TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part19


recap; swasan romance seen by sumi nd ap

**********episode starts *******

scene 1,
9.30pm ,
swara terrace
swara is walking here nd there out of tension to herself
swara; wt he think of himself oh no mom nd aunty had seen mee in such a state wt they may be thinking about it, how can i face them again. i will say this sanskar today bcoz of him i will get heart attack out of his stupid punishments .in one day he did this much there are 6more days let how can i ooo nooooooo
sanskar;(saw swarain tension nd roming he slowly moved towards her nd placed his hand on her shoulder) hi swara darling wt ur thinking about mee only naa
swara; (turned in angry nd holded hid neck with her hands firmly) arey sanskar wt u think of urself ah.see now mom nd ap aunty has seen as wt they be thinking about as nd u stupid dont u know difference b/w ac remotee nd tv remote but u wanna cross limits u stupid creature .
sanskar; moved her hands & with winking smile) dont worry meri jaan let them know bcoz one day they have to know na that i wanna marry u so they will get low shock by that time
swara;(angryily) u wanna marriage ah wait i will do now only u idiot,stupid (took a stick there nd started beating him where as sanskar is running)
sanskar;(shouted in pain) ouch swara stop it its paining yar we will postpone our marriage ok stop it now
swara; (got tried of chasing so she throwed the stick nd stood quite by holding her head)
sanskar;(teasingly) oh nooo ur tried u need rest shall i give it
swara( angrily) if u repeat the same word again i will kill u just go away
sanskar; acha ok come we will go down they may be waiting for as
swara; ha i forgot where is raglak its already 10 na
sanskar; woh they went on date so they may be return by 12am
swara;(shouts) dateeeee then wt they said to our parents
sanskar; our dads are out of town na for mom they told they had a surgery to attend my bro is more naughty then mee
swara; no he is gud then u so my di can be safe in his hands nd u see in just 3hrs u did this much but lucky jiju is so decent
sanskar; lucky is decent then mee wahh ok i had not even showed u my pecks of naughtiness so ur feeling so in 6days i will show it dont worry
swara;(tensed but not shown out) if u have any wrong ideas in ur mind u remove it right now or else
sanskar; or else wt u will ah low u voice i was ur boss
swara; acha sir (her ph is ringing its sath so she not accepted the call) oh no
sanskar; who is calling ur so called boy frnd ah lift na
swara; its none of ur business just leave
sanskar; lift na i will listen wt he will speak (ph again rings)
swara; no i know at end wt will happen i wont answer it at any cost
sanska; acha ur afraid of my punishment oh i told my self na answer it but on speaker
swara; noway its personal
sanskar; dragged the ph nd & kept on speaker
sathvik; swara are u 5n y ur not answering my call yar from mrg i was dying to speak
sanskar signs swara to speak
swara; ha sathvik i am 5n
sathvik; are u free i wanna speak to u that sanskar is not there with u na
swara; (as sanskar nodes) noo he is in his room only
sathvik; y ur absent to office from afternun
swara;(nervous)i had headache so i took leave
sathvik; oh no then how is ur health now did u took tablets
swara; ha i 5n stop it i am getting sleep gud ngt
sathvik; speak for some time na i was missing u from mrg that sanskar is disturbing always
swara;(looked towards sanskar in fearas she is remembering the incidents where shanskar showed his jelous on her )sanskar ko chodo i am getting sleep gud ngt
sathvik; ok 2mmrow mrg sharp9 i will be infront of ur mm we will go out
swara; (shocked) noway i had work dont plan anything now plz

sathvik; no ur coming that it y ur avoiding me for that sanskar ha ur coming i will see wt he will do (ended the call)
swara looked towards sanskar in confused way as she is waiting to know his reaction
sanskar;(placed the ph a side nd started moving towards swara)
swara;(understood his further step she started moving back tensed ) sanskar plz stop there i did not did anything now u had only answered the call i dont even wanna speak to him u only did it
sanskar; (teasingly) acha but he had told that he is missing u & that to he wanna take u for long drive away from me na (moved towards her)
swara; (pout face )no i wont go anywhere away from u promise stop na
sanskar; i had to punish na or else u may forget ur promise
swara;( nervous) no plz plz stop there i remember everything
sanskar; (teasigly) acha really it means u remember my love nd our 1st romance na
swara; no i dont remember stupid things
sanskar; oh ok i will remain u now (swara reached end of terrace sanskar blocked her)
swara;(nervous) u know u had bitted me in mrg its still paining
-sanskar; oh i see if i leave u wt u will do ah
swara; i will go straight to my room nd will sleep
sanskar; acha say thanks i will leave you
swara;(excitingly) thankyou now leave

