Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 4) Part 2

Then their car moved raghav dropped pragya in school&he left then pragya saw two kids fighting 4 a chocolate pragya goes to them,P:y u guys r fighting,1st kid:he is not giving me choc,2nd kid:it’s mine i will not give it to her,P:acha beta who is she,2nd kid:she is my frnd,P:As she is ur frnd u used to share everything with her na,2nd kid:haan,P:then share it,then both the kids shared the choc,P:thats like good frnds abhi was watching this frm sitting inside the car as he has stopped his car as he got a call, he fall in love with her at 1st sight he was just lost in thoughts dheere dheere plays,yaaro ival yaaro ival kandae manam sokkatho sorkal ellam siki kondu thondai kuli vikkatho[who is this girl i am just mesimerised&lost of words while seeing her]ennenna pesa epadi pesa asanthu ponaenae[i just don’t know wht to speak&how to speak],then he came out of his dream world&ran behind her but pragya went into school,abhi:wht a miracle i have seen this girl aft 4yrs&she is the same girl..guys i wil spk 2u in com

Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 4) Part 2


Pyaar ki story kb (Episode 4) Part 2


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