Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2016 –

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2016 –

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mani telling Ishita that you did not try to talk to your daughter till now. Ishita says I lost my Ruhi because of the baby. He says its not your mistake, she is your daughter, don’t you wish to meet her, we can find about her on social networking sites. She says if I meet her, can I stop myself, I m not able to forget everything, do you think I can live peacefully, no…. I wish to see her once how she looks, what will I do after meeting her, don’t know how much she hates me, family is different thing, but Raman hates me, I know Raman does not like to see my face. He asks her to calm down. She says I m sorry, you just relax, I will see Aaliya. She goes. Mani says I m so sorry Ishu, I should have not discussed this matter, I hope you meet your daughter soon. Ishita cries and says I want to see my daughter once, I wish, I m so sorry, I know my daughter will be happy.

Pihu asks Neelu to make food for her. Neelu says fine, I will just arrange few things. Ruhi checks pics and shows her. She sees Mrs. Bhalla and Amma’s pic and hides it. She shows it to Adi and does drama, saying Dadi looks happy with this aunty, whats the matter. Adi thinks how to explain, and makes excuses. She says I like Amma and Appa, but why does Dadi hate them. He says I don’t know, I was young and then went to London for studies, you ask Dadi. She says our school teaches us to love the neighbor, we should make them get friendly. Adi likes the idea and takes Pihu to Mrs. Bhalla. They both argue and Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked seeing their fight. Adi says I won’t bear Pihu more, she won’t enter my room again, she messed everything.

Pihu says even Adi messes my room, this is my house. They fight. Mrs. Bhalla asks them not to fight, Adi is elder and should not fight with younger sister. Adi says Pihu is fighting with her 21 year old brother, then I can fight too. Mrs. Bhalla says I will keep you both locked in the room till fight ends. Pihu says it means you believe fighting is bad. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, no problem solves by fight. Pihu asks why did you fight with aunty then, Shravan’s Nani is good lady, I know you were her friend before, I have seen the pic, I got it from Simmi’s room. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to get friendly with Amma, else she will lock them in room to solve the fight. Mrs. Bhalla angrily asks Pihu and Adi not to say such thing again. She goes. Simmi looks on.

Shagun comes and greets them. She asks what happened. Neelu says Mrs. Bhalla is crying. Shagun asks why. Pihu says I did not say anything wrong. Shagun goes to talk to Mrs. Bhalla. Pihu says it all happened wrong, Dadi got sad. Adi says she got sad by remembering about her old friendship. Shagun got Ruhaan’s latest CD for Pihu. Pihu gets glad.

Aaliya talks to Vivaan and says I will be there in 5 mins. Ishita asks her to stay at home today, she maybe tired, and I will go to hospital. Aaliya tells her that she will meet her friends at hospital to keep a cheer up party, as Mani got fine, she will stay at Nikki’s house. Ishita asks her about books. Aaliya says its all online these days, I have grown up and 21years old now, you have food on time. Ishita says I will drop you at Nikki’s house. Aaliya says actually, Nikki has come outside, and goes. She runs out and goes with some guy.

Ishita sees her and says Aaliya with a guy, she said she is going with Nikki, so now Aaliya started lying to me. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun how long will we lie. Shagun says we will lie till we have to, Pihu is little girl. Mrs. Bhalla cries thinking about that night, Raman could not forgive himself, I know it was his mistake, Ishita has committed suicide because of him. Simmi says Raman could not live a normal life. Mrs. Bhalla says everything changed and my Romi…. FB shows Raman scolding and beating Romi a lot. He says I have seen CCTV footage, you were sleeping, did you wish that Niddhi takes my daughter and give you money. Romi says its enough and gets angry.

He blames Raman for all this. He says you got Niddhi at home, you are responsible for this, Papa explain Raman, else I will also raise hand, I will not stay here, you are earning and I m just staying on your favors, I will come back in this house when I become something. Abhishek comes there and tells Raman that Ishita committed suicide. FB ends. Mrs. Bhalla says Mihika has supported Romi that night and matter got worse. FB shows Mihika scolding Raman for Ishita’s suicide. She says Romi, you are not wrong, Raman is wrong. She takes Romi with her and leaves. FB ends.

Amma says I can never forgive Bhalla family and Raman, we lost our daughter, whats Mihika’s fault when she supported Romi, why shall we break relation with her, we have family values. Shagun asks Mrs. Bhalla to forget all that, everything will be fine, trust me. Adi looks on from far and says Dadi I know you miss Amma a lot, you love her and I think Pihu will join these missing relations link, I want one link to end this distance.

At Ruhaan’s concert, Aaliya reaches with the guy. He asks her to go inside. Ishita follows her and thinks why did Aaliya come here by lying to me. She asks the guard to let her go, I have to meet my daughter, I m not here to see concert. He says you are dressed in saree, this is not the dress code, you don’t even have entry pass, I will talk to madam, till then wait here. He goes to talk to Niddhi and informs the assistant everything. Niddhi asks him not to entertain the lady, I don’t like Indian women and their drama, can’t you handle her, where is she. Ishita tries calling Aaliya and hopes the people let her meet Aaliya once. Niddhi walks there.

Ishita looks on as people get crazy for Ruhaan. Aaliya gets glad seeing heart note from Ruhaan and tells Ishita about it. Ishita sees R…. written on the note.

Update Credit to: Amena

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2016 –


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2016 –

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