Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 44)

Hey guys, sorry sorry.. I m late to upload it.. Got lill bzy .. Sorry onc agn.. Ik u guys must b waiting for my ff.. So widout wastng more time.. Here i hv upload it.. Read on.. :)


Suddenly kunj cms , he parks his car.. N immediately he saw sm sparks in the meter .. N a wire was in it.. That has its way to their balcony..
Kunj widens his eyes.. Hell shock..
K- OH NO ! He ran in immediately..
He shouts maa twinkle..
Usha wa there only- kunj y r u screaming like that.. He looks here n there n rans towrds his room shouting twinkle twinkle..he opens the gate..
Hell shocked.. As if his heart stopped beatng.. He screamed hell out..
Amaya frowns.. Oh god , ye kunj bhai b na , abi ana tha.. Bt chalo koi ni..kaam toh mera ho he gya..bye bye twinkle bhabhi.. Ab chahe koi kuch b kr le .. U r not cmng bck.. Aap toh pahoch he gye heaven m save a place for chinki also.. I m sending her also to accompany u.. After ol inna dhayn toh m rkh he skti hu apni bhabhi ka.. Enjoy !
usha n bebe hears his scream.. N also runs upstairs..

Twinj room
Kunj runs towrds twinkle n keeps her head on his lap..
K- twinkle twinkle?? Plz get up.. Plz open ur eyes.. Twinkle..
Usha n bebe alsp gets shock..
U- twinkle puttar,
Bee- puttar uth.. Kunj ye kse hua
K-pta ni.. Bebe.. Koi wire.. Kunj meanwhile senses her breathng rate .. He suddenly sees the switch which was turned black..k- oh god..tears starts fallng his eyes…. K- i will not let anythng hpn to u . Twinkle.. He takes her in his arms n rushes to the hospital..

Kunj enters rushing .. He screams DOCTOR??? DOCTOR??
Nurse plz look at my wife, she got high power electric shock.. Tears wre just not stopping frm his eyes.. He kept on shouting her name.. Bt she was showing no sign..
Doctors came n took her to the operatn theatre..
K- doctors plz nothng shud hpn to my wife.. Plz doctr
Doc- mr. Sarna its vry hard to say ryt now , bt v will do our best.. I m sry to say bt chncs r vry less..
Kunj gets raised in anger he catches hold. Of doc’s collar – how dare u say that, nthng will hpn to y wife okay.. Nthng.. Doc looks with widened eyes- relx mr.kunj.. V will try our best.. Kunj leaves his collar – says sorry.. He lands on his kness.. Cryng .. Evry1 cms n hndles kunj.. He didnt stop cryng.. Suddenly amaya comes.. N kunj starts walking towrds her .. Lost..
Amaya gets scared of kunj cmng towrds her- kahi bhai ko pta toh ni chl gya h , y is he cmng towrds me like that.. Oh babaji he will kill me..
Amaya stnds their shivering.. Bt kunj was lost in his own world.. He didnt saw her .. He walks like dead man already.. N passes amaya..
She gets relxd n gies n sits with others..
Doctor cms out of operatn theatre- he calls out for kunj sarna.. Kunj cms rushing ..
K- hows my .. My.. Wife.. Doc?
Doc- mr. Sarna , still v cnt say.. She got a hyper shock.. She got an extreme volt current that passed through her hnds till hr heart.. She isnt showing any movemnts..
Kunj gets shock.. Evry1 stnds numb..
Doc- if she continue to show no sign in more 2 hrs , v vl b forced to say that she got paralyse..
Kunj shock .. He screams NO NTHNG WILL HAPPN TO her.. HEY U DOC MAKE SURE THAT SHE SHOWS SM SIGNS.. Else i will kill evry1 here.. Evry1 here..
Usha- beta beta calm down.. Twinkle ko kuch ni hoga.. Kunj.. Shant hoja..
Yuvraj calms him..

Doc continues- doctor cnnot do anythng in sm situations , smtyms pure wishes of a patients loved ones cn really hlp.. Kunj calm down.. N pray for her..
Kunj looks lost..
K- doc.. Doctor.. Can i see her ?
Doc- sure bt one at a tym..

