Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 10)

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Chapter 10

Hi folks…sometimes we think that giving everything to loved ones means love…no sometimes it means spoiling them…I am a mix of ups and downs and both are need to grow strong in the life…and when such people lose something they want desperately…there are chances of them going astray…..well enough of me…let’s move forward

Radhika was tired of Jai’s calls…he was now pestering her… he had nothing sensible to talk…sometimes she would just let the phone buzz without answering…Anna made sure Radhika takes complete rest…it was Saturday Anna asked Radhika to take a nap and she will go the super market to pick few things…Radhika went to her room and slept off…the medicines still had the effect …Anna was ready to leave she opened the door and found Arjun standing…she spoke; ‘’Arjun please leave her alone …give her sometime…she will be fine…and right now she is sleeping….’’

Arjun; ‘’I will not disturb her…can I see her…I will leave after that’’

Anna nodded and showed him Radhika’s room…a known smiled covered Arjun’s face when he watched his sleeping beauty…her mid night black hairs were spread across the pillow…Arjun slowly kept his hands on either side of Radhika he took one look at her face her eyes her cute nose and her lips…gently bend down and kissed her forehead…and while doing this he closed his eyes… he was affected by the touch of her skin…Anna was shocked…she didn’t knew Radhika had grown so badly on

ARjun’s heart….when Arjun walked out of the room Anna whispered; ‘’you like her’’

Arjun; ‘’ Like???? No…. I am mad about her…’’

Anna; ‘’don’t ruin her…she is a good girl…’’

Arjun; ‘’She is mine Anna…good bad I don’t care…let me know if she needs something…and I want her to quit that job at the bakery …convince her or I will do it my way…which neither you nor she will like.’’ Arjun left…. Anna crashed on the sofa thinking…’’I have to stop Arjun …how will fragile Radhika handle mad Arjun’’

Khanna Residence Mumbai

Piyali was having tea with Samrat…she had been restless for quite a few days…Samrat noticed her disturbed expression; ‘’What wrong Piyali?’’ Piyali looked at him and said; ‘’I am worried about Jai’’

Samrat; ‘’What about him’’

Piyali; ‘’Radhika…what else…she has turned into an obsession for him…I am scared…if Radhika refused him he might turn violent’’

Samrat thought for a moment; ‘’I always asked you not to fulfill all his wishes but you never paid heed to my words…now he is out of our hands…he believes his demands are just…remember one thing…Radhika will not be forced to accept Jai…and I will see what I can do to handle him. Also, wanted to tell you as you were not in office…Nandini is the new Chairperson of Birdsong ..Arnav Mehra has transferred all his rights and Powers to her’’

Piyali was shell shocked….Nandini…she was engage to Samrat once…but Samrat broke off and married Piyali…she must have come to trouble them.

Singapore University Campus .

Neil after finishing his classes went near the car and stood there waiting for Sam…after some time he saw Sam coming out…laughing and hanging around a guy’s neck…Neil smiled and turned his back to Sam…he quickly got into the car next to the driver and started playing with his phone. Sam wanted to make Neil jealous so she pretended being over friendly but it backfired…Neil seemed to be least interested…and the guy Sam was hanging around was trying to be over friendly now…she excused herself and quickly got into the car and they drove of to their flat…once inside Neil place his stuff on the table and took off his watch…he was about to take his t-shirt…but when he turned around he found Sam standing with full angry expression with her hands on her hip…Neil raised an eyebrow’; ’’What?’’

Sam; ‘’Why are you ignoring me…?’’

Neil; ‘’Nothing like that’’ Neil tried to move away but Sam pushed him with force on to the bed and sat on his stomach with legs on the either side…Neil looked at the posture and then at Sam she was still angry ;’’Sammy this is awkward…just get up’’ he tried pushing her legs gently..but Sam held his hands and pinned them to either side of his head…Neil didn’t know he should laugh…or cry she came close to Neil’s face; ‘’Neil Melhotra…dare you ignore me’’

Neil; ‘’Sammy I am too uncomfortable…you should give one look to yourself’’

Sam; ‘’Don’t be scared Neil….I will not rape you …at least not today don’t know about future’’ Neil stared back at her shocked…and then started laughing heartily…after a sec Sam joined him too…Neil threw Sam on the bed next to him she fell on her back…once their laughter calmed down Sam wrapped her arm around Neil and kept her head on his chest…Neil tried to moved but Sam tighten her grip; ’’Stay Neil…stay’’ Neil did not touch her…he just stayed like a statue… Sam after a sometime spoke; ‘’Hug me back Neil…don’t think so much…I missed you badly this whole week…never ever ignore me again.’’ Neil knew this was nothing…as Sam was very hungry for affection she had missed for so many years he wrapped an arm around her and kept the other one on her head…Sam smiled and hugged him tightly…after few minutes she slept off in his arms still holding him tight…Neil knew someday she will hurt him again…but for now…he wanted to be there for her.