sanskar; wt the hell will anyone say such thank i want thanks a perfect thankyou say me
swara; wt tha how ah how u say i will say then
sanskar; hugged her) like this
swara;(shocked nd pushed) now ok na let me go
sanskar; where i just showed u do it now
swara;(shocked) wt i ok close ur eyes
sanskar; just for hug also i have to close my eyes ah no say
swara;ok (she hugged him nd sanskar hugged back )
sanskar; i want this sec to be freeze here till the end i love you swara
swara;(kept quite in mind) i know u love me i too love u sanskar par kya karo i want u be 1st succesful in ur life later i will express still then i will play hide nd seek with u from 2mmrow my mission starts

sanskar;(whispered) i love u soo muchhhh i will die without u
swara; (pushed him) if u dont leave now i will die without air (she moved away but sanskar holded her hand)
sanskar; where ur going i wanna say sry na wait
swara; (surprised) wt really u wanna say sorry i dont need if u leave me now its a big gift to mee
sanskar; no i will say sorry later only i will let u go
swara;(shocked she know something is wrong) wow u will only hurt me nd u will only say sry wah say now
sanskar;(placed his hand on her waist nd lifted her towards him with a winking smile which shocked swara)
swara; oh hello wt ur doing leave me stop it
sanskar;(naugty smile )chup dont disturb i was saying sry in my style u know sanskar ki style bahut naughty hota hai na so
sanskar; slowely moved towards her ear nd blowed air which made swara blushes she holded his shirt tight he kissed her nape by saying a letter ‘s’
by saying ‘o’ he kissed her forhed
by saying ‘R’ he kissed her right cheek
by saying’R’ he kissed her left cheek
finally by saying ‘Y’ he placed his thumb on her corner of lips nd whispered its turn of y nd he lened towards her lips (swara pushed him i dont need it she ran for some distance
sanskar; (shouts) let me complete sorry yar dont worry i will complete this y in this 6days
swara; (blushes but not turned to see him nd raned towards her room)
sanskar ;(winking smile shouted ) meri jaan stop blushing nd start expressing

in ngt swara room,
swara got a msg its sanskar written”its a best day of my life as i spended whole day with u after long time 2mmrow mrg sharp 7 u should be in my room or else by 7.03 i will be on ur bed to punish u darling gud ngt’
swara; (blushes to herself) ha for mee tooo love u ra my naughty sanskarr

mrg 7.00am ,
swaras room,
swara woken up nd coming out of washroom dressed up in jeans nd green shirt she is having towel in her hand by dying her hair
sanskar; gud mrg darling ur late by 2mins how said
swara; (shocked she trowed towel on floor) u wt ur doing here in my room get out if mom sees wt she will think goooooo
sanskar; (naughty smile ) wt they think we will see later but u know ur so beautiful without towel also
swara; (shocked she forgot that she is dressed nd hidden in comforter )
sanskar; (laughs aloud ) april fool hogaya u had ur clothes na y ur hiding ah
swara; (realized her foolishness ) i know just kidding
sanskar; acha come her
swara; y u can say from distance too
sanskar; u will come or shall i
swara ; get out i wont we will speak in office go now
sanskar; (naughty smile moved towards her nd plucked out her shirt which is tucked in her jeans)
swara; (shocked nd shouts ) wt ur doing
sanskar; ntg just removing ur shirt
swara; (shouts) dont u dare to tounch me
sanskar; i did not like ur dress so change it (gave a packet its a saree pink saree )
swara; wt i dont know how to ware saree
sanskar; (teasigly) acha then on that day how u weared ah
swara; i know then but now i forgot it
sanskar; (naughty smile) oh i see i know, i will remain u (he removed her shirt button )

*************** TO BE CONTIUED*******************************
precap; swara trails to divert sanskar mind towards work nd toda romance nd fun

will swara succeed in her trail or again it backfire?

plz leave ur valuable likes nd comments bcoz they help me to smile ?

TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part19


TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu-part19


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