KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 38) (reason for revenge)

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Recap : SwaSan office romance…kavita meets aniruddh n manvi


Ap sujata n shomi were arrNging dining tabel n swaragini were preparing breakfast

San:(shout from his room) swaraaa where is my walet..??? Swaraaaa where is my watch ???? Swraaaaa where are youuu….???

Ap:(smiles)beta u go or else he keeps shouting…
Swea: just two min badi ma..
Suj: leave this beta… n go..
Swra: bt!!
Sanskar:(again shouts) swaraaaaaa!!!!
Rag:(teases) jao ur patidev is calling u…
Swra:shut up rags…
Sanskarr:swaraaaaaa !!
Swra: comingggg !!!!


San: kya swra.. i cant find anything ..(puppy face)
Swea:(smiles) u hv made ur condition lyk this only in 15 days of marriage..
San:(holds her waist n pulls closer) itz all cz of u princess..
Swra:(tries to release) sanskar leave me… koi aa jyega..
San:(smiles naughtyly) so what u r my wife…
Swra:(blushes) u r so shameless…

He leans towads her… n she closes her eyes… they were only an inch away frm each other… they can feel each other’s warm breath… they were about to kiss bt shomi enters…

Shomi:(enters) chlo beta everyone is waiting for u..(she gets embaraced n left) “swara sanskar ese kaamo k lye plz first lock the door”

SwaSan becomes cherry red hearing shomi’s teasing…

Swra: u idiot.. shamelesa creature… cz of u everyone teases me…
San: o hello if u hv came here earlier then This wouldnt happen…
Swra: uuffff lets go now…


Swara serves food to everyone n starts having breakfast…

Dp: sanskar beta hv u checked that file which i sent u yesterday..
San: ji bade papa n i hv signed that too.
Dp: ok n what about that mr rai’s project..
San: bade papa vo(swara intereptes) “bade papa hv ur breakfast first…”
Dp: beta but
Swra: no but vut…only breakfirst…
Dp:(smiles )ok beta
San: lo female gabbar is back…
Everyone laughs…


Manvi:(cryng) noo noo i wanna meet kavita ma…
Aniruddh: nooo u r not going anywhere … cm with me i will give u chocolate…
Manvi:(sobbing) nooo i want kavita maa…
She saw a lady n hugs her…
Manvi: mumma ask papa to take me to kavita ma.. plzzz
Lady:stop cryng first… ur papa will take u there bt i hv to stop cryng..
She wipes her tears with her small hands
Manvi: now ?
Lady: go n take ur doll u want to show that to ur masi na..
She ran frm there in exitement..
Ani: m nt taking her to kavita.
Lady: u r.. taking her for manvi… n thats my final decision..
Ani: but
Lady gives him an angry glare..
Ano:ok fine.


Swra: sanskar m going to kavita’s plce…
San: hmm ok n dont forget to bring that file..
Swra; ha ha i will not forget… bye..
San: bye bt ese dry dry..
Swra: u want wet bye ?
San: any doubt..
She goes closer to him n kissed his cheak… “now fine”
San: i will manage…(winks)


