swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 17

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Today’s episode.
In office.
Ragini: so shona how is everything going…. and what about that kavya.
Swara: dont ask di … she is a headache.
Ragini smiles….
Swara: where is sanskar….
Sanskar: here shona.
Swara: where were u yaar…u havent called me either…. i am angry
Sanskar : i have not called???..hmmm. u were the one na who called me about 100 times…
Swara: sorry.
Sanskar: me too.
Swara: so lets go for an ice cream party.
Ragini: no no no… i cant go… i am busy yaar… my half of the work is incomplete. U both enjoy.
Swara: ok… so sanskar i ‘ll just come.
Sanskar: but where r u going..
Ragini: samjho…. ab madam apne patidev ko bina batae toh jaaengi nahi na.
Sanskar: o.
Swara: hogaya tum dono ka…ab mein aati hu.
Swara goes to laksh’s cabin.
Swara: may i come in sir.
Laksh: yes..
Swara: sir …voh i need a half day leave.
Laksh: why??

Swara: i have to go for ice cream party.
Laksh: swara your husband is working here and you will go for party.
Swara: yes…
Laksh: but permission is not yet givem.
Swara: laksh plz..plz..plz
Laksh: ok ok go.

Swara: thank u…
Laksh: only thank u…
Swara: so ..what else.
Laksh: as if u dont know.
Swara: no i dont know.
Laksh: the 3 magical words.
Swara: o 3 magical words .. i ll speak.
Laksh : fast.
Swara: i… am going..
Laksh: swara wait
She goes …
Sanskar: so lets go..
Swara: haan
They eat ice cream … and enjoy. While kavya passing from there sees them
Kavya: o.swara …. har jagah aashiq hi aashiq.. ab yeh friendship tumhe bahut.. bhari padegi…swara…
Swara is eating ice cream when someone closes her eyes from back……
Sanskar: guess it.
Swara: i know u were my boy friend …na …. ..
Sanskar laughs.
The person removes his hand.
Swara keeps her eyes closed.
Swara: laksh no need to feel jealous… i know its u.
She opens her eyes.
Laksh: btw… how many boyfriends u had.
Swara: now i cant remember everyone…
Laksh : swara u wait..
Swara runs and laksh follows her.

Precap.: misunderstandings…

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swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 17


swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 17


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