Love is the way!(episode-37)

The episode starts with Suhani & family reaching Birla house in the evening

Dadi: Suhani, Menka&Ishita u guys go and apply mehendi
They all go
Bhavna puts mehendi for Suhani,Rags for Menka and Vandu for Ishu.
Shravu: Amma I’ll put mehendi for Ishu chitti..
Vandu: Shravu don’t disturb me..Go there and have samosas.Your appa is over there go to him..
Shravu: No No No! I’m not going anywhere. I will put mehendi..
Vandu: Shravu just go now or else u will get a beating from me!
Shravu acts like crying
Ishu: Shravu smart kids don’t cry!
Vandu: Crying? He is just acting..Enough u go now..
Raman: Shravu come with me we will play..
Shravu: No! I will put mehendi for Ishu chitti..
Raman: Chee Shravu ! Don’t be like girls we will play racing games ..
Shravu goes with Raman
Raman winks at Ishu
Ishu smiles

Meanwhile Yuvi goes to Suhani
Suhani: How is it?
Yuvi: Good one Bhavna.. And write my name also in it not anybody else’s..
Suhani: I won’t write your name!
Yuvi: Then whose?
Suhani: I’ll write Karthik’s name..
Bhavna laughs
Bhavna: Suhani!
Yuvi frowns and leaves
Bhavna: Why do u do this Suhani? Look he got angry at u!
Suhani: This Sadu na never understands jokes! Di 2mins I’ll console him and come..
Bhavna smiles
Suhani sees Yuvi standing in his room
Yuvi (thinking): What was Vikram about to tell me? And now he has not come here nor he has attended my calls..
Suhani: Yuvraj..
Yuvi: What’s it Suhani?
Suhani: I’m sorry I did not mean to hurt u..
Yuvi: It’s OK Suhani u don’t have to apologize. But promise me that u will always be with me…
Suhani: Of course I will!
Yuvi hugs Suhani
Suhani(thinking): What happened to Yuvi? Why is he getting very emotional now..
Suhani: Enough enough.. Now come on smile

He smiles
Suhani: That’s like a good boy!
Saurab: Guys come on all of them are searching for u..
They go outside the room
Bhavna: Suhani looks like your mehendi got dried..
Rags: And look it’s really dark in colour..
Suhani: And this shows we love each other so much.Right Yuvi?
Yuvi is worried and does not hear Suhani
Sharad: Yuvraj!
Yuvi: Yeah..
Sharad: Why are u always lost in thoughts Yuvi?
Bhavna: Sharad here u take care of Golu for sometime..
Suhani (audible to Yuvi): Yuvi is everything alright?
Yuvi: Yeah..
Yuvi goes to the kitchen to have water

Ishu: Suhani, what happened to Yuvi? I mean he isn’t talking properly with anyone..
Raman: U are right Ishu there is something fishy..
Suhani: Raman u try and find out na he is not ready to tell me..
Raman nods
Raman goes to Yuvi who is drinking water
Raman: So Yuvi what’s your plan after marriage.. I mean honeymoon and all.. Actually me&Ishu are going to Singapore
Yuvi: No plans..First let this shaadi happen without any problems then I’ll decide.
Raman: What problems?
Yuvi: Uh…Nothing..
Raman: Come on Yuvi don’t hide anything from me I know you’re lying!
Yuvi tells everything to Raman
Yuvi: This is what happened..And I know Suhani sent u to me now,so u dare not utter a word about this to her.. will u?
Raman gets confused
Raman: O..Ok…Do u really think that Karthik would do something or maybe Vikram was telling u about something else..
Yuvi:I don’t know..But Vikram was very tensed I could understand that from his voice..
Raman: Then we could do something.We will go to his house and find out and if Karthik is blackmailing Vikky about something then we will get to know that too..
Yuvi: Good idea!
Raman goes to Suhani
Ishu: What happened Raman?
Raman: Suhani it’s all because of u!
Suhani: Me?
Raman: Yes u..If u did not taunt him he wouldn’t have got irritated
Suhani: Oh! Is that the reason?
Raman: Yes..
Suhani: He is such an idiot why can’t he understand jokes?

Raman looks on
Toshi: Maaji we will leave now as it’s getting late and tomorrow is the shaadi we have to so some preparations..
Dadi: OK Toshi…Then we’ll meet tomorrow
Raman: Ma u go I’ll come after sometime with Yuvi
Toshi: But why?
Raman: Ma u just go I’ll come..
Bhallas,Shivastavs and Iyers leave
Yuvi:Raman shall we leave now?
Raman nods
Anuj: Where r u guys going?
Yuvi: Anuj I’ll explain to u after returning..
Yuvi &Raman reach a house
Yuvi: Are u sure this is his house?
Raman: Yeah..I had come here in our college days for some project purpose
They ring the bell.A Lady opens the door
Raman: Namasthe aunty is this Vikram’s house?
Rekha(Vikky’s mom): Yes..But I couldn’t recognize u..
Yuvi: Aunty we are his friends.. I’m Yuvraj &he is Raman
Rekha: Oh! Then if I’m not wrong it’s your shaadi tomorrow right?
Yuvi: Yes aunty..
Rekha: U guys here at this hour?
Raman: Aunty we had to meet Vikky for a purpose..Is he there?
Rekha: No..actually since today morning he is with Karthik only. He might be at his house .He had not attended my calls also..
Yuvi: Aunty did he tell u something about Karthik…
Rekha: About Karthik…. Yeah he was.I think he had a fought with him he told me that he isn’t trustworthy and all that…And he also told me about a girl named Su….Suh..

Yuvi &Raman in a chorus: Suhani?
Rekha:Yes Suhani..
Yuvi(in a worried tone): What did he say about her??
Rekha: He told me that Karthik is cheating her or something like that…
Yuvi &Raman look at each other
Rekha: Do u guys know her?
Yuvi: She is my fiancée!
Rekha: Oh!
Raman: OK aunty we will leave now..
Yuvi: And please do inform us when Vikky calls..
Rekha: Sure…
They leave

On the way
Yuvi: This is getting really serious now!
Raman: Yes and somebody must be with Suhani all the time..Or else
Yuvi: I’ll call her now..
Yuvi calls Suhani
She picks up the call
Yuvi: Where are u??
Suhani: At my house! Why do u keep asking this to me all the time?
Yuvi sighs a relief
Yuvi: Suhani don’t go alone anywhere even outside your house..
Suhani: Now something is really serious.. Tell me what’s the matter?
Yuvi: Don’t question me and just listen to what I say!
He ends the call
Menka: Who is it Suhani?
Suhani: It was Yuvi..
Suhani explains everything to Menka
Menka: Tomorrow is your shaadi and maybe that’s why he was worried..
Suhani: No Menka…. Something is not right.

Precap:Suhani is told to give something at a neighboring house.Suhani goes out of the house.A car is seen parked there. Vikram manages to untie his rope and he finds his phone there and calls Yuvi.

Love is the way!(episode-37)


Love is the way!(episode-37)


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