Sarojini 5th April 2016 –

Sarojini 5th April 2016 –

Sarojini 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sarojini’s residence
Sarojini is determined to get ahead with her p-lan, to earn money, while dadaji supports it, but bhaskar doesnt like it, and asks her to refarins

from causing more trouble. he tries to point out the difficulties in entering the corporate world. she says that she isnt talking nonsense, and that

they have to start somehow. she then gets her plans and planning, and all the framework that she has chocked out for her business. she explains her

entire business plan and strategy, and they all hear intently. Sarojini says that they wont profit much, but slowly, they shall increase their

profit margin, once they start getting demands. she asks nirjhara to come along. she also says that once they get in demand, she shall also take

customer’s feedback, so that they can make their unique and separate identity, and then their product can be back in demand. all like the idea,

except granny and bhaskar. dadaji taunts bhaskar and then tells him that he fully supports her.

Rishab and his aunt get out of the car, and eye a building tensedly. he asks his aunt if she is sure that she wants to do this. she complies. they

start walking. Bhaskar opens the door to find rishab standing. he is taken aback, and startled. he hesitatingly talks about the advance which he

might have come to collect. Sarojini comes and says that she shall give his advance back soon, and demands for sometime. The family watches

tensedly. the aunt comes in saying that he doesnt need advance, as rishab shall stay here only. all are shocked to hear this. she thinks that this

love shall be their biggest defeat as she has come to stay here so that they can take the case back.

Sarojini says that this house is the one which dadaji first built, and hence it holds immense improtance for them, and that they can never even

imagine a life without it. rishab and his aunt hear intently. Sarojini continues to add that whatever house it is, without people, its worthless.

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Sarojini 5th April 2016 –


Sarojini 5th April 2016 –

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