what if Manju listened about kidnapping? Navi comes to Manju and thanks her for bringing mangoes, she says you liked my bracelet? she gives it to her and says take it, Manju says you are giving it as bribe for me to remain silent? she slaps Navi and says how can you do this with my son? you and Saket are of same league, you can stoop so low to get what you want, Navi i didnt have any other option, even you wanted Devika to go out of Ravi’s life, Manju says yes i wanted but i am not bad like you, you have hurt my son, he was hit by truck and was thrown off cliff, i wanted you to become my daughter in law but you are so bad, i will make you go in jail but before that i will tell everyone about your deeds, she leaves, Saket and Navi are tensed.
Manju comes and sits in rickshaw, Parmindar asks did she like mangoes? Manju says i wanna go home fast, she leaves with Parmindar.
Ravi is checking files, he says this navi’s file, what if she needs it? he calls Navci, Navi takes it, Ravi says your file is with me, should i send it to you? Navi says no need, all meetings are cancelled for today, i will call you later, she ends call, Navi says to Saket that i have to make Ravi mine, i will do anything to get him, this Manju wants to destroy everything for me, i wont let Manju tell everything to Ravi, i will stop her and will kill her if needed, she leaves, Saket says i am stuck with this mad women.
Navi is driving car, she says manju is biggest problem for me now, she wants to snatch Ravi from me? i wont let it happen, Ravi is my life and no one can snatch my life from me, i wont spare her, Saket calls her but she doesnt pick up and says no one can stop me today. Saket leaves in his car.
Manju is walking on road to go to her house, navi thinks thinks Manju has to die today, she is about to hit Manju but loses balance of car, she gets hit by tree, Manju sees Navi’s car having accident, she calls for help.
Navi is brought to hospital, Ravi says to Devika that i hope she gets fine, Devika says i hope so too, i dont understand what she was doing outside our house, what Manju was doing there too? Manju comes in hospital, Saket says to her that you were snatching her love from her thats why she did it, all she wanted was Ravi, she did everything to get Ravi, she has all power and money but she is behind Ravi, dont tell anything to Ravi, Manju says i will think about it, she leaves.
Monty and Vikas comes to hospital, Vikas says its good that Manju saw Navi’s car having accident, Monty says nice happen with nice people, he thanks Manju for saving Navi, Ravi asks why you seem tensed? Manju says early morning, i went to Navi’s house, Ravi asks why? Manju says i bought mangoes for her and i went to give it to her, i listened there that.. doctor comes there and says Navi is conscious and she wants to meet Manju alone, Manju goes, Devika says to Ravi why did she call her alone? Shweta thinks whats going on between them? i should find out.
Manju comes to Navi, Manju asks how are you? Navi thanks her for saving her life, she says you should have let me die, i cant live with Ravi’s hatred, when you will tell him about kidnapping then he will hate me, i can die but cant see that, i am ready to die for your son then why dont you want me to become your daughter in law? you dont know Ravi proposed me first, he wanted to marry me but then he married Devika to save her, Devika snatched my love for me so i tried to take her out of Ravi’s life, i am ready to give my life for Ravi then how can i kill him? i have everything in life still behind Ravi, Devika doesnt wanna name her property to Ravi but i thought to make Ravi prince and you queen, Ravi deserve big cars, i know you have worked so hard to raise your children, i can name 20crores on your name, Manju gets lured, Navi says but this cant happen till Devika is in Ravi’s life.

PRECAP- Navi sees Ravi and Devika together, she thinks that i am not able to bear pain of seeing them together, i cant cope with my jealousy, i will kill this Devika for sure.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Kalash 6th April 2016 –


Kalash 6th April 2016 –


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