Evry1 says kunj to go..
Kunj opens the door n looks at her.. Tears rolls down his face.. His legs as if got heavy.. He wasnt abl to walk.. He sits on the chair beside her bed..
He clears his face ..
K- tww..twwin..twinkllle.. Baat ni kri ..kregi?? Apne ..apne kunj se?..ahh.. Plz aankhe..ankhei.. Kholna.. Dekh.. M tere .. Kinne .. Pass hu.. Rokegi ni.. Twinkle .. Plz dont leave me.. I cnt.. I cnt live without u..
He tks her hnd.. N kisses dem..
K- twinkle.. I really lv u.. Plz babaji meri twinkle ko kuch ni hona chahye.,m marr jayunga twinkle tere bina..twinkle .. Tears rolls frm his n drops on her hnd..
Doc cms – mr.kunj , u hv to leave now.. I hv to do sm chekups ..
Kunj nods n clears his face n cms out of the room..
Uv crying- v hv to b strong.. Yes v hv to strong.. Kunj kunj.. Twinkle ko kuch ni hoga.. Maa twinkle ko kuch ji hoga ik..
Police cms n infrms them that it was a planned scene.. Coz the wire was extra in the room.. It was conncttd to the meter of 1200v. the momnt twinkle swithces on the light.. The wire got misfired.. N she got the shock bcoz of the high voltage..n it was planned by sm1 to intentionally hurt her ..evry1 gets surprise to hear this that who will harm twinkle..

Uv-i will not leave that bl**dy bastard who did this to my twinkle..i will kill him…amaya gets scared..n starts to sneek frm der..
Kunj suddenly notices amaya..
Kunj goes to her..k-amaya?she turns..

k-amaya ,y u sweatng so much?

a-sweaat..sweat..aahh no bhai..i m feelng humid..so thats y may ..b.. isliye i was gng out for..for air…

k-ahaan..dont lie..ik u r hiding smthng..

a(shcked wide eys): h..id..ing..hiding? n me..no .no bhai..

k-dont lie..he holds her frm her elbow n drags her out ..

k-now just truth should cm out of ur mouth

a-bhai wats wrng with u..which truth.. u .. u r talkng abt.

k-dont play with wrds amaya..just tell me wat r u upto..how chinki got hit? Y were u at blue paradise..nd who has done this to twinkle..just tell his or hr name i will rip their heart out..

a-ch..chinki..blue paradise..bhai i m really not undrsrtdng wat u r talking abt..

kunj gets real hyper now..he fumes in anger.


Amaya stays numb words just fallng..as if she lost her voice..


K-AMAYA..he shrugs her by her elbows

A-HA BHAI HAA..I DID THIS..she shrugs away his hnd frm her hnd..

Kunj gets shock..camera rolls arnd them..




KUNJ shock..




These words echoes in kunj’s mind…twinkle ..die..amya…



K-AMAYAAAA..,n he slaps her tightly…he feels like smashing off her head bt after ol she is his sister…


amaya looks with evil looks at him..tear rolls down kunj’s eyes..

k-y ..y ..did u do all dis..haa…yyy..answer me ..y..

a-u askng me y,,i did this..first ask urslf…bhai..i shudnt i do dis..haa..

kunj looks at her with questn looks..

a-haa bhai..

k-dont call me bhai..

amaya gvs a wide eyes look

suddenly manohar cms

m-kunj amaya,doctrs r calng..cm..

kkunnj looska t himm n rushes bt suddenly turns to amaya-I WILL NOT LET ANYTHNG HPN TO MY WIFE..CM WAT MAY.B IT MY OWN SISTER..

AMAYa gvs a frowng look ..n scared frm inside..n plans to………

Kunj runs inside..

k-doctor,,yes,,hows.,,hows,,,twinkle,,she is fine ryt?

Uv-bha..i..bhai,..smbha..aal..apne..apne aapko..

k-kya bol ra h uvi..ik …ik..meri twinkle bilkul tikh hogi..

evry1 had tears in their eyes..

k-arey sb ..sb rooo q rahe h,,doctore..speak up…uvi…vui..bta mje..meri twinkle tikh hna..

doc-mr.kunj ..i m sorry to say,,bt..

k-.waat..waat..bgt..doctor….how the hell is she…just twll me..

uvi—bhai.bhai..she is..hal..ff…

doc-she is half paralysed..as in oonly her face cn move ..below her nck..evrythng has stopppd responding…bt miracely she cn speak..it hpns in rare cases..bt twinkle is lucky..ik she will get well soon wen she sees smiles on faces of evry singl prsn of her lovng family..

kunj stops breathng…his whole world as if got..tear aprt..he faints..uvi n amnohar holds him n makes him sit on chair..

m-beta ,,u hv to b strong,u hv to b strong,.okay..doc also said..that she cn soon respond…if v all hlp her..if her heart says to repsond..she .she will respond..

uvi-haa bhai..smbhal apne aap ko..

kunj hears all this..

doc-yes ,its like due to high shock her body has stopped responsing bcoz dirctly her heart got affctd due to the shock..v hv seen in these cses that patients do respond..chnces r almost 50/50 ..if her heart tells her mind to make it wrk ..she may cm bck to norml..