Aniruddh brings manvi to kavita’s place..
Man: maa… (happy)
Kav: are manvi …
Manvi: i came here to meet u ..
Kav: ohh so my maanvi wants to meet me.. (pick her up in arms) hd ur breakfast ?
Manvi: nooo i will eat with u..
Kav: so what u want ..
Manvi: noodels..
Kav:(remembers how swati alwys demands noodles in brealfast)
Ani: manvi u go in n play..
Manvi left…
Anirudhh: i want to talk to u
Kav: come to my room
Ani: dont u dare to come close to manvi(angry)
Kav: aniruddh m nt getting it… y dont u want me to meet manvi.. she is my neice
Ani: (angry) cz of u my swati is not with me…
A tear skip from his eyes
Kav:(cries) aniruddh .. ek baar thande dimag se socho… what swati has done that was her choice… she escapes from situation..
Ani: who has created that situation… ur sanskar…
Kav: sanskar has done nthng… swati’s guilt killed her… (holds his both hands) “she knew that she was wrong… she knew she has done wrong to sanskar.. but he never ever comes in btwn ”
Ani: if that day sanskar wouldnt meet her she will be with me…(cries) she will be with her daughter…
Kav: aniruddh.. that was co incidence…
Aniruddh: no that was not
3yrs back
Sanskar still cant get over swati’s incidence… one day he met swati at airport… swati feels guilty seeing his condition..
Swati: sanskar m sry
San: itz ok swati
Swati:(shocked) sanskar plz m sry na dont behave lyk this to me..
San: swati m no one to forgive u.. trust me.. i always want ur happiness if u r happy with aniruddh then m happy seeing u happy… n ya Congratz…u guyz hv a daughter ryt… be happy swati i promise i will never interfere in ur lyf..(smiles with broken heart)
Swati felt guilty n went into depression… n one day she committed sucide.. she died in front of aniruddh’s eyes in his arms… so frm that day he wants to kill sanskar’s wife infront of him

Swara enters the house n manvi fall on floor while plyng… n strted cryng..
Aniruddh n kavita came out listeng her cryng.n saw swara taking manvi in her lap ..
Aniruddh was about to go to her bt kavita stops him” aniruddh no… i dont want swara to see u”

Here swara wipes manvi’s tears… n put ointment on her wound… aniruddh was mesmerised seeing swara n her care for manvi being an unknown..
“I want to kill this girl but.. she is so pure… she cared my manvi without knowing who is she…”


Sanskar was serching a file but by mistake a photo frame falls n it gets open..

San: ohh shit female gabbar will kill me… sanskar u hv bronken adi’s photo frame… swara will kill u…
He pick that frame n a letter slides.. he pick that up n read that … that’s aditya’s last letter to swara in which he has told swara to mend relations btwn both families… he was hell shocked to read that …

San:oh god it means aditya knew it that he could be murdered… she has hided this letter frm everyone.. there must be any clue…

He find all the room… then he went to study… n serches swara’s files n books… he found an old book Which is in very bad condition he pick that to throw tht out
” oh god itti gandi book… y she has kept this book here”

As soon as he throw that book it opens.. into two parts… actully it was a case which contains a diary.. he took that n read

San: swara u r a genius… u hv hided things in such a way that no one could ever try to check that…

“M sry bhai i cant save u… itz only cz of me… i dont want to live anymore… u died cz of me… u kno what bhai today i tried to kill myself… i was about to jump off the building the something stopped me.. it was that promise which i hv given to u… :'( :'( bhai once i mend relations btwn mr gadodia n dp uncle then i would end my lyf… i dont want to live anymore.. i hv no reason to live…”

San:(shocked) i cant belive this… my strong swara has think to commit sucide… i cant even imagine what she felt… dont worry swara i will punish those guyz…


Swra: who is she kavita..
Kav: my niece
Swea:(shocked) swati’s daughter
Kav: ya..
Swra: hv u told sanskar…
Kav: no swara…but i will…

Manvi: aunty will u play with me..?(innocently)
Swra:(smiles) sure… come lets play what u want to?
Manvi: i want to play with doll n kitchen kitchen..
Swra: so chloo ….

Aniruddh saw swara n was shocked that y she behaves nicely with manvi even after knowing that she is swati’s daughter… n kavita too thought the same…

After plyng manvi falls asleep as she was tired … swara took her in arms n placed Her on bed n covers her..

Kav: swara y u behave lyk this with manvi?
Swra:(confused) what do u mean?
Kav: i meam after knowing that she is swati’s daugher n…
Swra:(understands) whatever swati had done to sanskar i cant punish manvi for her… she is innocent.. she has lost her mother… how can i behave rudely with her… (smiles)

Aniruddh again gets shocked to hear her statement… he thought how can she be so generous…

To be continued….

Precap: swara meets aniruddh…n he starts falling for her.. swara tells sanskar about manvi…

KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 38) (reason for revenge)


KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 38) (reason for revenge)


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