KB – mera pyaar (episode 8)

hi friends i’m back.sorry 4r late updates.

Part 1 in the morning aliya serch her bhai&other family members. aliya:bhai…bhai… whr r u?i think they don’t remember today is my bday.i’m so angry. (a unknown no call comes and aliya attend it.) aliya:hello who is this? unknown:if u want to see ur family come to here & one thing don’t do any wrong thing it will be harm ur family. aliya:listen….don’t harm them they all are my family plz….

unknown:ok then come to the place which i going to say. aliya:ok but first i want to know they r in safe or not. unknown:ok listen abhi:aliya don’t come here they will harm u. (just then the guy take the phone) unknown:ok now happy.did u seen a black car in the ground. aliya:ha ha unknown:ok get in to the car & star ur journey to find ur family. aliya hurridly goes towards car & drove it fast.some time later call comes from that unknown no.

KB – mera pyaar (episode 8)


KB – mera pyaar (episode 8)


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