tears continue to rolls down his eyes..as if he got in his own world..suddenly twinkle cms ..n sits besides him..kunj gets a smile to see her..he moves her hnd to her cheeks –twinkle..mje pta tha nthng has hpnd to u..he wrps arnd his arms..n feels no1 in his arms..he opens his eyes..n finds no1..he is till in hospital..he is sittng on chair..evry1 is looking at him with sympathy n love…ND TWINKLE IS STILL LYING ON BED INSIDE..

kunj gets up..n walks to her room..

uvi-bhai kya kra h tu,,bhai..uvi hiding his tears..

doc-mr.yuvraj..let him go..v hvnt told her anythng.. She doesnt knows abt her prblm.. I guess only kunj cn tell her.. Kunj looks at tge doctr.. Dr. Nods..evry1 cries..tears not stopping..

kunj enters her room..he stops at the gate..twinkle was layng with her eyes closed…

kunj thnks-no kunj u cnt show her ur tears,..u ..u hv …ti b strong..u heard ,,doctors.words..ryt..she will soon ..get okay..ya..i hv to b strong..i ,.i will mot let.. Anythng hpn to her..nthng to my twinkle..he clears his face,,n walks towrds her..n stnds looking at her.. Eyes gttng teary..

He sits on the chair.. He looks at all the machines n ol den at her.. Tear drop frm his eyes.. Den he rubs his hnd on her forehead.. With a smile..

Slowly twinkle opns her eyes..

T- k..uu..nnj..

Kunj smiles at her.. Has teary eyes..

T- kunj how much more time will i b on anaesthesia?..coz i wanna move now..

K- u on wat?

T- oho duffer i m on anaesthesia na.. Thats y i m not abl to feel my body.. Kinni or der i hv to lay like this..

Kunj gets widen eyes.. He thinks she is thnkng that she is no anaesthesia thats y she cnt feel hr body..oh babaji.. Aapne meri twinkle k sath aise q kia..

Twinkle – kunj ?? Kunj??

Kunj cms in senses — ye..yeaa..

T- what u thnkng tell me.. Wen will this anaesthesia effect get reduced..

K- twinkle…

Twinkle gets worried..

K- twinkle u hv to b strong..

T- kunj now u wrryn me.. Tell me.. What has hpnd to me.. Kunj..

K- twinkle.. Shh.. Shh.. Calm down..

He gets up.. N cups her face..

T- kunj tel me.. Wat has hpnd to me.. Its not anaesthesia ryt.. Itss.. Its.. Smthng else.. Kunj ??

Tears cms in twinkle’s eyes..

K- twinkle sshh.. He cups her face.. Tightly..

Evry1 was watchng frm outside

K- look in my eyes.. Twinkle calm down..

Twinkle – juzz tell me kunj wat has hpnd to me..

K- twinkle shh.. Look in my eyes.. U trust me ryt.. Nthng will hpn to u.. U will b good.. Soon..

T- somethng has hpnd to me .. Ryt.. Tears starts fallng frm her eyes.. Tear drops frm kunj’s eyes..

K- twinkle i m with u.. Evry1 is with u..

He clears her face n hugs her.. She is lying .. Kunj puts arms arnd her .. N caresses her hair..

T- slowly whispers- kya hua h mje…Kunj hugs her tightly ..

K- twinkle..u r paralysed.. below.. ur nck.. Twinkle closes her eyes in pain..

K- twinkle v all r with u.. Ryt..

He looks at her face..

K- dont cry twinkle.. U will get well soon .. Trust me..

T is numb..

K- no twinkle no.. U hv to b strong.. Stop cryng.. I love u..

Twinkle looks at his face..

T- hiow cn u love me.. No u cnt lv me now.. I m half dead.. Kunj u hv to move on..

Kunj gets surprise..

K- how cn u evn say tht twinkle.. I lv u.. N i m not leavng.. U.. Love endures more in difficulties..

T- i cnt b cure.. Tears cms in rheir eyes..

K- who said thT..u cn b cured by urslf.. Just a short duratn that ur body has fell asleep.. Bt we vl make jr move.. Ryt.. I love u twinkle.. Plz..

T- kunj plz hug me.. Kunj gets a bck in pain.. He hugs her tightly.. Tears starts running like a flood frm theur eyes..kunj hugs her tightly..

T- i love u kunj..

K- ik .. I lv u too.. He caresses her hair..kisses hr on hr forehed..twinkle breaths him..

****44th episode ends here****

I hope u cud feel n like the intense pain.. Keep commntng ?

Thnks for the love ?

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Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 44)


Just the beginning of new love – Twinj (Episode 44)


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