NYU Campus

Radhika had been avoiding Arjun completely she did not speak to him whenever he visited Anna place…he had apologized quite a few times…but she had told him that she had nothing to do with him…but it was difficult to avoid him in campus as he was mentoring her…she had to meet him today after classes…Radhika waited for Arjun to come all others were done with their discussion she was alone in the room….he came and sat on the chair opposite to her and softly spoke; ’’Hi Bunny how are you?’’ Radhika didn’t like the nick name ..but there was no point he wouldn’t give up…she handed him the project…Arjun went through all the details and said; ‘’Good work…try more examples next time…from next week you will do a live project with me at golden Gate…be ready from Next Monady…I will pick you’’ Radhika blinked in surprise…she wasn’t prepared for this; ‘’But I have classes…and my job’’

Arjun; ‘’Classes will be handled…you will get the brief on all the lectures… I have already got the permission…and what filthy job are you talking about…the one at the bakery…that is as good as not having one’’

Radhika; ‘’I need it…plus live projects are in the 3rd month…and we just started the first…’’

Arjun;’’ Because I feel you can do it…and you will be paid some stipend for all the hours you work…’’

Radhika; “I still need time…I am not prepared of live projects…’’ Radhika got up to leave but he caught her arm pushed her to the wall …Arjun came to Radhika’s ear level…’’you will never defy me…get this straight’’

Radhika looked at him frowned and replied in a strong voice; ‘’You are not my master…my mind rules my heart…and no one else’’ She tried pulling her hand out off his grip but he was way too strong for her…he pulled her closer…Radhika looked up surprised by this attitude….he was barely an inch from her face

Arjun smirked…he loved her courage; ‘’Brave…! Bunny…you will very soon know what am I to you…and leave that job at the bakery’’

Radhika; ‘’I won’t…. do whatever you like…what will do…lock me up in a dark room again’’

Arjun saw tears in her big eyes he softened a bit and smiled; ‘’Can you forgive me…for that incident?’’ Radhika was surprised at sudden change …she tried reading his expressions and replied; ‘’does my forgiveness matter to you’’ Arjun loosened his grip on her arm… his palm slid down brushing her arm to fingers , caught hold for her fingers without breaking the eye lock…he lifted her knuckles to his lips and planted a kiss on it…Radhika shivered…Arjun looked up straight in to her eyes; ‘’You know the answer now…tell me will you forgive me’’ Radhika tried to pull her hand away but he tighten his grip; ‘’Don’t pull…it will hurt you which I won’t like…’’ he smiled at her irritated face…then he gently let go , Radhika took two steps back and spoke; ‘’fine on one condition … you need to wear your clothes inside out…and in the reverse order for whole day tomorrow in the campus…if you do than I will think…and remember I will think…not forgive’’ Radhika turned to leave but Arjun blocked her way ; ‘’fine …if I fulfill your wish Bunny you will do this live project…deal’’

Radhika confidently looked at him; ‘’Deal’’ She left and Arjun closed his eyes…the feel of her skin was still there on his lips…and he wanted to absorb it completely

Radhika completed her work at the bakery…she locked the shop took the keys and started walking to her flat…Radhika took the longer route through the park it was crowded and properly lit till 10 in the night…she was scared to take the alley…she was walking with her head down and hands in the pocket of her jacket…suddenly someone came in front of her blocking her way…Radhika looked up a huge guy…with a tattooed arm and a dirty grin was staring at her…she knew he was one of those guys who would daily loiter about in the alley…she was nervous…but she didn’t let it come on her face…the man leered at her and mockingly spoke; ‘’so you started taking this route…the alley looks so dull without you sweety’’

Radhika tighten her grip on something in her pocket…it was pepper spray that Anna gave her…she kicked his manhood and spayed on his eyes..he screamed in pain…Radhika ran without a backward glance…after sometime she turned to see if he was following her but kept walking …suddenly someone pulled her and she collided with a strong chest…she looked up and saw Arjun standing in front of her…smiling down at her with his arms around her waist ; ‘’What are you doing here’’ she pushed him to free herself

Arjun; ‘’Stalking you…’’

Radhika was still breathing heavy due to constant running , he kept a hand on her head and softly spoke; ‘’Are you ok bunny?’’

Radhika felt calm; ‘’ …was scared…that guy…he followed me to this route…I kicked him and used pepper spray’’

Arjun looked at the tiny brave creature infront oh him…he loved her more now…Arjun out of the blue pulled her into a hug…Radhika did not protest…he softly said; ‘’you did right and you are very brave…I told you to call me in case of trouble…why didn’t you call me?’’

Radhika looked up to his face he was holding her protectively like a teddy bear, she replied; ‘’ …will keep in mind…can you please drop me home’’

Arjun patted her head and said…’’you don’t have to request… just ask….and I will do it…but please forgive me’’

Radhika pressed her lips mischievously and replied; ‘’complete my condition first…then I will think…’’

Radhika’s POV; ‘’People fear you …now they will laugh on you…welcome to my world Hades’’

Arjun saw the challenge in her eyes; ‘’you are one naughty difficult girl…I will do everything you ask me to… except one ‘’

Radhika; ‘’What’s that?’’

Arjun lifted her chin up so she clearly reads his eyes; ‘’You will know when time is right… come I will drop you home’’ He gently pushed her forward and walked off.
Hmm they look so cute together… …but it will not be easy for him…Beast is madly in love with her he will do anything of her one smile…but will not let her go away from him…Poor Jai…but Arjun has to fight more…he doesn’t know the intensity of…and Sam’s crush on him…and above all Radhika’s love for Sam’s happiness…its complicated…even I need a break.

Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 10)


Manmarziyan- Destiny…Passion …Obsession (Chapter 10)


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