Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 42 )

Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 42 )

Thanks a lot guys for ur support and sorry that I couldn’t thank everyone personally as I have my entrance exams
Luv u all loads ♥♥♥♥♥

Twinj pack their bags to leave
Twinj get ready and come down to the hall of the resort
Chehi also come down nd they all leave to the airport to leave back to London

@ airport
T : our honeymoon got ended this soon
So bad, couldn’t we stay for some more time?
K : don’t worry my dear siyappa queen
leaning close to her ear he whispers
K : if u r missing this place then i cant help
But if it’s regarding the umm u know
we can have our honeymoon even at home . He smiles naughtily
Twinkle pushes him
T : don’t act too smart kadoos sarna
C : ( speaks in between his teeth ) thank god my honeymoon got over soon
(Chenj r unaware that the one whom they thought to be a ghost was none other than mahi )
Naajaane aur kaun kaun se booth mere looks pe fidaa hojaate
Twinkle giggles listening to this
C : u know mahi that ghost was after me
M : ya I can understand ( making an frustrated face )
Mahi drinks water
C : btw mahi where were u at that moment ?

Mahi gushes the water out and coughs
M : sorry .. umm ya I was ..
T : mahi had gone for shopping. . Right mahi?
M : ya Di is right (ignoring)
C : but at midnight
T : ya cherry bhaiyya. . Haven’t u heard of 24×7 shopping malls
She had been to one of them
C : oh I see
K : just can’t wait to get into the flight
Lost in his own world
T : u better not dare to flirt with any air hostess .. am telling u kunj
K : Twinkle tume yahaan par kuch jalne ki boo nahi aarahi? he winks art her
T : jee nahi kadoos sarna

They all get into the flight
Twinkle gets delighted as the flight has stewards and not hostess
Twinkle keeps staring at them and they smile at her

Kunj feels pissed off
K : if u r done staring at them then can we search for our seat
Twinj try searching for their seat
Steward comes to twinkle
S : ma’m may I help u out
T : ya sure .. she keeps staring at him
S : may I check out the tickets ?
K : it’s K we will find our seats
u can go help out the others
Steward leaves
T : wts ur problem Kunj
He was helping us out na?

K : twinkle come sit that’s ours
Twinkle smirks at him
Flight takes off
Twinkle keeps staring at the stewards and Kunj feels jealous
T : these foreign stewards are just too hot
Kunj makes his famous one eyebrow up face
K : twinkle will u keep staring at them or will care for ur hubby as well?
T : awww my hubby is feeling jealous ha?
Tututu kya kya sapne dek rahe the air hostess ke. . saare sapne yu choor Ho gaye
K : zyaada bhak bhak naa kar siyappa queen
Aur Haa mein koi jealous velous nahi Ho raha
T : oh accha! !
K : yes u got it right
Twinkle smiles to herself and rests her head on his shoulder and sleeps
Kunj wraps his arms around her and both fall asleep

Precap : depends on my beja
All upto it

Guys do comment and sorry for the short episode

Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 42 )


Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 42 )

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