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the episode starts with pragya crying…and thinks of aryan’s death…she thinks abhi is angry at her and searches for abhi and asked bulbul ,dadi but he is no she reached her room.she sits on the floor crying …and she slept.abhi comes back to room and sees pragya
he goes near her nd was about to touch her but he stopped himself and walks to balcony. ..

next morning…
pragya wakes up and sees the room is empty,she then remembers today ranveer’s engagement and gets ready.
she comes down ,sees abhi talking with ranveer and bulbul.abhi sees pragya but ignored her.pragya tries to talk to abhi but he ignored.

he thinks to tease pragya for a while as she looks cute when she got tensed.hence he remained silent.
pragya was about to cry but ranveer asked what happened bhabhi.why are you looking tensed.pragya shares with him.ranveer says so its the matter …bhabhi don’t worry…I have a plan and shares with her
pragya says you are not planing us to get together …you just planed to get divorce…ranveer says bhabhi…trust me…I will.pragya says ok…if something happens wrong ,I will not spare you.ranveer says know in morning ,he wondered you are alright or time he asked bulbul to see are you ok…and after some time ,he asked me to see and after some time robin.I am sure bhabhi ,he is not angry at you…pragya smiles.

in evening…
pragya ,bulbul makes ishani TO get ready.ishani cries saying I got a super family and hugs both of them.bulbul says bhabhi…don’t cry. .your name up will be spoilled
..pragya says stay choti …let’s see how ranveer stares at her.ishani blushes.

at the engagement …both ranveer and ishani exchanged the rings.ranveer introduced ritik ( nagin) to Every one.ritik sees pragya and asked if she will dance with me.ranveer says why not.pragya asked what …ranveer says our plan..
ritik takes pragya’s hands in his and both danced for song.abhi looks on…ranveer and ishani enjoyed.ranveer sees abhi getting jealous and signs ritik to go further.ritik placed his right hand on pragya’s waist…done …ranveer whispered. ishani asked what…ranveer asked her to watch.abhi was at peak of anger.he goes towards them and drags pragya from ritik”s hold and they both danced for saiyaara…song.ranveer says perfect.ritik and ranveer hugs.ranveer says thanks yaar.ritik says it’s ok.

abhi drags pragya to aside and asked what she is doing.pragya says what..I did..abhi says you know I don’t like anybody to touch you but you allowed that man.pragya says abhi ,it’s just our plan.I know though you didn’t talked to me but you cared for me.abhi says that’s my problem.I could not get rid of you…but I will try my best. .watch out.pragya calls abhi…but he goes.

abhi calls ranveer and asked its your plan.ranveer says bhai..I could not see bhabhi in trouble.abhi says good yaar but that idiot na…ranveer you are not angry…wait if you scold bhabhi…abhi says ha…she played with me na…now it’s my turn..

pragya goes to her room and cries.she sees knife on the table and takes it.she says abhi..I am can move on after….I…and cries.she says you will now know how much I love you and cuts her wrist….she fells unconscious on the bed.

after some time
abhi asked bulbul to make pragya eat as he knows she will be in hurt.bulbul takes good and leaves to abhigya’s was dark she switched on light.she sees pragya lying on bed.she calls bhabhi..please eat na..and shakes her.she sees blood near the bed and calls bhai…..bhai…
abhi ,ranveer hears it and rushes to room.abhi sees pragya and was shocked..

I know you have not expected this…just we want a twist in their love story…na…hope you all loved it.share your ideas..




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